Battles of the Conquerors 3: "Hastings, 1066"

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Battles of the Conquerors Campaign:
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Plan of Attack

  • Knights and Throwing Axemen
  • Transport Drop
  • Petard Rush

Relevant Civilization Bonuses

  • Castles cost 25% less
  • Knights have +2 line of sight
  • Farm upgrades are free (with mill)

Enemy Opposition

Apart from the Viking Harald Hardraada (Cyan), your enemies are all Goths. The Vikings have their castle on an island in the northern corner of the map, garrisoned with a horde of elite berserks and small fleet of longships.

Harold’s Raiders (Yellow) control the roads and resources on your starting island. They’re purely defensive troops, but you’ll need to field your own forces to challenge them if you hope to access any stone or march north to link up with your allies. Small warbands of Huskarls and pikemen defend towers, and their camp lies to the south with a smattering of archers and scorpions.

The Saxon Navy (Red) quickly booms on the water, aggressively patrolling the English Channel with a mixed navy of fireships, war galleys and transports that will land raiding parties to harass your town. The Saxons will quickly reach the Imperial Age, with huskarls, champions and halberdiers that will outmatch your Frankish knights and shrug off your castles. Their town on the British Isles is only lightly defended, and their fortress in the western corner of the map is largely unmanned. Their docks are on the northern coast, also lightly defended. Sneaking a landing force to sack their town and storm their fortresses is by far the most efficient option, as their navy is difficult to match playing the Franks. If you hope to challenge them to control the water, find a bay or inlet and build a cheap Frankish castle to guard the entrance.

Harold the Saxon (Orange) has a sprawling concentric castle in the heart of the British Isles, your target to win the scenario. Walled, towered, even sporting bombard towers before they reach the Imperial Age, it’s garrisoned by a significant host of huskarl and mixed infantry that will march out to meet you. Huskarl are nearly impervious to archers, but your throwing axemen deal melee damage from range, and are the natural answer and companion to the knights you’ll have fighting on the front line. The bombard towers are impossible to assault bloodlessly with anything less than trebuchets or siege rams, but your knights are agile enough to ride past.


Reserve your knights and William the Conqueror as a response force in your town. If he dies, you automatically lose, so set your scout to no attack and have him scout the map for you.

Set your first seven villagers to hunt the boars by your mill, force-dropping food to achieve continuous villager production. The rest should be lumberjacks, building a lumber camp north of your mill and researching Bow Saw immediately. As the boars are harvested, switch your hunters and as many lumberjacks as possible to farming. As the food starts coming in faster than you need it for villager production, produce gold miners.

Begin training throwing axemen at your castle. As you have enough wood, build a monastery and train two monks, and as when your gold and food are surplus to your villager and throwing axemen production, build a stable and train knights.

Harald Hardaada will have offered you an alliance already, but whether or not you accept his forces will ally with you after his landing force is smashed at Stamford Bridge. Abruptly, half your map is conveniently explored, but your population will skyrocket and doubtless exceed your housing. Set your excess gold miners to building a suburbs outside your walls and a gate by the outposts near your town centre. Your population limit is set at a hundred, but in meantime invest your gold at the blacksmith to upgrade your knights and throwing axemen.


Twenty five elite berserks and Harald Hardraada himself have joined you, awaiting transport in the northern corner of the map. With the Saxon Navy so aggressively combing the English Channel in anticipation of your invasion, your best option is to march north with the bulk of your forces and ten of your villagers, sweeping aside Harold’s Raiders along the way and sacking the towers barricading the road.

You’ll find a natural harbour on the peninsula across from the Viking castle, so build a pair of docks and defend the entrance to your harbour with your new longships or a tower if the Saxon Navy blockades you. Set your fleet of transports to pick up the elite berserks and transport your own army and villagers directly across to make your landing on the northern tip of the British Isles.

The vast invasion force you've assembled is already formidable, but it’s to your discretion to make the jump to Imperial and further upgrade them. Using your mixed force of infantry and monks with your knights to scout, it’s possible to achieve victory without trebuchets as you assault Harold’s castle.

March south with your knights in loose formation to scout the way as your host follows, building a town centre to finally begin mining stone. Back in your town, be wary of the Saxon Navy’s landing parties, and build a university to research Murder Holes. The last thing you want before a field battle is to worry about William the Conqueror, snug in your starting castle. The moment you can, build a castle as close to Harold’s as you dare, and prepare to defend yourself as his army throws itself at you.

Final Assault

If your army wasn't broken and your new castle sacked, rally your army and train as large a force of petards as your population limit will allow. Scouting up to the walls with your knights should reveal a gap in the bombard tower killing field. Boldly lead your army up to the walls, breach the gates and rush the castle! With your surviving berserks and throwing axemen to hold the breach, screen your petards with heavy cavalry to draw the archer fire until they reach the base of the castle and demolish it, and victory is yours.

In Film and Literature

Tim Severin's King's Man reaches its climax at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, the final book in his Viking trilogy.

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Battles of the Conquerors Campaign:
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