Barbarossa 5: "Barbarossa's March"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Barbarossa

Scenario Objectives: Bring at least 10 troops to the Hospitaller camp

Civilizations: You(Teuton), Constantinople-Ally(Byzantines), Saracen Navy-Enemy(Saracens), Sejuks-Enemy(Turks), Hospitallers-Ally(Teutons), Gallipoli-Ally(Byzantines)

Starting Units: 14 Teutonic Knights, 10 Crossbowmen, 24 Pikemen, 12 Paladins, 2 Scout Cavalry, 2 Seige Onagers, 3 Trebuchets, 3 Monks

Starting Buildings: None

Starting Resources: 0 Wood, 0 Food, 0 Gold, 0 Stone

Starting Age: Imperial Age

Gaia Units: 6 Elite Throwing Axemen, 1 Trebuchet, 2 Monks, 1 Monastery, 4 Heavy Cavalry Archers, 4 Transport Ships, 1 House, 1 Farm

Style of Gameplay: Evade as many battles as possible

Heroes: None

Important Note: It is vital to keep at least 1 monk and 1 seige onager, because both will make the scenario much easier to complete.

Most Useful Units:

Siege Onager: If you absolutely have to pass through an enemy army, you can use your siege onagers to weaken them. Their large splash damage will hurt many units, and will make them more vulnerable toward your troops. You can also order them to destroy the enemy heavy demolition ships that patrol the seas. If they are within your onagers' range, you can destroy them with one hit. This will help your transport ships in getting across the sea, because there is less war ships patrolling it. There is another incredibly useful use for siege onagers, but I will explain it later in the walkthrough.

Monk: Without this unit, your army is almost guaranteed a loss. Monks can bring a near-dead army to an extremely strong and powerful one. Because monks can heal other monks, it is likely that you should have all 3 through the entire scenario. Since teutonic monks have a +4 healing range, they can safely heal your units during battles. You can also convert powerful units for your army, but if your monks have a chance to getting hurt, do not attempt to convert. If they are guarded by a few pikemen, they are almost immune to being killed, because the majority of the units that attack monks are cavalry units, and pikemen have a + attack vs. them.

Pikemen: The best unit that you have to kill camels/mamelukes are pikemen. Pikemen have to defend your vulnerable, yet powerful paladins, and they are very specialized in doing just that. They have a massive bonus attack against mounted units, and they can chase after them if they try to get around your line. This is because pikemen are faster than normal infantry, and even though they aren't as fast a camels, they still are pretty quick. Because of their sheer numbers, they should be able to get to the Hospitaller camp with few losses, as they can simply swarm and kill virtually any unit. Although they work well in numbers, lone pikemen get killed very easily against any unit that is not melee and mounted.

Most Useful Technologies:

None: You can not research any technologies.

Chapter 1: Cross the Sea of Marmara

Move one of your siege onagers South-West, until it spots an enemy galleon. Order it to destroy the ship, it will sink it very quickly. Cross the shallows with your pikemen, and soon you will reach a gaia farm and house. Suddenly 4 Saracen Navy mamelukes will appear beside the house any will attack your lightly armed infantry units. Quickly move up to them and kill them. Because pikemen have a very large bonus attack vs. cavalry units, the mamelukes will be killed very easily and quickly. Move the rest of your army to your pikemen(in box formation) and heal your wounded soldiers. Whatever you do, do not go anywhere near Constantinople, it will lengthen the scenario greatly. (Note: If you do go near Constantinople, you will get a new objectve, to station troops near the Hagia Sophia(wonder). When you do that, you will get their navy, but your troops will have to travel through much more dangerous territory.)Keep moving Southwest, and when you reach a lake, immediately move South-East, hugging the coast. There are Saracen troops further inside the body of land, and they could lay waste to your army. Keep hugging the coast, and you soon will reach Gallipoli. March North-East toward the bay, and you will find 4 gaia transport ships. They will be able to hold your army, because each ship has a capacity of 20 troops. If there are any demolition ships within your seige onagers' range, destroy them, as it will greatly help you in crossing the Sea of Marmara. Board the transport ships, and move directly South-East, attempting to evade enemy war ships. (Note: When you board the transport ships, do not have more than one seige onager or monk on a transport ship. This is because if you lose a transport ship, you still will have another one of those units.) Soon you will reach an island that has a Saracen bombard tower. It should be easy to dodge the cannon balls, because of the slow speed and great innaccuracy. When you reach the island, immediately change your direction, moving North-East. Reaching a Saracen dock, you should sail South-East. Eventually, you will reach an open landing area for your transport ships. Quickly unload your troops, because they may get destroyed by enemy ships. (Note: You may lose 1 transport ship, but it will not hamper your army immensely, as it is very large.)

Chapter 2: Reach the Hospitaller camp

Immediately when your troops unload, you will be attacked by a Sejuk warring party, consisting of 3 heavy cavalry archers and 4 heavy camels, Kill them Now, you will have to choose which way to go, North, the longer but easier way(you must have a siege onager), or South, the shorter but more dangerous way(you don't have to have a siege onager).

Northern Route: If you choose to go North, first you must march East, past a gap in the cliffs. From there, move North-East, until you reach a lake. There is a small warring party(comprised of 4 bombard cannons and 2 heavy camels) on the cliff to the East of you, so you have to avoid it. Move North, until you pass a 2nd hill. Now move North-West, until you reach a patch of trees. March South-East, and you will reach a lake. Move North-East around the trees, and you are clear of the warring party, for now. There is an entrance to the cliff in that area, but it is blocked with trees. This is the time your siege onager will be very useful. Choose "attack ground" in the front and back of the trees, and you may enter the cliff. Almost immediately when your army gets on the cliff, you will be attacked by the Sejuk warring party that you were trying to avoid a couple minutes ago. Attack the cannons with your paladins and the havy camels with your pikemen. Move South-West, and you will encounter a wolf on a hill. Kill it, and continue marching South-West, until you reach an "oasis". Move around it, but stop when you get a wolf in your line of sight. In all, there are 16 wolves and 2 dire wolves in the area. That is a very large amount, yet their attack is not very high. If you still have your seige onager, attack the wolves with it, and many will be killed with one shot. (Be sure to guard the seige engine with your troops. Otherwise, it will be destroyed very quickly.) If you don't have the seige onager, attack the wolves with all of your troops(other than the trebuchets), healing them with your monks. When the wolves are killed, march South-East along the cliff, until you reach the Hospitallers. Enter the camp via gate, and move to the castle. When you reach the flags in front of the castle with 10 troops, you will win the scenario.

Southern Route: If you choose to march South to get to the Hospitallers, you must move South-West, until you reach a small army of 6 heavy cavalry archers and 4 bombard cannons. Quickly destroy them, and march further in the direction you are facing. Soon you will reach what seems to be a tough fortified wall to get past, supported by 4 bombard towers, 3 heavy cavalry archers, 1 onager, and 1 castle. Charge a paladin to the wall, and there will be an "earthquake". All of the units and buildings in the area will be destroyed, as well as the wall. Pass through the ruins of the wall, and change your direction to South-East. Soon you will find 2 heavy camels, so kill them with your pikemen. Keep moving South-East, and you will encounter a line of Sejuk outposts, each with a heavy cavalry archer beside it. Kill the nearby cavalry archers, and quickly run past the outposts. Move around a large lake, and you will encounter the Hospitallers. Enter the camp via gate, and march to the castle. When you reach the flags in front of the castle with 10 troops, you will win the scenario.