The Ultimate Mayan Guide

Article written by GAR_thawk
Originally published on 12-16-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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As many of you know, I fully support the Mayans. That's why I'm making this guide to help out other players. I am not an expert, and I don't have a detailed startup plan for you, but I do have information that can turn one battle around, and possibly win you the game. Now then, first...

The Mayan Flush

I know this has been discussed several times, but I'm purely lumping strategies together so they're easier to find. I'm not gonna discuss which villagers to put where, but you should have 20 villies. Ok, first of all, this depends on you getting a fast Feudal time around 9 minutes or 9:30. Also, make sure you have 250 stone. Make sure that you have at least 3 forward builders for this FLush. Now, this FLush might be different from other ones, and there are other options. However, this is what I have found to work best with Mayans. First, set up 1-2 archery ranges about 10 squares outside opponent's gold. Once done, pump out 5-8 archers while you set up 2 towers around your opponent's stone, NOT his gold. The archers will cover that for now. Now, move your 3 builders around to the back of his base. After the initial counterattack, send 4 of your archers around to where his woodcutters might be. Pick off a bunch of 'em, and then set up either a tower, archery range, or barracks where his cutters were. You can start pumping out M@A, or wait until you get castle and can produce eagles. Always make sure you have at least 5-6 archers scattered around his town though, just in case.

Ok, now that I have given a brief overview of the Mayan Flush(in my opinion), I'm gonna move on to different battle tactics. There are three main strategies for a Mayan player to use when attacking.

1. Archer Trap
2. Eagle Blitz
3. Eagle Divert and Castle Up

The Archer Trap

The archer trap is one of the easiest strategies to pull off effectively, but requires a little practice to perfect. The premise is fairly simple. Get to castle age at a decent time(18-20 minutes) and set up a forward base. Have at least 1 barracks, 3-4 archery ranges, and 1 castle set up there. Here's what you do. First, produce about 5-10 eagle warriors. Send them out to your enemy(hopefully you know where he is), and attack him with that. He will expect more are coming. About 5 minutes later, send another force of about the same size. While they are moving, queue up at least 25 archers of various types(i.e. plumes, crossbows, maybe 1-2 skimishers). Keep them a bit in front of your castle. Now, send in the eagles. He will be ready for them with either knights, archers, or hvy infantry. Upon his defense, flee back to where your other troops are stationed. Make sure that you move slowly enough, and occasionally turn as if you were going to fight. When you get back to your archers, move the eagles a few steps ahead of them. Then, the archers will shred through the infantry or cavs while your eagles fight with backup. This strategy is most successful late in games though. Send a force of 20 FU EEWs to your opponent's base, then just after, send a slightly smaller one, but not a noticeable size difference. Flee them back to your base where 70 plumes will be waiting, and you have a very expensive enemy brigade killed.

The Eagle Blitz

The Eagle Blitz is quite hard to pull off, but it can be done correctly, and can often win a game. WARNING: Do not attempt unless in Imperial Age with FU EEWs. Behind where you are producing your archers, set up 4-8 barracks, but you should be fine with four. Immediately crank out 40 EEWs(requires 2000 gold, I have tested. At the same time, produce 20-30 Plumes and 3-4 trebs, and take 5-7 villagers with all of these units. Now, got to just outside your opponent's town. Keep the EEWs and Plumes to the side of the trebs, that way your opponent can't see them(trebs appear on enemy screen and reveal several squares around them when firing). Your enemy will hopefully think you have these unguarded. As soon as you see the counterattack pour through the gates or just “out�? in general, move the eagles in front of the trebs and set up the plumes behind. There is a good chance you will decimate your enemy's army. Also, have your villagers setting up a castle just behind where your trebs were. As soon as your enemy is defeated, move in all of the eagle warriors and plumes. Keep the trebs where they are(for now). In the space your trebs cleared, build another 4 barracks. Produce another 40 eagles(you should have the gold by now, and the population space), and send them in directly after the other units. As soon as you see that both of these forces are fairly well-damaged, build 50-60 plumes, and send them in. You can keep alternating the unit types and the initial “Eagle Blitz�? will have you inside enemy walls and attacking from the inside.

Eagle Divert and Castle Up

This is similar to the above strategy, and could almost be called an extension of it. The plan here is simple. In imp or castle send, a sizable force to one side of your enemy. Make sure it looks like a ton of troops(try using spread formation, flank formation, etc.) Now, he will most likely divert his defenses to that side. Build a castle on the opposite side of the map where he has few troops now. When the eagles are destroyed, your castle will be up and shelling his town with arrows. Send in a few eagles to make that look authentic. Then, with other villagers, build a castle exactly where you attacked before, with the initial eagles. You can get him running from side to side, and eventually, an opening will become available. This strat can also be used with other civs, but I find that seeing a bunch of eagles is a lot more terrifying and cheaper than using paladins or Uus.

Mayan Defense:
The Mayans are not a defensive civilization. They are suited for attacking. But what happens when you are attacked and are running around in your own base. Some tips on what to do, what to build, etc.

1. Don't run and panic right away
a. First, if your first line of defense is destroyed, don't assume you lost the war. Just build a second line behind while your troops are up fighting. Many rooks either move or give up completely. Don't. Make sure you give yourself a chance.
b. Always stay calm, and don't do things you wouldn't normally do. For example, don't think that the 10 halberds you just built will do anything against the large number of paladins in your town.
2. Which units do I build?
a. Well, you have several choices
i. Eagle Warrior
1. Though costly, the eagle warrior can handle many types of troops. Use this if you are being attacked by combined arms
ii. Archers
1. Plumed Archer
a. Very durable, but I wouldn't use against combined arms. Use if you are mainly being attacked by infantry.
2. Arbalest
a. A good choice, with cheap cost and quick production speed. Use against cavs, but only if you have some eagle warriors protection.
3. Skirmishers
a. If you don't know when to use skirmishers, you should probably read the manual once before playing.
3. Do I build certain buildings?
a. As a Mayan player, you should concentrate your building on Archery Ranges, with a few barracks here and there.

The Mayan PARush

The Mayan parush (pronounced ‘parish') is a strategy I made up during a few games last week. I was sick of doing the normal Mayan flush I had mentioned above, so I tried something new. After using my first villies to get food for more, I stopped doing that, and got to castle in 11 mins with 24 villies (13 wood, 11 gold). I had a market, so I traded for stone and built a castle near enemy territory, which was completed at 12:42 with the help of 8 villagers. Also, switch some of your gold miners to food, and start pumping out villagers. I started pumping out Plumed Archers, and by the 15-minute mark, I had 20 archers, but could have had 1-2 more. All of this cost a total of 650 stone (castle) and 720 wood 720 gold(Archers). I send all of these to my enemy's base. Before he was even near castle, I had my 20 plumes taking out villagers left and right. Once he moved his villies away from where I was attacking, I sent in a few builders and set up some Archery Ranges and Siege Wkshps right outside his town. Make sure that you are constantly producing villies throughout this so you have a good economy. I got to Imp around 37(very slow), but with my constant harassment, he didn't reach imp until around 46 minutes. This strategy has worked on 4 out of 5 tries so far, so I would say it has a good chance of succeeding. If your opponent prepares for the flush, you will still be able to catch him by surprise with the plumes, which can outrun anything he produces in feudal, and are also great for the hit-and-run tactics of the PARush.

Now, I know that this next part has already been posted, but I will mention it again. A couple of weeks ago, Emissary mentioned the Mayan Triad. The 3 components are:

Human Shield
Backup Units

The main part of your force should be composed of archers. Try to aim for a 3 to 1 ratio of archers to infantry, so you end up with around 40 archers and 15 eagle warriors defending the. Scatter in a few scorps and onagers and you have a very balanced attack that can take most everything that it comes across.

NOTE: Late in game, add in a few trebs if you think it's necessary.

In games that run fairly long you have two different strategies about how to attack and what units to build as Mayans. As Doug Thompson said, you can do a trash flood, or you can do what I tend to do. The choices are...

Trash Flood

First choice is the trash flood. Fairly simple. Take a bunch of cheap units like skirms, cheap Mayan archers, maybe throw in some 2handers. Basically you want to build as many as possible. If you have any resources in excess of 10000, slaughter those villies on that resource (i.e. if you have 10000 food, kill your farmers) to make room for military units. You are going for sheer size here, not any brilliant execution. Can be effective, but usually requires a few trebs and siege units to be great.

Now, the PPEWA. This stands for Pin Point Eagle Warrior Attack. Late in the game, no one has much gold. This is what you do. If you have an ally, you should have already had a bunch of trade carts going for gold. But what if you have no ally? Well, get a bunch of a couple of resources and sell em. Try to end up with around 2000 gold, but double that is what you are aiming for. Don't sacrifice time for size though, if it takes you a while to get 2000 gold, don't wait any longer. Build 40 EEWs immediately and 2 trebs. Combine this with a trash flood. Send the trash flood over at where his heaviest defenses are. Then send the EEWs and trebs around towards the other side about 30 seconds after the trash flood hits. He won't have the troops to cover it. Split the eagles into 2 groups. Send the larger group through the gap your trebs just made. Then, send the other group back to where the trash flood was. Your opponent will be running to get the eagles in his town while you open up a new hole. That gives you 2 areas that you can finish him off from, and you can converge on his town.

These are the main Mayan strategies. If you have an idea to make one of them better, say it. If you think that an idea is bad, say that too, but make sure you try to improve on it. Hope that some of these strategies help the Mayans become the greatest AoK civ ever.