Barbarossa 4: "The Lombard League"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Barbarossa

Scenario Objectives: Construct a wonder within the city walls of Venice, Padua, or Verona

Civilizations: You(Teuton), Henry the Lion-Ally(Teutons), Venice-Enemy(Byzantines), Padua-Enemy(Teutons), Verona-Enemy(Franks)

Starting Units: 2 Teutonic Knights, 2 Knights, 4 Crossbowmen, 7 Villagers, 3 Transport Ships

Starting Buildings: 1 Dock, 1 Town Center, 2 Houses, 4 Outposts

Starting Resources: 2000 Wood, 1000 Food, 400 Gold, 800 Stone

Starting Age: Imperial Age

Gaia Units: 5 Knights, 2 Scout Cavalry, 3 Teutonic Knights, 5 Villagers, 5 Onagers, 4 War Galleys, 2 Fire Ships, 6 Fishing Ships, 4 Transport Ships

Style of Gameplay: Focus on one object

Heroes: None

Important Note: You only need to build a wonder within a city, not defeat all of your enemies.

Most Useful Units:

Knight/Cavalier/Paladin: You will be attacked by a very large number of bombard cannons and trebuchets, and quick powerful unit should be used to destroy them. Knights/Cavaliers/Paladins are both quick and powerful, so it is best to use them to destroy the siege engines. Teutons are unable to research husbandry, so you will not be able to increase your cavalry units' speed. These units are the most efficient in filling in the deficiencies of the teutonic knights, so they are very valuable.

Cannon Galleon/Elite Cannon Galleon: During the siege of Venice, it is very hard to mount a ground siege, so you must attack them from the sea. Combining them with galleons will make it very easy to take the city. Simply keeping them out of range of Venice's towers, while your galleons are guarding them, should lead to a quick and easy siege. You can simply move up and down the rivers that enter Venice, destroying the nearby buildings. Upgrading them to elite cannon galleons is not vital, but it can speed the siege up considerably.

Bombard Cannon: You will be attacked(by all types of ships) from the sea, and cannon galleons will outrange your towers defending your city. In order to combat this, the long ranged bombard cannons can destroy the war ships, evading any projectiles. Although cannon galleons outrange bombard cannons(by 1), but you can use your bombard cannons to lure the ship into it's range. To add to the bombard cannons usefulness in destroying ships, they have an extra 40 attack vs ships, adding on to their already high 40 attack.

Most Useful Technologies:

Siege Engineers: Researching siege engineers gives your bombard cannons the range of cannon galleons(not elite cannon galleons), so it is best to research it. It also adds 20% attack vs. buildings to all siege engines(except rams), this will improve your cannon galleons so that they can lay siege to Venice quicker. This 500 food 600 wood technology can be researched at the university.

Chemistry: You will be forced to build towers along the shore, because you will be attacked by a very large amounts of war ships. Research chemistry will increase your attack for your towers and all projectile units(other than gunpowder units), along with allowing you to build gunpowder units. This 300 food 200 gold technology can be researched at the university.

Chapter 1: Relocate your camp and build up

When the scenario starts, immediately board all of your units onto your transport ships. Sail your ships North along the river, as you must give up your fort, the enemy troops are far to numerous for you to fight. Cross a shallows, and you will find possess a navy consisting of 4 war galleys, 2 fire ships, 6 fishing ships, and 4 transport ships, with 5 knights, 2 scout cavalry, 3 teutonic knights, 5 villagers, and 5 onagers loaded on the transport ships. Sail your navy a few degrees North from the direction it is facing, and you should stay out of the range of Venice's towers. Even though you will be out of tower range, there still are enemy war ships patrolling the seas. If any ships attacks you, break a few war ships off from your navy and destroy the ship. When the ship is destroyed, order your ships to join your navy again. Eventually you will reach land, so unload all of your units which are boarded on your transport ships.

When your units are unloaded, it is imperative that you wall in the 2 shallows to the North. If you do not to this, you will be invaded by hordes of enemy troops. Kill any units that are already on your territory, and build a town center in-between 2 patches of stone. This is the best place for your town center, because it is close to more resources than any other area(wood, food, and stone). So you have a gathering building near all of the resources, build a mining camp beside the patch of gold just South of your Westernmost outpost. Stock up on stone, and line the Western coast with guard towers. To improve your towers, garrison your crossbowmen in them and research chemistry. Train more villagers, and build a castle in-between the 2 shallows to the North. Build a stable, research cavalier, and train cavaliers, so you are not as vulnerable toward siege units. (Since you already have a rather large group of military units, you do not need to train very many units for the start of the scenario.) Now that you are fairly secure on the map, you can focus on strengthening your economy.

Train more units, and build a dock in the North-Easternmost point of your peninsula of land. Build fishing ships to fish, as a secondary source of food. Do not allow your fishing ships to stray too far away from your dock, because there are war ships patrolling the water. Research fast fire ship and heavy demolition ship, and build fish traps when the fish around your dock are gone. Although gathering fish from fish traps takes an enormous amount of time, the extra food still helps. Build another mining camp on the East side of the gold patch North-West of your town center, and move 1/2 of your gold mining villagers from the patch south of your town center to the patch with the new mining camp. By now, you should be attacked by both Padua(from the land) and Venice(from the sea)

Chapter 2: Defend against enemy attacks

Eventually, Henry the Great will betray you again, becoming your enemy. Fill your coastal towers with crossbowmen or hand cannoneers, and research appropriate blacksmith technologies. Research paladin, and produce more of those heavy cavalry units. Now that you have your land army, you should set up a(completely defensive) navy. The navy should include ships that are largely suicidal, because Venice's towers will rip apart any war ship. Because of this, you need to have ships which deal out a large amount of damage in a short period of time. These ships are fast fire ships and heavy demolition ships, both are fast and deal out a very large amount of damage very quickly. Increase the amount of the towers on your coast, and be sure to keep your war ships away from any enemy ship unless you are being attacked.

By this time, attacks from your enemy cities will increase. If you are attacked from the sea by cannon galleons out of your tower's range, or the amount of enemy ships are too much for your towers to handle, sail a small portion of your navy to destroy it. Any remaining ships that were sent should be used to destroy the nearest enemy ships. Research bombard cannon, and line a couple of them along the coast. If you haven't researched it yet, research bracing. You need all of the attack and range you can get. (Note: If any of your towers are destroyed, order the archers that were in the destroyed tower to garrison in the closest tower with enough room. If there is no room, either retreat until another tower is built, or garrison them in your castle until another tower is built.) When you are attacked by Padua, the armies will mainly consist of onagers, trebuchets, bombard cannons, paladins(or cavaliers), and teutonic knights. Your castles can take care of the teutonic knights and cavalry, but your paladins will have to take care of the onagers, bombard cannons and trebuchets. When you are attacked by the siege engines, quickly run your paladins out of your walls to destroy them, and retreat back behind your walls when the engine is destroyed. If the attacks are too much for your single castle, you probably should build a castle behind each wall, when you have enough stone. When you have the required resources, research cannon galleon.

Chapter 3: Build a wonder

Eventually, the attacks from Venice will have eaten away at your defenses, so you will need to fight back, in order to slow down their attacks. But first, research bombard tower and keep (if you haven't already). Build up a fleet of galleons, fast fire ships and heavy demolition ships, and sail them past the small island East of your land. You need this navy to hold back the attacks so that you can do the next stage in taking the city. When your ships are fighting, be sure to evade the projectiles from their towers, as they can sink a ships very easily. Hold back the enemy ships, and transport 4 villagers to the island. Order them to build 3 bombard towers, they will be very useful in destroying enemy ships. You can also use this island as a bastion for your attacks, building docks on the shore. If you leave your villagers on the island, garrison them in the towers, so they are safe. The reason that you should keep your villagers on the island is because you can pull back any ship that is damaged greatly and repair it, not far from the battle. When the ship is repaired, you can quickly sail it back to enter the battle once again.

Because of your aggressiveness, the Venician navy will soon be exhausted. Rebuild your navy, now consisting of galleons, fast fire ships, heavy demolition ships, and cannon galleons. Send your navy to the edge of Venice, and order it to destroy the Easternmost bombard tower, which is on an island. Destroy the tower, and sail West until you find another bombard tower, destroy it. Now that you have a small area inside Venice in which you are safe from tower attack, you should focus on taking the island where the Easternmost tower was. Sail your ships on the South-Eastern side of the island, destroying the 3 houses and bombard tower. The island is cleared, so transport 4 villagers and 1 bombard cannon to it. Build 3-4 bombard towers, as well as a stable and siege workshop. Because you are able to build more buildings on this island and that it is closer to the mainland, you can use it as a bastion for your attacks. Destroy the castle across the river with your cannon galleons, and build a dock on the North-Western side of the island. Repair any ships with your island villagers, and sail your navy North, into the city of Venice. When you reach a "river intersection", stop and destroy the tower just North of you. Take the Western river, and you will reach another tower. Destroy it, along with the docks that are just East and West of you. Move further West, and destroy the mining camp and kill the villages nearby. The largest land area inside Venice's walls is clear, so kill any remaining units, and send all but 5 of your villagers to the finger of land where you destroyed the mining camp. (Note: Do this when you already have well over 1000 of each resource, there is little resources inside Venice.)

Before you build the wonder, build your own gates on the ruins of all of Venice's gates(you should destroy them), this will make it so that the only points where your enemies can break through are at the gates, because they will not attack their allies' walls. Send your entire army to the finger of land, and order your war ships to finish Venice off. Attack the town center, and when it is destroyed, kill all of the villagers that "fall" out of it. This will completely cripple Venice. Next, simply the destroy the university, siege workshop, and any other remaining units or buildings inside the walls. Most likely, Venice will not be destroyed, because there is a few stray units and buildings around the map. Ignore them, and focus on the job at hand. Build a 2 castles behind your(Venice's) walls, and build a stable. Train paladins, and station your entire army behind the walls. (Note: When you are building different buildings, be sure to leave room for your wonder, as it is an enormous building.). Set the foundation for the wonder, and start building.

Almost immediately after you start, you will be attacked by the remaining cities of the Lombard League, Padua (from the North) and Verona (from the South). Padua should be relatively easy to handle, just move your entire navy to the North-Easternmost river. The war ships are far superior to the land units, so they can destroy them very easily. The only problems will be from bombard cannons and trebuchets(because they outrange all of your ships, except the cannon galleon, and it can only outrange the bombard cannons.) but you still have an edge, your home city. Produce a small group of paladins, keeping them inside your city walls. If you are having trouble with Padua seige engines, simply charge them from the rear. Since the rest of the army is far ahead of the siege engines, you can quickly destroy them and retreat. Even if Padua breaks through your walls, they can only deal out damage from their ranged units. As for Verona, you will need to focus on them. Attacks from siege engines will be frequent, and the only way you can destroy them is by charging your paladins through the strong from line. If you have enough troops, you should be able to reach the engines, but otherwise, your gates will fall. Defend against the front line using your projectile units behind your wall, and your teutonic knights in front of the wall. As the wonder is nearing completion, the Lombard League will send a (relatively) gigantic army, in a last effort to destroy the wonder. Produce as many troops as you can afford, any wait for the onslaught. The casualties will be great, but the deaths will not be in vain. If you successfully hold off attacks by the Lombard League and finish your wonder inside the walls of Venice, you will complete your scenario objective and the scenario itself.