Attila the Hun 5: "The Catalaunian Fields"

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Published on 07-04-2016; updated on 07-05-2016
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Civilizations: Huns (you -- Huns), Alans (enemy -- Vikings), Franks (enemy -- Franks), Ostrogoths (ally -- Goths), Visigoths (enemy -- Goths), Western Roman Empire (enemy -- Byzantines)

Starting Units: 3 Villagers, 1 Scout Cavalry, 10 Tarkans

Starting Buildings: None

Starting Resources: 8,000 food, 2,000 wood, 8,000 gold, 1,000 stone

Starting Age: Castle Age

Heroes: None

Most Useful Units: Hussar, Trebuchet

Most Useful Technologies: Blast Furnace, Plate Barding


Also known as the Battle of Chalons, this was the Roman Empire's last hurrah. While the empire itself staggered along for another 25 years, its military was utterly and permanently obliterated. Accomplishing this will be your task.

Accursed Battlefield

The Romans will attack the Ostrogoths almost immediately with a pack of Cavaliers, so send your Tarkans to the Ostrogoth camp (and expect to lose half of them). Your Scout Cavalry can gallop along the riverbank looking for sheep, if you don't think your own 13 will be enough. Your Villagers should build a Town Center between some gold just to the east, and some stone just east of the gold. Forage bushes and a boar to the south will provide you with food once the sheep are slaughtered, assuming you construct a Mill nearby, and there's plenty of trees around begging for a Lumber Camp. Sadly, a Market won't yield much in trade with the Ostrogoths unless it's put up as far south as possible, near the bridges leading to the Visigoth town. Protect your Market with a Castle between these bridges, and add two more Castles on the shallows that lead to the Alans and Romans.

You know the drill by now: go to the Imperial Age and research everything, while sending Castle-garrisoned Tarkans against enemy siege engines. The Visigoths won't bother you much, but the Alans are fond of Battering Rams, and the Romans will throw a Trebuchet at you every once in a while. Keep your Scout Cavalry moving, but don't get upset if you lose him. Running recon for you is all the Ostrogoths are good for, so let them do it.

This River Will Run Red

Four Trebuchets, 20 Hussars, 20 Heavy Cavalry Archers, and a couple of Monks will tear through the Visigoths like paper. The Alans will be a little more challenging, especially if you're expecting the "Spearman and Archers" promised in the "Scouts" screen. The Alans, as you are no doubt aware by now, have upgraded to Crossbowmen and supplement them with Cavalry Archers. Not a spear in sight. They are also very spread out, so make the most of your Hussars to chase down scattered Villagers. Once you've done this, the road is clear to trade with the Frankish Market that stands between the Alan and Visigoth towns, so train another Trade Cart or two for that.

The Romans are protected by two Town Centers, three Castles, and about half-a-dozen Guard Towers, all with overlapping fields of fire. In addition, an unending stream of Champions, Elite Cataphracts, Scorpions, and Petards will pour into your army when it attacks. Train another Trebuchet or two, plus enough Cavalry Archers or Hussars to raise their combined number to 50. You can also ungarrison most of your Tarkans and add them to the mix; it's not as if the Alans and Visigoths pose a threat now.

Attack from the shallows, since the Ostrogoth war-parties have already damaged some buildings on the eastern side of the Roman town. Don't let your troops be lured too far from your Trebuchets -- or too close to the Roman Castles and Town Centers -- and keep your Cavalry Archers on the lookout for Petards, Champions, or Villagers building new Castles behind your back. It will be a grind, but once you break through their Castles, more Ostrogoths will arrive to help you mop up. Another victory for Attila!

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