Adding New Icons with Turtle Pack

Article written by MrMew
Published on 03-17-2017; updated on 03-17-2017
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This guide will go over how to add SLPs to the interfac.drs file to add new icons. Note that most mods do not keep the unit icons in the interfac.drs file but commonly move it to the gamedata_x1_p1.drs to reduce the file size of the mod.

To add more icons to the game you'll be needing Turtle Pack

Firstly open Turtle Pack and you will be presented with the following:

Turtle Pack Start Window

Select DRS editor.

Next open the interfac.drs in Age of Empires II/data by using the icon (as shown at A below) then browsing for the interfac.drs file. After select SLP at B for convenience.

Find SLPs

Now find the icon SLP, ID 50730 for unit icons, ID 50705 for buildings, and 50729 for technologies. Right click on the icon slp you wish to add too and select extract. Save to the desired location.

Extract SLP

Minimise this window as you'll need it later. Open up another instance of Turtle Pack, but this time select SLP Editor.

Turtle Pack Start Window

Now open up the SLP you just extracted (the icon shown at C) and select the icon shown at E to add your new icon. I will come to what D is for along with the arrow later.

Open SLP in SLP Editor

A window will appear as shown below. Click on Add (at F) and browse for the icon you wish to add. Once you have opened it, select OK at G.

Add Icon

Now back to what the use of the arrows at D are for. Click them to move the image so the top left corner of the image is in the centre of the cross as the arrow in the image below displays.

Align Icon

Save the SLP. Go back to the DRS editor and right-click the SLP you extracted earlier. Select Replace.

Replace SLP

Save the DRS you just edited and you will now be able to use the new icon for any mods that you wish.

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