Barbarossa 3: "Pope and Antipope"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Barbarossa

Scenario Objectives: Convert the cathedral in Milan

Civilizations: You(Teuton), Milan-Enemy(Goths), Crema-Enemy(Britons), Carcano-Ally(Teutons), River Guard-Enemy(Franks)

Starting Units: 1 Scout Cavalry, 2 Knights, 8 Pikemen, 4 Monks, 3 War Galleys, 1 Transport Ship

Starting Buildings: 1 Dock, 1 Monastery, 1 Market

Starting Resources: 1000 Wood, 500 Food, 200 Gold, 200 Stone

Starting Age: Castle Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: Focus on one object

Heroes: None

Important Note: To convert the cathedral, you must first research Redemption. Also, it is best to destroy Crema during the beginning of the scenario, because they are giving Milan resources.

Most Useful Units:

Hand Cannoneers: Because you will be defending against river attacks, and the most efficient way is by building towers, you should produce hand cannoneers. This is because hand cannoneers add a large amount of extra arrows to towers. If your tower is destroyed, the hand cannoneers still can defend against war ships for a while, because they have a high attack(base 17). Along with using them defensively, you can also use them offensively, as archer units. If enemy troops are held back by your front line, the large attack of hand cannoneers can be absolutely devastating.

Teutonic Knight: This heavy infantry unit can be used to hold your front line during battles, allowing your ranged units free pick of who to attack. Although it is very slow, it packs a very powerful punch and is heavy armored. But, because of their slow speed, they can be converted very easily. During battles, you can use your monks to heal your them, because of the monks' healing range. You can use them to destroy buildings, because their high attack coupled with their heavy armor, will allow them to rip through buildings. This is because enemy units can attack them from behind(while your teutonic knights are attacking a building), and you will not take very many casualties

Monk: Obviously you will need this unit, because they have to convert the cathedral, in order to win the scenario. They can also be used to convert units. Because of their slow speed, teutonic knights can easily be converted by your holy men. Guarded by your own teutonic knights, they will be able to enter enemy territory without fear of being killed very easily. During battles, their 8 healing range is incredibly useful in keeping your troops(especially your front line troops) alive, while keeping your monks a safe distance from enemy units.

Most Useful Technologies:

Fervor: Your monks will need to run inside heavily fortified enemy territory, so you will need as much speed as you can get. Fervor will increase your monks' speed by %15. This is not very much of a difference, but it still helps.This cheap 140 gold technology can be researched at the monastery.

Sanctity: Because you will be marching your monks into enemy territory, you also will need your monks to take more hits than usual. Sanctity helps with that, as it gives monks +%50 hit points, which means your monks will have 45 hit points after sanctity is researched. Because your monks will have higher hitpoints, they will be able to survive longer and thus, may be able to convert the cathedral before they are killed. This very cheap 120 gold technology can be researched at the monastery.

Squires: You will need to increase the speed of your teutonic knights, because they are almost immobile. Although squires only increases your infantry units' speed by %10, it still helps your teutonic knights. Researching this technology allows them to be more efficient in being a front line unit, because they can cover a large area of land. This cheap 200 food technology can be researched at the barracks.

Chapter 1: Displace Crema

Immediately when you start, trade wood for 300 gold at your market. Then research redemption at the monastery. Move all of your land units East, and you will find Crema. Convert the nearest buildings(2 houses and a market), and use 1/2 of your troops to defend against a counter-attack. Order the rest of your troops to move South, and you will encounter troops and villagers(the troops being beside military buildings and the villagers being beside the mill and lumber camp. Kill the pikemen with your own, and kill the crossbowmen with your knights. As for the villagers, convert them when the nearby military units are killed. Do not destroy any buildings, and move North of the lumber camp. Just North of the lumber camp is Crema's town center, surrounded with farms being farmed by villagers. Charge the villagers with your knights, and retreat when they ring the town bell. Heal your knights, and charge again, retreating when the bell is activated. Keep doing this until all of the villagers are killed. Meanwhile in your Northern army, move your troops North-East, and there will be 2 houses, a mining camp, and villagers mining gold. Immediately convert the villagers, and attack the town center with both of your armies.

Surround the town center, converting any villagers that are trained. When the town center is razed, replace is with your own. Send your army West of the town center, converting the market that is nearby and the 3 houses further West. Convert the mill, barracks, and archery range to the East, and the lumber camp and 2 houses just West of the barracks. When the lumber camp and 2 houses are converted, Crema will be defeated, and you will own it's town(because you converted all of it).

Chapter 2: Build up

After Crema is converted, you will already have your starting buildings. Gather the relic just East of your town, and you will have a reliable source of gold. Train a couple move villagers, and put them to work on the pre-built farms, just right click on them and they are yours. Attacks from the river will occur in the North, but ignore them, the River Guard is far to numerous for you to fight back. Start mining gold in the camp a bit North of your town center, and mine stone in the patch beside your mill. So that you have a quicker gathering rate of food, herd the sheep outside your town and kill them for food. Along with sheep herding and farming, you ought to also gather berries from the bushes near your mill. Train more villagers, and cut down wood in the forest beside your lumber camp.

Because the River Guard has full control of the river, they can land transport ships any time they want. So build up an army consisting of knights and pikemen, because you can counter the throwing axemen with your knights and the cavalry with your pikemen. As you may have figured, the majority of the troops that the River Guard will send are throwing axemen and cavalry(usually heavy cavalry). Train more villagers, and stock up on stone. If your patch of stone is running dry, move your stone mining villagers directly North, until they find a patch of stone. There is a patch of stone East of you, but because it is near the river, it is in the range of war ships. Also, if your gold mines run dry, there is a patch of gold in the same area that the extra patch of stone is. There is also a herd of deer in that area, so later in the game you may want to hunt for food. Advance to the Imperial Age and build a blacksmith and university.

Chapter 3: Strenghten your hold on the map

Attacks from the river will increase, and soon you will not be able to hold your ground because of constant attacks. To fix this, research guard tower, and build towers 3 squares away from the river. You should build them 3 squares away because fire ships can destroy buildings easily, but their range is only 2. Line the river bank with towers, 1 every 3-5 squares(Start building Near the South-Easternmost point in the river. This is because the transport landing usually occur there, because your city is directly West). You need them to be so dense, because there will be attacks by war ships constantly, each "navy" consisting of many ships. Research heated shot and chemistry at the university. When chemistry is researched, train a horde of hand cannoners, garrisoning them in your towers when they are trained. Research bodkin arrow, and continue lining the river. Eventually you will be attacked by cannon galleons, so build a dock far away from the "action", and build a couple demolition ships. If you are attacked by cannon galleys, just sail your demolition ships over to the war ships and detonate them.

Research cannon galleon yourself, and build one of those ships. There is a small island in the middle of the river, guarded by 2 towers, destroy them with your cannon galleon. Train an extra group of 15 hand cannoneer and 4 villagers, and transport them across the river to the island. Build 4 towers along the island, along with a dock. Garrison your hand cannoneers in the towers, and research bracing. Upgrade to keep and research bombard tower, and start building bombard towers along the river. Strengthen your defenses near the city of River Guard, and your city will be fairly secure.

Chapter 4: Convert the cathedral

Train a horde of cavaliers(research cavalier 1st), and send them and your villagers on the island across the river(where the river island is). Build a town center, along with a castle. Build a trebuchet, and destroy the River Guard's dock city near the end of the finger of land that you are on. Expect a counter attack from 3 directions, so form your army into a box formation, guarding your trebuchet. Be sure to train teutonic knights, so you can effectively hold off a counter-attack, while your siege engine is pounding away at the defenses. When the wall crumbles, expect another wave of troops. Hold them back, and start to destroy the dock city. Charge the city with your cavaliers, while your slow teutonic knights wait for another counter-attack.

Build an archery range and fill your castle with hand cannoneers, you will need it to hold off the onslaught of Frankish troops. So you will be attacked by armies of River Guard troops, so train many cavaliers, hand cannoneers, monks and teutonic knights. Get in formation, and wait. The attacks will consist of throwing axemen, bombard cannons, cavaliers, and hand cannoneers. Order your teutonic knights to hold the line, while your hand cannoneers support your infantry, and your cavaliers attack the bombard cannons and hand cannoneers. Be wary of the bombard cannons, because they have area damage, and can hurt many units at one shot. Hold back the attacks, and form another army. Train 4 more villagers, and transport the villagers and your new army across the river to the West.

Onload your army, and march it South along the river. Cross the shallows, and set up camp when you are just outside Milan's city. Build a castle, stable, and monastery. Train more monks, and break through the gate. You will need to destroy another gate, and kill any of the enemy units from area route between the wall opening and the cathedral. Keep moving toward the cathedral, killing any units you can find. When you reach it, go on the edge of the cliff, killing any units around. Set up another smaller army, consisting of several monks and cavaliers. Escort your monks to the cathedral, killing any aggressive enemy units. When you reach the holy building, order all of your clergymen to convert it, and you will have to survive a counter-attack. Move all of your troops to the battle, and allow your monks to convert the building. When the cathedral in Milan is converted, your objective will be fulfilled and you will win the scenario.