Extracting SLPs from .aks or .akx Files

Article written by Shyam prasad
Published on 01-01-2017; updated on 01-02-2017
Tags: Graphics Modding, Modpack Studio

Did you notice that the good and oldest modpacks are in aks or akx formats? These files are for MPS (ModPack Studio). MPS is only for Windows XP, the old and unsupported Windows. So here I will teach you how to extract slps from aks or akx.

Things you need:

  • 7 zip. You can download it from here

Step 1

Download a file in aks or akx format.

Blacksmith Download Button

Step 2

After installing 7zip, right click the akx and select 7zip then select Extract files. Then chenge the extraction path or it will not work.


Step 3

Now you got 2 files where you extracted. One is AOK Files _X and the other is Resources_X. Open Resource_X. There you can see a lot of files like 587.00 Rename them like 587.slp

Now you can open it with slp editor since it has turned into a slp file.

Thanks. Hope this tutorial was useful.

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