Inverted Triggers

Article written by bumis
Published on 02-19-2017; updated on 02-19-2017
Tags: Triggers, Userpatch

Inverted conditions are like saying "If not", instead of "if"... Meaning that the trigger will only fire if the conditions are not met!

If you use the "OWN OBJECTS" condition, by inverting it, you're making it fire if you don't have so many objects.

With "ACCUMULATE ATTRIBUTE", it's will only fire if you don't have the resources accumulated yet!

With "OBJECTS IN AREA", it means it will fire the trigger if you are anywhere else on the map then that set area, when inverted.

With "BRING OBJECT TO OBJECT", it would fire when ever unit's are not together (forcing them to stick together)

With "RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY", it will fire as long as you haven't researched a certain technology!

With "OBJECT SELECTED", the trigger will fire as long as your not selecting an object!

With "AI SIGNAL", it would fire as long a signal has not yet been sent from the AI!

With "PLAYER DEFEATED", the trigger will fire as long as the player is still in the game!

With "OBJECT HAS TARGET", it will fire as long as an enemy is not being targeted!

This update has has opened many doors when it comes to AOE 2 Designing

Inverted triggers could be one of the best things to ever happen to AOE 2 Scenario Designing!

Have fun!


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