El Cid 2: "Enemy of My Enemy"

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Published on 07-04-2016; updated on 07-05-2016
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Plan of Attack

  • Reinforcements
  • Pillage the Moors
  • Sack Toledo
  • Contain the Spanish Rebels
  • Storm the Moorish Citadel

Marching South

The western pass is walled, so march your army south. Four Moorish towers control the roads and river, so send your long swordsmen and knights to attack them each in turn while your villagers build an archery range and monastery. Spend all your gold on monks, and as many skirmishers as you can afford while budgeting for a town centre later in the scenario.

Scout ahead with your light cavalry and El Cid on No Attack to locate the Moorish town centre, and prepare to attack. Set your archers and skirmishers with the monks to guard the approach from the city from relief forces while your knights and long swordsmen loot the town centre. Have your villagers build you own in its place to take their farms for your own.

When your forces have recovered and the rebels have stopped sallying out to meet you, counterattack. March west from your town through the Moorish lumber camp and into the city.

Sack the City

Your order of battle is important here. Your vanguard should consist of El Cid and the skirmishers for first contact with the enemy monks, as he's immune to conversion and the loss of a skirmisher won't stall your attack the way the desertion of a knight would. Your archers and monks should be in box formation and your knights in the reserve to counter any camels, long swordsmen and archers. Your own long swordsmen should be devoted to tearing down military buildings. Defend your town from any rogue rams with your light cavalry.

If the attack stalls and your army will be slaughtered. Keep them in good order and performing their distinct roles and it's possible to sack the entire eastern half of the city before building any siege weapons. Prioritize destroying the Spanish stables before they can mass cavaliers, then the Moorish stables. Move north street by street to destroy the archery range, followed by the rest of the military buildings.

Don't waste your time levelling the houses, and rush El Cid with the skirmishers and light cavalry to the heart of the city to seize the monasteries and their relics. Light cavalry and El Cid are your most efficient monk-slayers, so keep one posted to each monastery set to Defensive to camp their spawns before bringing in your main force. Keep your long swordsmen to levelling each in turn while your archers, monks and knights discourage the Spanish long swordsmen from interfering. The rebels hold a Spanish castle on the next street, so halt your progress for now.


The castle the Spanish rebels hold control the two immediate routes and bar your progress west, but by this point the rebels will struggle to muster anything more than long swordsmen. Assaulting the castle with rams would be a bloody affair, and your knights and archers are ideally suited to counter them in any case. It's possible to retrace your steps, crossing the bridge and following the river to the western bridge, but the pass is still walled. Delay is unnecessary and at this point the rebels are of little threat to your army, so salute the supremacy of well-defended and positioned castles in the Castle Age, and prepare to withdraw.

As the third monastery is destroyed, retrieve the relics and escort your monks back to town to store them in a new monastery. With all three in your possession, gold-mining in this scenario is unnecessary. If the walled and towered rebel gold mines offend you, don't resort to rams. Battering down the gates to root out a handful of villagers is costly and time consuming, so opt instead to post skirmishers on the far side of the enemy towers to harass the rebel miners, bringing up a monk to convert them if necessary. Both rebel markets are just north of the monasteries, and their destruction is optional.

The Moat

Between the rebel castle and half a dozen towers controlling the causeway, it's easier to go by water to seize the last relic. Move a handful of villagers to join your army in the city to build a dock and cross the moat with a transport. Three or four rams garrisoned with all your remaining infantry will be sufficient to assault the Moorish castle that guards the last relic while your knights cover their attack.

With the last relic in tow, withdraw from the city. Have your villagers build a dock and transport on the river by your town, and have the relics loaded before El Cid boards. Sail to the northern corner of the map to deliver them to the Imam, and victory is yours.

Spanish Doubloons

If for whatever reason you're unable to seize the relics and feel the pressure of a gold bottleneck on unit production, build a dock to produce trading cogs along the riverbed and trade with The Imam on his island. The Spanish have a 33% bonus that also applies to trading by land with Motamid, but your trade carts are more vulnerable to ambush than sailing vessels.

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