Genghis Khan 1: "Crucible"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Genghis Khan

Scenario Objectives: Unite 4 of the 6 Mongol tribes

Civilizations: You(Mongol), Naiman-Ally(Mongol), Kara-Khitai-Neutal(Mongol), Genghis Khan-Ally(Mongol), Kereyids-Ally(Turk), Tayichi'uds-Ally(Mongol), Uighurs-Ally(Mongol), Ungirrads

Starting Units: 4 Light Cavalry, 4 Cavalry Archers

Starting Buildings: 4 Outposts

Starting Resources: 0 Wood, 0 Food, 0 Gold, 0 Stone

Starting Age: Dark Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: RPG

Heroes: None

Most Useful Units:

Cavalry Archer: This unit is able to hit and run, which allows you to not risk your low amount of units as much. You can just draw the Kara-Khitai out of their "safety nets", and order your melee units to finish them off.

Camel: Because the Kara-Khitai mainly use mounted units, this unit gives you a big advantage. Camels have an attack bonus vs. mounted units, and that allows them to just rip through armies.

Chapter 1: Unite the Uighurs

After Genghis Khan orders you to unite all of the Mongol tribes (except the Kara-Khitai) and gives you 4 Light Cavalry and 4 Cavalry Archers, select them and right click directly above the flag in the Uighur village. Doing this will take the units to the village, while staying away from the Kara-Khitai. When you get to the village, the Uighurs will say that if you kill Ornlu the Wolf, they will join you.

Move South-East along the river, and you will get to a cliff. Enter the cliff, and move north. You should find several wolves. Order your Cavalry Archers to hit and run each of the wolves, until they reach Ornlu. Draw Ornlu out of the cliff, and attack him with all of your units. If played right, you shouldn't have any losses. Run back to the village, and the Uighurs will join you, giving you 6 Camels, and flaming arrows.

Chapter 2: Unite the Naiman

Again, right click on the flag in the Naiman village, and your units will get there without getting near the Kara-Khitai. The Naiman will ask you to destroy the Tayichi'uds, and they will join you. Enter the Tayichi'ud village, and they will ask you to destroy the Naiman. Because the Tayichi'uds are weaker than the Naiman, you should destroy the Tayichi'uds. Before switching to Enemy, move your melee units right next to the Light Cavalry, and your Cavalry Archers out of sight of the Tayichi'uds. Switch to enemy, and your units should destroy the Tayichi'uds very fast, without having any losses. Run back up to the Naiman, and they will join you, giving you 5 Cavalry Archers.

Chapter 3: Unite the Kereyids

Run down to the Kereyids, and they will ask you to give them 20 sheep, and they will then join you. Send your units all over the "island" holding the Kereyids, and you should find 8 sheep. At the start of the game, you should have encountered 2 sheep while moving to the Uighurs. Move those 2 sheep to the village, and the Kereyids will have 1/2 of what they need(10). Move just east of the "island", and there should be 4 sheep near a Kara-Khitai fort. Run in there, get the sheep, and run back to the Kereyid village. You should be attacked by the Kara-Khitai Manongel a couple of times, but nothing lethal. To get the last 6 sheep, move just North of the Ungirrad village. Move back to the Kereyid village, and they will join you, and will give you 6 Cavalry Archers and 2 Monks.

Chapter 4: Unite the Ungirrads

Run your army down to the Ungirrad village, and they will ask you to put a Relic in their Monastery. Order your army to get into a Box formation, in order to protect the 2 Monks. Move your army to the area just North of the Uighur village. There should be a Relic, with 3 Dire Wolves surrounding it. Order your Military Units to attack the Wolves. When the Dire Wolves are dead, order one of your Monks to pick up the Relic. Run back to the Ungirrad village, keeping away from the Kara-Khitai, and garisson the Relic in the Monastery. The Ungirrads will join you, and you have won the scenario.