El Cid 5: "King of Valencia"

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Published on 07-04-2016; updated on 07-05-2016
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Plan of Attack

  • Harrying the Siege Train
  • Hold the Bridge
  • Knights and Monks
  • Attack of the Clones
  • Kill Zone

Relevant Civilization Bonuses

  • Blacksmith upgrades don’t cost gold
  • Builders work 30% faster

Enemy Opposition

Berenguer’s Frankish knights will outclass your own, despite the gold-free Spanish upgrades. Rather than become embroiled in a melee, convert them with monks to join your sorties to replenish your early losses. As the game progresses Berenguer will reach the Imperial Age, upgrading his knights to cavaliers and even paladins. His expense will be to your benefit.

Every manner of siege engine will be brought to bear against Valencia’s walls, advancing under cover of mutually supportive bombard towers. Champions, archers and monks will escort them in addition to the knights ranging about your walls. Priority targeting should be given to bombard cannons, trebuchets, monks, mangonels and then rams. The rest can be swept aside by your knights after those are intercepted.

The Defense of Denia

Mere moments after taking refuge in Denia, Berenguer’s forces will mount their assault. Your villagers should flee to safety in the woods at your starting position, and your swordsmen and skirmishers withdraw to the bridge. El Cid must find and fix the enemy, following the stream north to his gates and lay an ambush.

A procession of knights at the head of a siege train will spill out of the gate any minute, but you lack the strength to smash them. Strike at the trebuchets, but leave the mangonels to inflict more casualties on their rams and knights than El Cid could ever do alone.

Counterattack in Lerida

Fall back across the bridge, where Lerida’s knights will offer you their fealty just as Berenguer’s foot soldiers march into your arms. Rather than allow them to rendezvous in Denia, fall on the archers with your knights and his pikemen with El Cid and the swordsmen. Scour Lerida for reinforcements, and hold the bridge until Berenguer`s mangonels have decimated his rams and knights, leaving them exposed. Sweep back across the bridge to rescue Denia from utter ruin.

Victory at Valencia

Berenguer`s designs on Denia are done, but so are yours. Leave your villagers to farm the fields and fish the streams, but lead your army east, to Valencia.

The wonder is being constructed by your ally in the northern quarter, so you are unable to add your workmen to theirs and speed up the process. The building’s hit points are your concern; a new pair of workers will spawn if they fall, so keep the fields clear of siege weapons and Berenguer‘s soldiers outside the walls. Lock the outer gates, and build a pair of watch towers in the corners. Outposts would suffice to warn you of an attack, but towers will keep any errant archers from the foot of the wall and the battery of monks you should station in that quarter to support your sorties.

Leave the villagers from Denia and Lerida to gather wood and fish in the towns, but produce enough goldminers in the city to maintain continuous knight production at your stables, and any excess gold to be spent on monks at the monastery overlooking the river. Rally them defensively outside the sealed gates, ready to deter any of Berenguer’s attacks.

Knights are essential, but so are monks. They’ll heal your knights in between sorties and easily convert enemy paladins. Use them most efficiently by numbering them off individually, or else use the cloning technique. When his knights charge yours in numbers, select the monks as a group and target a cavalier or paladin for conversion. Move your mouse to deselect a monk’s portrait and target the next, shedding monks as you continue converting enemy horsemen. This demands a fair bit of micro, but functions much as though your monks benefited from Illumination and Theology despite being contained in the Castle Age.

His bombard towers will keep your knights from straying beyond sight of the walls. That’s well enough to meet his rams, but they’ll wreak havoc on the sorties against his trebuchets and bombards. Once you have a score or more knights, storm them each in turn, from the eastern tower on the grassy knoll, the central tower just outside his gate, with the western tower on the heights for last.

Your economy is necessary only to meet the needs of maintaining a force of knights. Monks will convert his paladins to augment your mounted strength, but slay all the rest. Without the towers and a growing company of knights ranging in loose aggressive patrols to intercept Berenguer’s soldiers before they threaten the wonder, you have nothing more to fear from him. Victory is yours as the wonder is completed.

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