On the Road to Expert 6: Civ Choices

Article written by DaRq_DarkJihad
Originally published on 11-11-1999 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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» Jihad vs. Brits · Methos vs. Brits

Ok first off I've only got a few more topics that i can think of, so If theres anything else you want to see let me know (ie IDEAS PLEASE) This is a list of the civs I prefer to play, mostly on water maps (brits on land)and why:

Britons: Shepherding bonus means I can do with only 6 on food early, meaning a faster dock in water maps. Half Price town centers mean that once castle I can boom really well. Good archers and faster archery ranges are good vs infantry civs. Britons main problem: Paladins.

Celts: The wood bonus really helps on water maps, and better seige means that those Town Centers go down that much faster. Also Celts have a decent tech tree... with paladins and seige onagers who needs anything else :-)

Japanese: Infantry provide a different style of play. Half price gathering sites (mill, lumbercamp, mining camp) mean that your initial wood goes a long way, and ensures you can dock quickly, and better fishing boats mean faster castle times with more resources. Possibly my favorite civ on water maps and certainly very good.

Vikings: Cheap docks and war ships, no worries about spending your resources on Wheelbarrow make this civ a good choice for water maps as well. Better pikes mean that they don't have as many paladin problems either.

In AOK all the civs are viable, however, these are the ones that I prefer, most of which are also great on water maps (which i prefer to play since most maps in AOK are watery in one way or another) My overall favorite is probably Britons

Heres one where I play brits

Jihad Plays the Brits

And one where methos does it far better

Methos Plays the Brits
Article Downloads:
» Jihad vs. Brits · Methos vs. Brits