On the Road to Expert 4: Counter-Attacks

Article written by DaRq_DarkJihad
Originally published on 11-11-1999 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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Though the manual lists the most common counters to many units, there are several problematic situations, and several counters that just work better. These are as always in addition to the Manual counters, which actual do work generally Lets start with Massed Archers: Supposedly skirmishers smash archers, however you and i both have seen how british archers and longbows can take even elite skirmisher- maybe not one for one but in a combination with something else the archers are far superior. When i face mass archers i suggest Pikemen and Onagers(Mangonels work great too, I just don't feel like typing that all the time)... the pikemen stay back, they are for incoming knights only. This has the added benefit of working against ANYTHING ranged... pikes/ onager absolutely mutilate archers without as many inherent weeknesses as the most common counter, knights.

Mass Infantry: Massed Archers are great, but throw in some mangonels or scorpions and the slaughter is even greater. Frankly onagers/mangonels are useful against anything thats slower than a knight... Just be sure to force them to move back(they won't attack while moving) once your troops engage them or you'll turn anything and everything on the battlefield into mush.

Paladins: OY, if theres one thing thats a pain in the @$$ to counter its paladins. Pikes do it effectively as related to cost, but need to outnumber paladins 2 to 1 which is incredibly hard in a game where there is a population limit (even 200 is too low). The best counter I've experienced is a combination of pikes and scorpions. In order for this to work though, the scorpions MUST be targeted BY THE PLAYER. Your goal is to target the second or third in a row of Paladins, since the Scorpions bolts hit everything enemy unit they pass through. If you let the computer do it your scorpions(heavy scorps are better) will auto target the closest unit which is not what u want at all. This has the benefit that scorpions are also an expensive unit and the population limit doesn't matter as much... though you MUST have pikes in front or your scorps will be slaughtered.. if you know the paladins are coming and can spot build a short palisade wall in front that works great.

Trebuchets: Knights work great if you can get them in range, but any opponent worth his salt has something guarding his trebs.. use bombard cannons or ONAGERS (notice a theme here)

Frankly onagers work great against alot of unit types... they just pretty much suck vs buildings-- use rams/trebs for buildings

Jihad shows us counters

Watch me get my butt kicked (i didn't actually lose but i lost alot of ground and it took forever), but notice the use of Onagers and mistakes on my part militarily because i didn't make the right units and my opponent did.
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» Jihad's Counter