Getting Through the Dark Ages

Article written by Draco
Originally published on 11-22-1999 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: Economy Archives

Here is a step by step instruction on how to get off to a good start and get to the Feudal Age for intermediate players.

1. Take 2 villagers and set the to building 2 houses. Have the 3rd villager chop wood. Que up 3 villagers at the town center.

2. After the 2 villagers finish building the houses set them to chopping wood also. Have the 3 extra villagers gathering berries. Send the scout in a way point path around your village and many other places around the map-then click near the town center-he should follow the path and come back and stop at your Town Center.

3. After you have a compilation of 230 wood take the three lumberjacks and have them build a mill-near your berries, a lumbermill-near a large forest, and another house. Then send them back to cutting wood. While they are building the buildings que up 4 villagers at the town center.

4. Once the villagers are made have 3 of them get berries (or if you have sheep have them herd them) and have the other villager get wood.

5. Once you have 500 food advance to the Feudal Age. Your on your own from here!!