Attila the Hun 4: "A Barbarian Betrothal"

Article written by Cataphractos
Published on 07-04-2016; updated on 07-05-2016
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Civilizations: Huns (you -- Huns), Burgundy (enemy -- Franks), Metz (enemy -- Franks), Orleans (enemy -- Franks), Western Roman Empire (enemy -- Byzantines)

Starting Units: 3 Scout Cavalry, 6 Villagers

Starting Buildings: None

Starting Resources: 200 food, 800 wood, 200 gold, 500 stone

Starting Age: Castle Age

Heroes: None

Most Useful Units: Heavy Cavalry Archer, Trebuchet

Most Useful Technologies: Spies, Treadmill Crane


Fun Fact! The relationships between Attila, Aetius, and the Burgundian king Gunther, were a bit more complicated than presented here. For example, Aetius actually hired Attila to defeat the Burgundians in the 430s -- a war which, over a thousand years later, comes down to us as the Nibelungenlied -- then Aetius hired the Burgundians to settle the Rhone valley during the 440s. When Attila declared war on Aetius in 450, only half the Burgundians remained in Roman employ, while the other half apparently saw the Huns as the lesser of two evils.

Howdy, Neighbors!

Build your Town Center in the eastern corner of the map, where there's ready access to wood, gold, and stone. Use your Scout Cavalry to explore the map out to Burgundy and the iced-over river, killing any wolves you come across, then bring them home to defend against early attacks by Burgundy and Metz. Once you have a respectable number of Villagers, build the rest of your town, most crucially a Market and a University. Once again, Watch Towers at your Mining Camps should provide adequate defense, along with a Castle on the bend of the road leading across the bridge to Metz. In this scenario, as well as Scenarios Five and Six, provide each Castle with three or four Tarkans to use against enemy siege engines.

Those of you paying attention to the pre-game cinematics will recall the Burgundians are supposed to be your allies. Never fear: at the 40-minute mark they'll see the error of their ways and offer an alliance, in return for 500 gold and a Castle. This will be a snap with Treadmill Crane, and you can get on with the serious business of training Trade Carts and advancing to the Imperial Age. Once you do -- no later than the 45-minute mark, please -- research all technologies worth 300 food or less, while training an army of two Monks, three Trebuchets, 15 Cavalry Archers, and 15 Light Cavalry.

In the first hour of the scenario, Metz is still relatively undeveloped; while its Knights and Throwing Axemen could be a real problem for you in numbers, or with upgrades, their anemic economy permits neither of these options for 60 to 90 minutes. Furthermore, their Battering Rams have probably become a source of acute frustration by now. Cross the river and crush them.

Operation: Orleans

The Monks and Trebuchets can return to your town, but send the Light Cavalry and Cavalry Archers to the southwest quarter of the map. They should make quick work of the enemy Villagers, Outposts, and Mining Camps there. Send Villagers of your own to claim the gold and stone for the Huns, and ride north to the river, where a second bridge leads to an island. Your troops can stand guard here for a few minutes, while two or three Villagers build a new Castle on this island. Garrison the Villagers, and send the horsemen home.

Complete all Imperial Age research and upgrades. (Remember to get Atheism before Spies!) When that's taken care of, double the size of your army: four Monks, six Trebuchets, and so on. Unlike Metz, Orleans is no pushover. It will oppose you with multiple Castles (both inside and outside the walls), Cavaliers (if not Paladins), Pikemen (if not Halberdiers), Scorpions, and Elite Throwing Axemen. You can approach either from the east, which has slightly less risk of being caught in enemy crossfire, or from the south, where your army can fall back to the island Castle if things get hairy.

Whichever route you choose, be advised that the Western Romans will finally show up when you knock down the Orleans Town Center...about 90 of them. Fall back to your side of the river, and let their Champions and Elite Cataphracts spread out in a vain search for your forces. Then you can track them down with Spies, and pick them off one by one. Return to Orleans and finish the job.

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