Barbarossa 6: "The Emperor Sleeping"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Barbarossa

Scenario Objectives: Deliver your emperor in a barrel(trade cart) to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Civilizations: You(Teuton), Jerusalem-Enemy(Byzantines), Damascus-Ally(Persians), Saladin-Ally(Saracens), Richard the Lionhearted-Ally(Britons)

Starting Units: 8 Crossbowmen, 6 Paladins, 12 Pikemen, 24 Villagers, 1 Emperor in a Barrel

Starting Buildings: Town Center

Starting Resources: 1500 Wood, 1500 Food, 100 Gold, 1500 Stone

Starting Age: Imperial Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: Defensive

Heroes: None

Important Note: You only have 10 minutes until Damascus and Saladin become your enemies, so do not build near them. Also, it is impossible to reach Jerusalem without destroying any of Damascus' or Saladin's walls, so you can't take the emperor to the Dome of the Rock for the 1st 10 minutes.

Most Useful Units:

Pikeman: You will mainly be attacked by Damascus, and the majority of it's army consists of paladins and war elephants. Pikemen can kill either unit very easily, as it has a bonus attack of 15 vs. cavalry and a bonus attack of 30 vs. war elephants. This makes them killing machines when it comes to defending vs. mounted units. Their cheap cost allows you to produce an army of them very quickly, without putting a stress on your economy. They can also kill Saladin's camels and mamelukes with ease, because they are also mounted units and pikemen get a +15 attack against them

Monks: Converting the powerful and slow war elephants is their speciality. They can convert war elephants from behind your walls very easily, because war elephants most likely will not be able to get out of your range before being converted. If you keep converting, you may have an army of war elephants yourself, and that will help you greatly in winning this scenario. When you are outside of your city walls, you can protect them with pikemen, because pikemen can easily kill the cavalry units that your enemies will send against your holy men. Another use for these units is healing, and with the teutonic +4 healing range bonus, they can heal units that are in a battle, without harming the monk.

Most Useful Technologies:

Fervor: Your monks will need to run in and out of enemy territory, so you will need as much speed as you can get. Fervor will increase your monks' speed by %15. This is not very much of a difference, but it still helps. This cheap 140 gold technology can be researched at the monastery.

Sanctity: Because you will be marching your monks into enemy territory, you will need your monks to take more damage than a non-upgraded monk. Sanctity helps with that, as it gives monks +%50 hit points, which means your monks will have 45 hit points after sanctity is researched. This very cheap 120 gold technology can be researched at the monastery.

Illumination: Since you will mainly use your monks as converters, you should increase their rejuvenation speed. Illumination increases your monks' rejuvenation speed by %50, which means your monks can start converting after a successful converstion faster. This results in more units converted. If you prefer, you could train less monks and research illumination, giving you the same amount of conversions with less monks. This incredibly cheap 120 gold technology can be researched at the monastery.

Squires: You will need to increase the speed of your pikemen, because they have to be able to catch up with the speedy paladins and camels. Although squires only increases your infantry units' speed by %10, it still helps. This cheap 200 gold technology can be researched at the barracks.

Chapter 1: Get ready for enemy attacks

In the 1st 10 minutes of the scenario you will need to do several things in a small amount amount of time(10 minutes), so set your game speed to "slow"(of you do not have it set there already). Build a seige workshop and research bombard cannon. When the technology is researched, build 2 bombard cannons and take them(with 1 paladin and 2 pikemen) far East to the cliff that holds all of Damascus' houses. (You can't actually get on the cliff, but you can station at the base of it.) At the same time, build a stone wall from the patch of trees just beside your town center to the cliff East of it, in a Southern pointing right angle. Also, wall in the space between the patch of trees to the East and the edge of the map. Along with those 3 tasks, build a monastery and train monks. When the 1st monk is trained, gather the relic in your territory and garrison it in your monastery, it will help you economically, as it gives you gold as long as you have it garrisoned in a monastery. Destroy the palisade walls North-West of your town center and move your 13 sheep to your town center. Build a mining camp beside the gold patch to your North and a lumber camp beside the trees to the North. (Note: Cutting wood from the trees beside your town center should not happen, because you will soon open a gap where your enemies can enter your city.) You should build a market, as you have little chance to mine for stone, you will need to trade it for gold. (Note: There is a patch of stone South-West of Richard the Lionhearted, but your villagers will be killed quickly by Damascus or Saladin. Also, when you are running low on any of the resources, mine them, cut them down, herd, farm or hunt them, or trade them.) Build 2 barracks a couple squares behind your main wall and start producing pikemen. Along with the barracks, build 2 castles 1 square behind your main wall. (Note: The reason that you will build your castles 1 square behind your walls is because bombard cannons have a splash damage, which can harm your castles when they are attacking your walls.) Research guilds, bracing, plate mail armor and blast furnace. As you can tell, you will need to get a very strong economy going in a very short time. Train more villagers, and order them to gather the resources that you are low on. You must also research conscription at the castle, as it increases your barracks', stables', castles' and archery ranges' unit production by %33, which means you will be able to produce units %33 faster than usual. By this time, the 10 minutes should be up, and Saladin and Damascus will become your enemies.

Chapter 2: Defend against enemy attacks

Attacks from Damascus and Saladin will start immediately, so get your monks stationed behind your walls and your pikemen ready to fight to the death. Order your 2 bombard cannons to the East to immediately attack Damascus' houses. Defend your cannons against your paladin and 2 pikemen, and try to finish off the houses. (Although destroying your enemy's houses is a bit "sleazy", it will seriously help you, as it will nearly cripple Damascus' production in the beginning of the scenario.) If you finish the houses with your cannons still intact, kill as many of Saladin's villagers mining gold to your North as possible. If you still have your troops intact, kill all of the enemy units you can find until your troops are destroyed. Meanwhile at your home city, defend against the paladins, war elephants, camels and mamelukes with your pikemen, and the seige engines with your paladins(When you run out of your starting paladins, research cavalier and then paladin, and produce those heavy cavalry units.) Along with killing the war elephants, attempt to convert them with your monks, when they are within conversion range. (Note: Researching block printing at the monastery will increase your monks' conversion range by 3.) Research monastery technologies, and train more monks when enemy attacks increase. Build a couple more barracks, and continue training more pikemen.

Eventually, your resources will start to "disappear", so send a small group of 4 villagers and 5 pikemen West to the patch of gold at the base of a cliff. This group must be completely suicidal, which means that you should not try to save them with any other troops than your 5 pikemen. Build nothing but a mining camp, as you must be as inconspicous as possible. Keep your units as close together as possible, and leave them for any enemy units that pass by. The reason that the group should be suicidal is because that area is very hard to hold, because the gold is at the base of the cliff, and enemy units can attack from above. Even if you take the cliff, you still will be unsuited to hold off mamelukes and war elephants, as your resources are low and you can't spend massive amounts of resources for just a patch of gold. (Note: So your wood holds out from your need to produce massive amounts of farmland, it is vital to research crop rotation at the mill. This will improve farms by giving them an extra 175 food, which will allow your farms to last longer and thus, it will cost less wood for the same amount of food. Although teuton farms cost %33 less than normal, you need to save as much resources as possible. It also helps to research two man saw, because it increases your wood gathering speed by %10.)

Chapter 3: Take Barbarossa to the Dome of the Rock

At some time during the scenario, you will need to break through your enemies' defenses to allow Barbarossa to arrive at the Dome of the Rock. To do this, you must 1st create an attack base, used to launch attacks and heal your injured units. Essentially, it will be a fort, able to hold off strong attacks. You should center the rest of your attacks on the base. But before we get too far, you must first build it. Build it in the area of a hill on top of a cliff which is near the Western section of Saladin's walls. Build your walls like so, from a little bit North-East of the Southernmost point of the hill to the lake near you, from the Southernmost point of the cliff diagonally North-West to 4 squares North of the Northermost point of the cliff, from that point to the lake near you, and from the lake to a little bit North-East of the Southernmost point of the hill. This will form walls that resemble a rectangle with the Southernmost corner cut off. Inside the walls, build a castle on the hill and one on the Eastern corner of your walls, 3 barracks West of the castle, 2 monasteries at the Westernmost point of the cliff on it's base, and a seige workshop beside the monasteries. Garrison your villagers in the "hill castle", and train as many pikemen, monks and teutonic knights as you can, until the attacks come.

Most likely, you will be attacked by Damascus first, because their gate is closer to you than Saladin's. Set your monks behind the Northern walls, your pikemen outside the Northern walls, with your teutonic knights in front of your pikemen. Your teutonic knights will hold off the attacks, while the pikemen attack from the sides, ripping apart the distracted army. Continue doing this until you must move to the next stage. Build a trebuchet, and destroy a section of Saladin's wall. When the wall is about to crumble, move 1/4 of your troops to the area closest to the gap. With the wall down, all of Saladin's Southern troops will finally be able to be released to attack. Think of Saladin's Southern army as a shaken up soda pop bottle, creating immense potential energy until it is converted to kinetic energy. Essentially, expect an explosion of troops, so train more of your own troops and take them to the gap in the wall, with your other units. Right before the attack, quickly run a cavalry unit down to Richard the Lionhearted, and he will attack Saladin. This is very important, because Saladin will be "confused" about where to send his troops, and thus will make it easier for you kill win the battle. When you are hit by the masses of troops that Saladin has trained, use simple logic, IE kill mamelukes and camels with pikemen, etc. If you have a couple elite war elephants around there, move them to the gap, as their trample damage will be optimized with the high number of enemy troops in a small area.

Push into Saladin's territory, and quickly build a town center or castle (depending on the amount of stone you have) on elevated terrain. When that is built, build several barracks and archery ranges, as you will need to replenish your army. Garrison your villagers in the town center, and start producing pikemen and hand cannoneers. Replenish your army, and push south-west toward Jerusalem, killing any enemy troops that get in the way. So you are able to hold the ground you have just taken, ungarrison your villagers in your town center and build another town center in the area that your army is. So your 1st town center still has arrows to defend with, garrison a couple hand cannoneers in it. Garrison your villagers in the newly built town center, and push south-east, along the wall of Jerusalem destroying any towers that you find. Eventually, you will encounter a small military camp owned by Saladin, so destroy it. Build another town center near your army, and garrison hand cannoneers in it. Push further east. Now that you have reached the easternmost section of Jerusalem, you need to destroy the wall so Barbarossa can get to the Dome of the Rock.

Bring a couple trebuchets to your army, and destroy the wall keeping you from reaching the Dome of the Rock. You should be "attacked" by monks, so quickly kill them with your hand cannoneers. Destroy the archery range and monastery, and destroy the 2 towers guarding the gap that allows you to reach the Dome of the Rock. Along with those towers, destroy the other tower relatively close to your army. Now, it is best that you destroy the northermost section of the wall that is surrounding the dome of the rock, so Barbarossa does not take as long to reach the Dome of the Rock, which gives him less time in enemy fire. Now that you have cleared the way for Barbarossa, you must bring him to the Dome of the Rock.

To secure the route to the Dome, build several towers along the route, and send 1/2 of your army to guard the route. Send 1/4 of your army to Barbarossa, and begin the journey to the Dome. If you are attacked at any time, send all units in the area to defend against the enemy, quickly hurrying Barbarossa out of enemy fire(Note: Your base outside of Saladin's walls is an excellent place to keep Barbarossa during battles, as it is protected by walls and a castle. If you are past the base, move him to the nearest tower or town center.) If Barbarossa is wounded, you can allow a monk to heal it. Regroup your army, and continue the journey.When you reach Jerusalem, enter the city, and enter the destroyed area of wall that surrounded the Dome of the Rock. Reach the area between the 2 red flags, and you will win the scenario and the Barbarossa campaign.