The Saracens - An In-Depth Guide

Article written by Einstein_006
Originally published on 11-25-2001 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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The Saracens are a misinterpreted civilization in the Age of Kings: The Conquerors. Many people say they are just as weak and helpless as they were in the Age of Kings. But I am here to show you a VERY in-depth guide to the Saracens. Trust me, you won’t regret reading this article.

Now, you may know me as the guy who you worked in Arabia last Tuesday. You are probably right. But, I have all of the official guides to the Age of Kings and The Conquerors, a vast knowledge of 3 years of AOK playing, a TON of Saracen experience, and of course, common sense. I may not be The Sheriff or Methos_ST, but I have some of the skills needed to backup my big talk.

Bonuses, Important Technologies, and Key Units

Unique Unit

Mameluke: WOW. If you think Elite Teutonic Knights are awesome, think again. After reading some forum postings, I’ve learned that Mamelukes can tear through Halberdiers, Teutonic Knights, and even the AWESOME War Elephant. Put up 30 Mamelukes on 50 halberdiers, 30 Teutonic Knights, or 20 war elephants, and Mamelukes win pretty easily. Since they are on horseback, those tiny little Teutonic Knights and War Elephants will beg for mercy as you rip them apart. Just use the Fire-and-Retreat Tactic, and 10 Mamelukes will easily bring down 50, 60, or even 70 war elephants. It is even funnier when you are facing the Teutonic Knight, as then the opposing player sends in his 40 or so paladins, back your Mamelukes up with some ROCKING Saracen camels. This will truly frustrate the poor guy, but now that he is mad, bring him down with Mamelukes. Since Mamelukes do hand-to-hand attack, the Teutonic Knights will VERY slowly wither and die. Basically, Mamelukes tear through all infantry. On the down side, Mamelukes cost an amazingly expensive 55 food and 85 gold. But don’t let the price fool you. Put up 10 trade carts and cogs with the caravan upgrade, and you’re set for the game. Also, anything, which can achieve 6+ range, is pretty much the bane of the Mameluke. Elite Skirmishers actually do quite a fine job taking out Mamelukes, as they are very cost effective, they can achieve 8 range, and they are pretty easily massed. So, Mamelukes really need to be backed up. Even Spanish archers can do a pretty good job at taking them down, so support Mamelukes with camels, scorpions, hand cannoneers, and monks. A nice tactic I have found is to castle rush with Mamelukes, Camels, Rams, and Scorpions. The usual unit that has been massed in 10+ numbers, in most cases, is the knight. Your Camels and Mamelukes will destroy all of the enemy knights. If they send archers, scorpions will make quick work of them. But please DO NOT try this against the Britons, Mongols, or any other civilization with archer bonuses or an archer as their unique unit (not including the Franks). They will work you. In fact, don’t even try going against these types of civilizations as the Saracens.

Unique Tech

Zealotry: BRING IT ON FRANKS! Zealotry increases the hitpoints of all camels by 30. With bloodlines, the famous Saracen camels, and Mamelukes, I’m sure a Frankish player will send endless tribute to stop you from invading him. If a Hun player thinks he can hit you early in Imperial, send him home crying by hitting him hard with zealotry and bloodlines enhanced Mamelukes and camels. Frankish Paladins might be able to kill your camels 1 on 1 if you don’t get all the upgrades, but since camels are cheaper, it doesn’t matter much. And if a Hun or Frank player starts saying, "Camels, HAHAHAHAHA, They Are Pathetic, my Paladins will show you!" show him what happens when you mess with camels.

Civilization Bonuses

  • Team: Archers have +1 attack to buildings.
  • Market trade costs only 5%.
  • Transports 2X hitpoints and 2X carrying capacity.
  • Galleys attack 20% faster.
  • Cavalry archers +3 attack vs. buildings.
Team Bonus:
Archers have +1 attack to buildings.

Okay, why in the world did Ensemble make this weird technology? YEAH, I AM GONNA WORK THIS CASTLE WITH ARBALESTS!!!! I mean, this bonus is only useful if you are allied with the Britons. If you are facing a Byzantine player, this bonus help a little bit if you are trying to early attack with crossbows or something. Flushing is more viable with this, as your archers can destroy the enemy’s buildings with ease.

Bonus 1:
Market trade costs only 5%.

An excellent bonus. For those of you aren’t as into The Conquerors as much as I am, you can pull of a 13:00 castle time using this attribute. In fact, the legendary player The Sheriff even came up with an interesting strategy called the SMUSH (Saracen Monk Rush) which uses this attribute to it’s fullest. Now, I am not The Sheriff, so I do not know how to pull this off. If you want to know how to do it, go to and check it out. Also, at end game when market rates have hit rock bottom, you still get more profit off selling wood and food than other civilizations. That means more Mamelukes, which means more dead Frankish Paladins. =) Basically this bonus means more gold in your coffers at the end of the game.

Bonus 2:
Transports 2X hitpoints and 2X carrying capacity.

This bonus is OKAY. It is really nice if you are playing on a water map, but it saves only like 2 population in transport ships. It is mad useful early on, when you can get 10 villagers to your opponents base to build a TC, while still pumping out galleys for a gush or something. I don’t know how to pull off a gush, but you can check it out at But late game, when your mad nice galleons are out (we are coming to this bonus), transport ships really don’t need more hitpoints, as they have one of the best escort ships in the game guarding them, the Saracen Galleon, in huge numbers.

Bonus 3:
Galleys attack 20% faster.

I personally think this is the Saracens best bonus. Since your galleys attack faster, you can build 4 to do the same job as 5 enemy galleys. Early in the game, a gush is a sweet idea as you can build fewer boats to counter more boats. Basically, you save resources from this. Plus, because of the high price of galleys in feudal (90 wood and 30 gold, I mean come on, 2 of these makes a stable), you can gush without hurting your economy. You need fewer woodcutters, which means more food and gold gatherers, which means a faster castle time, and well, you get the picture. Combine this with the Saracen market bonus, and you can seriously put yourself ahead in the game. Also, you can use these AWESOME galleys to defend shallows in Rivers or a similar map type, or guard transports.

Bonus 4:
Cavalry archers +3 attack vs. buildings.

Ok, now I am really mad. What was Ensemble thinking when they made up this bonus. It is OKAY for archers to have +1 attack against buildings, as it helps you FLUSH. But cavalry archers? I mean, COME ON Ensemble, so the Saracens faced the Byzantine Empire sometime in history and it was all happily ever after and whatever, but do you have to give the Saracens TWO practically useless bonuses?

Important Technologies:

Bloodlines: This technology is required if you want your camels to be cavalry counters. I mean, without the 20 more healthpoints it offers, your camels can’t even take out cavaliers.

Zealotry: REQUIRED. Your camels are worthless without this technology. It offers 30 more healthpoints, which really do mean life or death when your camels are facing pikeman (and you will face pikeman, trust me).

Blast Furnace: Really really important if facing a Teuton or Persian player, as Mamelukes NEED that +2 attack to take out enemy Teutonic Knights, War Elephants, and especially Halberdiers. Your camels also need Blast Furnace to put up a good fight against paladins.

Scale Barding Armor: You’ll need this if you want your guys to survive against enemy siege, archers, and cavalry.

Chemistry: This technology gives you an edge in naval battles (like you need one, hehe), and it also allows access to gunpowder units, which are nice to have in deep Imperial battles, or even really early Imperial battles.

Hand Cart: Every civilization should really get this eventually, as it really improves farming and woodcutting. It also speeds up your gold miners, which you will need A LOT of.

Gold Shaft Mining: Seriously useful late in the game when the Mameluke’s price really starts to hurt.

Caravan: Extremely nice if you are going to be entering a deep Imperial age battle, your units aren’t as gold reliant as the Turks, but you will still need a lot of gold. This improves trading so you get the most out of your trading units.

Heavy Camel: MANDATORY as your army should have a lot of camels in it. Improves camels a ton.

Elite Mameluke: Also MANDATORY because your army will have a lot of Mamelukes in it.

Galleon: It’s worth it to get this technology as your galleons have the excellent advantage of firing faster.

Careening: It improves ship’s armor, definitely worth it because of your galleon bonus, and the fact that you get elite cannon galleons.

Cannon Galleon: You don’t really need elite cannon galleon, but the regular cannon galleon is very nice, as it is basically a trebuchet on water.

Key Units

Camel: Of course. The camel is the bane of all enemy cavalry, and he should make up a large portion of your hand-to-hand force (not including Mamelukes). The reason this guy is so important is the fact that he can move as fast as a paladin can, but he costs less than one.

Mameluke: The Saracen unique unit. He should definitely be included in your army in numbers higher than even the camel. With his ranged attack and horseback advantage he really packs a punch. This unit needs support, as it falls easily to archers and siege engines.

Hand Cannoneer: Practically the best Saracen archer, this guy really adds insult to injury when you are facing a cavalry-based civilization. Have him stand in front of your Mamelukes but behind your camels, and he will mow down anything that gets in his way.

Champion: This is truly a gift for the Saracens. He costs very little gold, which is needed for the production of Mamelukes and siege equipment. Fully upgraded, he will be able to somewhat replace the camel if your gold starts running low.

Trebuchet: Do I really have to add this? Every civilization relies on the trebuchet as their castle, wall, and Town Center destroyer, with a few exceptions (Turks, Spanish, civilizations that get bombard cannons.

Scorpion: Your best archer. The scorpion helps support the Mameluke’s pathetic range. The scorpion is also useful if your enemy is the Vikings, because scorpions will just mow down those elite berserks and champions as they walk to their doom.

Galleon: With one of the best navy’s in the game, the Saracens best naval unit is the galleon. Because of their faster rate of fire, 20 galleons can take on 30 fireships pretty easily.

Elite Cannon Galleon: The trebuchet on water. Build these guys if you want to really aggravate your opponent. Send in a couple of them to the enemy base and destroy all his castles and especially his TC’s. Trust me, this is very annoying.

Heavy Cavalry Archer: You get fully upgraded heavy cavalry archers. They may be expensive, but they pack quite a punch in deep Imperial battles.

Weaknessess / Tactics to Cover them up

Cavalier: Why? Tell me why you take this upgrade away from me… Boo Hoo… The cavalier is the Saracens biggest weakness. This means that their heavy cavalry line relies on the knight….Oh, Boo Hoo…This is really what turned me away from the Saracens at first, because Paladins and to some extent even Cavaliers are good raiders and can take out infantry and archers 1 on 1.

Tactics to Cover it up:
Use the camel very extensively, as since it is cheaper, you can mass it more easily. Build more camels, and you can equal out the power and durability difference of the camel-line and the knight-line.

Early Economic Bonus: The Saracens lack an economic bonus that can put them farther ahead in the ages. The market bonus is very good, but that only kicks in when you hit feudal. Also, in late game, even with the market bonus, the Saracens lack a very nice economic bonus. With the Turks, Koreans, or even Britons, you can use your civilization’s attributes to the fullest.

Tactics to Cover it up:
You need pretty much flawless villager performance. If you can find an efficient way to maximize every single villager, then you will be able to keep pace with a fast moving civilization like the Britons.

An Early Dominating Military Unit: You may have noticed that the Saracens don’t have a dominating unit in the early stages of the game. Unlike the Vikings with their infantry, the Huns with their cavalry, and the Britons with their archers, the Saracens do not get a dominating unit until they start pumping out bloodlines enhanced camels and Mamelukes.

Tactics to Cover it up:
You pretty much want to build plenty of counter units while booming your way to pumping out Mamelukes and camels. I have found using elite skirmishers and pikeman to stop early raids and then booming to Imperial works pretty well.

A cost-effective but dominating military unit: Yeah. This one really stings too. The Turks get the light cavalry upgrade free, the Britons get long-ranged elite skirmishers, and the Goths get cheaper Champions and Halberdiers. The Saracens just don’t get these types of bonuses.

Tactics to Cover it up:
Don’t get pushed into early battles you can’t win. Stick to castle and Imperial age battles where you can win the wars with a highly diversified army. And, instead of being on the defensive side of a FLUSH (Fast Feudal Rush), try to get archers out quickly and just station them near an enemy lumber camp really early in the game. Because of your team bonus (wow, it finally has a use), lumber camps and mills will fall with ease.

An Intimidating Reputation: I REALLY HATE THIS ONE. Because you lack a true reputation on the zone (not you, the Saracens, sorry if I offended anyone), people will not be defensive and wait until Imperial age battles. Unlike the Turks, you have not been proclaimed as "a civilization that rocks the Imperial age". Because of this, people tend to be a little offensive early in the game (prepare to feel the true power of the FLUSH).

Tactics to Cover it up:
Show your opponent that his arrogance is his downfall. Hit him early with archers, then with camels, and then finally with a massive army of Mamelukes, camels, trebuchets, siege onagers, hand cannoneers, scorpions, bombard cannons, galleons, and elite cannon galleons. I really LOVE laughing when someone underestimates the Saracens (seriously, I think the computer is starting to think the Saracens are a pathetic civilization too).

General Strategies: The Scorpion Rush

This one is kind of deadly. It requires FLAWLESS booming and dark age villager management. The actually strategy involves an early-medium castle time followed up by rushing the opponent with Mamelukes, camels, rams, and of course, scorpions. I have pulled this off against the computer, and it is okay against humans. It may sound weak, but you are in fact hitting your opponent very hard. Because you usually don’t get fletching and bodkin arrow until the Castle age, scorpions can out-range all feudal age archers and the most of the Castle age ones. Scorpions can also out-range the Town Center, allowing you to kill some farmers too. And AGAIN, let me remind you, this strategy doesn’t work against the Britons. The strategy revolves around the fact that scorpions can out-range the Town Center. With this in mind, scorpions can hit villagers from far away, leaving room for knights to get hit while walking up to them, but then retreating as they see a horde of camels guarding the precious siege weaponry. Also, because you can protect rams destroying the enemy Town Center without the scorpions getting hit by the Town Center, the enemy is forced to go for the scorpions AND rams, splitting his forces up and ultimately leading to his downfall. Now, I am not the best at this strategy. Although I probably was the first to think of it, I will NEVER be able to tweak it to its maximum power. I’ll just give The Sheriff a call and see what he can do... I have given a pretty good build order on what to do while building up for the scorpion rush. Now, you can tweak it as much as you like, you can even post it on another website, but at least post my name and give me the credit of thinking up the idea, but then saying you made it better. =) Also, I left notes at the bottom to help clear up some matters (like what to do with your scout).

What to Do
  • First 3 villagers build 2 houses
  • First 3 villagers + next seven go on sheep
  • Next villager switches between woodcutting and building houses; he builds 3 houses
  • House builder + next 9 villagers go on wood; build a lumber camp when you have the wood
  • Food gatherers are probably done with sheep by now; have a villager lure a boar and have the others hunt it while sending the villager that lured the boar to your TC
  • Next 4 villagers on gold; if possible, have 21st villager build a dock near fish; build fishing boats and fish
  • If you do not have enough food to go to the Feudal Age, lure another boar, or if not take your berries
  • Click the Feudal Age button
  • Build a dock if you haven’t and pump out fishing boats
  • Build a barracks with 1 lumberjack
  • If boar hunters/berry gatherers are done, have them farm, chop wood, and mine stone and gold
  • Reach Feudal Age at around 15-17:00 minutes with 24 villagers and 1 scout
  • Have the Barracks builders + 3 lumberjacks build a market ASAP
  • Trade stone away for gold and buy enough food to go to the Castle Age
  • Have the 4 market builders construct a blacksmith, archery range, and stable
  • Send 3 of the builders back to wood cutting when you are done building, have the last guy build houses until the Castle Age
  • In the castle age buy wood and stone to construct a second Town Center, pump out villagers and put them on mostly wood but some on gold
  • Try to build a siege workshop if possible, get a few knights and camels to guard an entrance to the enemy base so they can’t wall off
  • Build spearmen and skirmishers to defend against any raids
  • Second Town Center built; put all of the first 10 villagers built from this on gold
  • Start construction on 2 more Siege Workshops, 1 university, and 1 monastery
  • Start pumping out galleys one at a time and put them on Defensive stance near your Fishing Boats or dock
  • Buy some stone to build a castle; build 2 monks and start pumping out scorpions; put gather point near your knights at the enemy base
  • Continue booming out villagers, but try to get a few on farming; get all the available economic upgrades, as you will need them
  • Build a castle at a key defensive position if you haven’t
  • Get forging, cavalry barding armor, bloodlines, fervor, and sanctity to toughen your units
  • Start putting a few mangonels and rams into your siege workshop queue; continue to pump out scorpions and build a 3rd and 4th siege workshop
  • Begin attacking the enemy lumberjacks, gold miners, and stone miners with scorpions; put them on stand ground; keep your scorpions out of the range of the enemy Town Center
  • Start production of Mamelukes; try to buy/sell resources to hit the Imperial Age upgrade
  • Time gets to about 35:00 to 40:00
  • Start pestering enemy farmers with long range scorpions; start hitting the enemy Town Center with mangonel fire
  • If he tries to counter with knights, have your own knights and camels protect while sending in more Mamelukes and camels
  • Continue scorpion production, but put an emphasis and hitting the Imperial Age upgrade or getting technologies
  • Reach Imperial Age
  • Get a Castle built right next to the enemy Town Center; pump out Mamelukes and get rid of all the military buildings
  • Boom really hard back home, get to a 80+ villager population, while leaving plenty of scorpions and Mamelukes at home for defense
  • Go for the final blow by sending in mangonels and rams to destroy their Town Center, and send in 40+ scorpions to completely wipe out all of his villagers
  • Get a navy of 20+ galleons to defend your docks
  • Use other Saracen strategies on the other enemy civilizations

At the beginning of the game, move your scout manually around your TC a few times. After this, use waypoints (Hold shift and right click around and around your base on the mini-map, then let go of shift, and right click near your Town Center; repeat and repeat for endless results of success).

When you start building galleys, never stop unless you want to get a dock upgrade. Never ending supplies of wood and gold leave you in command of the seas. You may want to try early naval aggression, as your galleys fire 20% faster.

Don’t think my castle times are late, because I have a fast computer (no offense to people with slow to medium computers), so I run the game on fast. Time moves faster on fast, so my times are really a few minutes ahead of real time. It seems complicated, but it really isn't.

This strategy requires practice to learn. The best idea is to go 4 on 4 with moderate computer players. Their A.I. is perfect for players who are just learning this strategy (I regularly play moderate computers 4 on 4, I am just not good enough to go even 1 on 1 in hard mode).

DO NOT follow my directions exactly. The military tactic is mine to be credited for, but the build order is only one I like to use. You can change it, as I am sure there are better ones (I am trying to figure them out, but I have had no luck yet).

The Saracens are good civilization for doing this because their camels rip apart enemy cavalry trying to take out your siege. The Britons and the Chinese can also pull of this strategy, but the Chinese work especially well as their +3 villager bonus really helps.

This Strategy works best on Rivers, as a navy and an army easily guard the shallows to the enemy base.

General Strategies: The Saracen/Teuton/Briton Imperial Team Attack

This is a very cool tactic to use if you can get a team of 3 players with the Saracens, Teutons, and Britons. It is more difficult on the Saracen players part, but the Teuton player must hit Imperial by 35:00 with a booming economy and 80 Teutonic Knights being built. The Briton player has to hit the Castle age really fast around 17:30 and start booming out of his mind. They must quickly marshal a force of 80 longbows, and go Imperial as quickly as possible. The Saracen player, however, has the not-so-easy task of building up siege weaponry and early attacking his closest opponent. I have written the guide for the Saracen player, as the Teuton and Briton player really only require some intermediate skills of their civilizations, and they need to boom. The Saracen player needs to pull off a pretty quick Castle time to start pumping out early attacks and still defending his vulnerable booming allies. The idea behind this tactic is that the Teutons are a very good deep Imperial civilization, the Britons have the best archers in the game, and the Saracens have an AWESOME navy, excellent siege weapons, and the best camels in the game (Franks and Huns stand no chance). This tactic revolves around the idea that these three civilizations (in my opinion) are the best in their league. The Saracens have one of the (if not the best) navy’s in the game, excellent siege weapons, which can be almost fully upgraded, lacking only the scorpion. The Saracens also get the best camels in the game. The Teutons get a fully upgraded Imperial army, lacking only some technologies like arbalest. But they make up for it by the fact that the Britons can cover them with the best archers in the game, plus some very nice cavalry and infantry.

The Saracen player wants to pull of an early SUSH (Scorpion Rush, shown above), SERUSH (go to and check it out), or just go for an all-out attack involving a navy, and a pretty big land army including several siege weapons, monks, infantry, archers, Mamelukes, and camels. I have included a nice attack to pull off when you are early rushing. What you want to do is rush you’re first opponent early in feudal, but while your allies boom out of their minds. While you go castle, your allies should perform an Imperial age combo attack with Longbowman, Teutonic Knights, and Trebuchets. You will want to protect your allies with camels and siege weaponry until they have hit the Imperial age, when they can upgrade their units to elite status.

What to Do
  • Have first 3 villagers build 2 houses
  • Have next 5 villagers + 3 starting villagers get sheep; have your scout use waypoints to explore your land
  • Put next villager to building 1 house
  • House builder + next 5 villagers go on wood
  • Next villager builds a house; lumberjacks build a lumber camp when possible
  • House builder + next 4 villagers go on food; build a dock when possible and fish
  • Sheep gatherers + other food gathers lure boar and hunt it
  • Build barracks with a 1 lumberjack as soon as possible
  • Setup a mill near berries when boar(s) are done
  • Reach Feudal Age around 10-13:00
  • Build an archery range; start building archers
  • Build a market + a second archery range; pump out skirmishers from this one
  • Pump out villagers from your Town Center and start putting them on wood and gold
  • Sell wood for gold; continue building archers
  • Buy 200 stone; send over available archers and skirmishers to attack the opponent; have a villager build a tower near the enemy’s wood or gold supply
  • Continue pumping out villagers and fishing boats; build some galleys for defense
  • Build 2 archery ranges and a dock near the enemy
  • Continue attack the opponent, but send 3 scout cavalry, 10 militia, 10 spearmen, 5 archers, and 3 spearmen to each of your allies
  • Pump out villagers to farm
  • Put more pressure on your attack by taking out all of the opponent’s villagers; this should make him resign
  • If he does not resign, just build up an army 40 archers and massacre his entire village
  • Focus on getting to the Castle age
  • Reach Castle age
  • Immediately set up a castle and 2 Town Centers in the conquered enemy land; build up to 80 villagers with 50% on wood, 25% on wood, 20% on food, and 5% on stone
  • Build Mamelukes and use them to guard your forward base
  • Get an army of scorpions up quickly and use them for defense; make sure to get at least 30 scorpions
  • Your allies will finish the rest from here; they should build 80 Teutonic Knights, 60 Longbows, 20 Paladins, 20 Trebuchets, and 10 monks.
Your best bet will be to commit some type of FLUSH while still setting up a solid defense for your allies.

If you are having trouble with your neighbor, have your allies help you; they will be in Imperial quickly and will have extremely powerful units in large numbers.

Try to use your navy to harass enemy shorelines; if you can take out a shoreline defense and clear the way for your allies, you are doing your job.

This strategy works best on Rivers.

This strategy requires TEAMWORK. Without it you will be defeated easily.

All of the players on your team need to be experienced in performing this strategy.

Tactics and Tips

Fire-and-Retreat Tactic
This is deeply annoying when facing cavalry archers and especially the Mameluke. It only works on infantry and sometimes cavalry, but it is very effective. You want to fire at your opponent, retreat, fire again, then retreat, and repeat and repeat to destroy Champions, Berserks, Teutonic Knights, Huskarls, even the War Elephant.

The Gush
I didn’t put a whole strategy article into this tactic, but I really should explain it. Gushing is hitting your opponent early in the Feudal age with galleys (get it, Galley rUSH?). This really aggravates your enemy as they then lose their dock and fishing boats, which may have been their only food source.

The Flush
This strategy is basically hitting your opponent VERY early in the Feudal age with archers and infantry. The optimal time for performing this is around 10-12:00. You setup towers near his resource sites and force him to stay garrisoned in his Town Center. At home, you are booming like crazy and are try to rush to the Castle age.

Stealing Their Farms Trick
This one can be classified as evil. The tactic is to make the opponent garrison all of his villagers in his TC by sending a ram and like 5 knights to attack it, then have a villager steal the opponents farms by just right-clicking them as if they were his. This takes the ownership of farms away from the opponent and REALLY ticks him off.

Confuse Your Opponent Trick
This one only works on a human opponent, as a computer doesn’t have any personality traits like us humans. Just say stuff like "My frosted flakes will go to the moon by flying camels." This really confuses your opponent. He thinks you are going nuts, when in reality, you are distracting him for the game. "Longbows eat bananas to fire keyboards." That is a really good one too.

  • Never send Mamelukes into battle alone. Support them with camels, hand cannoneers, scorpions, and monks.
  • Use Scorpions as your top ranged unit. They have 8 range fully upgraded.
  • Trebuchets have 17 range fully upgraded, so send a couple of them into enemy territory every few minutes and harass the opponent by taking out his lumber camps, mining camps, Town Centers, and castles. But keep your trebuchets near protection; they are easily destroyed.
  • Make small attacks on the enemies lumberjacks with Mamelukes, camels, and trebuchets. These attacks really hurt his economy, especially if you can destroy as couple of Town Centers and castles.
  • Never ever face the Britons or Mongols. They will tear right through your army.
  • The Saracens are stronger in the Castle age, because their camels don’t have to face powerful paladins and hand cannoneers. Try to use this time wisely, as in the Imperial age hand cannoneers and paladins will begin to really cut into your army.
  • Fully upgraded elite skirmishers and heavy cavalry archers can really pack a punch when massed.
  • Never try to Scorpion rush on Islands, Archipelago, Team Islands, or similar maps.


The Saracens are a misunderstood civilization. They are not played often, but with this guide, I am giving you the strategy and confidence to go to the zone with this civilization and show Methos_ST and DaRq_DarkJihad what you are made of.