DM vs. the Persians

Article written by Viracocha
Originally published on 11-22-1999 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: Deathmatch Archives

In AOK many people like to use the Persians due to their elephants and paladins.Elephants have like 450 hit points and when their elite eles thier like 550 or 600.Building a huge army of Eles,paladins and bombard cannons seems unstoppable like the Hittites in the expansion set.

One of the best units agaisnt eles are the Teutons,Teutonic Knights.Ive found that the best way to beat a persian player is not even going into battle with him.Start your city by walling it.Send a bunch of vills to collect gold from gold mines far away from your city.Taking all the gold on the map is a good thing to do in DM.

Once you get one wall up usually the persian player will attack if he hasnt rushed you with paladins at beggining.Make about 15 to 20 seige shops and start pumping out the Heavy scorpians.Also make about 10 barracks and start making pikemen.Make 5 to 6 castles about 4 tiles away from your wall.Make double gates side by side.Make a gate about every 20 tiles in your wall.If the eles try and come up to your wall your scorpians will just start taking them out without your units even getting touched

By now my wall all the way around the city will by double to triple thick. Once its triple thick or 4 thick they cant get in even with trebs.If trebs do attack just use the trebs you have to take them out and send a few units to take the trebs out. At the castles make lots of Knights. Once the persian payer has attacked you 3 to 4 times he will have exhausted his gold and food supply using the eles or even knight for that matter.

Having 70 to 80 Heavy scorpians is good inside your wall,after all HS are one of the best units agaisnt Elite Elephants.Once he has lost about 400 units and youve only lost around 50 to 100 attack him with what you have.This strat also works with the Chinese using Chu Ko Nus,Pikemen and Heavy Scorpians.

Thanks for reading this if you get a chance.I will be sending more on deathmatch.So far im 40 and 2 in deathmatch on the zone.

Everytime i play a persian player i use that strat with Teutons or Chinese.