Genghis Khan 2: "A Life of Revenge"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Genghis Khan

Scenario Objectives: Kill the Hero Kushluk
Prevent your wonder from being destroyed

Civilizations: You(Mongol), Tayichi'uds-Enemy(Mongol), Kushluk-Enemy(Mongol), Kara-Khitai-Enemy(Mongol)

Starting Units: 2 Camels, 4 Light Cavalry, 4 Cavalry Archers

Starting Buildings: 1 Wonder, 6 Yurts(Houses)

Starting Resources: 400 Wood, 200 Gold, 0 Food, 0 Stone

Starting Age: Dark Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: Build up and focus on destroying 1 unit

Heroes: None

Most Useful Units:

Mangudai: This unit is vital in your buildup stage. When you finally get a Castle up, in order to keep unit loss to a minimum, you should garisson Mangudais in the Castle, because of the large amount of extra arrows they generate for the Castle. They are also useful when you are sending small armies against the Kara-Khitai's economy, able to run in and attack, while staying out of the range of the Towers. Combined with Camels, these units are very effective.

Camel: Because your enemies are all Mongol, and thus use a large amount of Cavalry units, the Camel attack bonus against Cavalry will give your army a considerable edge. Their speed allows them to keep up with the speedy Mangudais. Because the Mangudais are ranged, they can protect the Camels against Spearmen/Pikemen, by using the hit-and-run strategy, which keeps themselves out of danger. Also, Camels can destroy the Pallisade Walls of the Kara-Khitai much faster than Mangudais, because they aren't ranged, and thus gives the wall full damage.

Chapter 1: Build Up

A minute or so after the game starts, a Light Cavalry will join you and say that there is a Tayichi'ud village North-West of your starting point. Move North-West, and you will encounter the Tayichi'ud village the Light Cavalry said of. Whatever you do, do not destroy anything except the Cavalry Archers guarding the village. When you kill the Cavalry Archers, all of the Tayichi'ud units and buildings will join you, giving you 1 Town Center, 7 Yurts(Houses), 1 Barracks, and 7 Villagers. Order your 2 villagers that were previously gathering wood to contruct a pallisade wall, from the "Cliff Island", to the East of your village, to South of your Wonder. Don't forget the small gap in-between the "Cliff Island" and the cliff 2 blocks North of it. The 4 villagers hunting should keep hunting, and the miner should mine stone. Build 5 more villagers and order 3 of them to cut wood, and the remaining 2 to mine gold.

Chapter 2: Defend Your Village and Wonder

Your Wonder should be attacked by an army of Kara-Khitai before your Pallisade wall is completed, so position 2 Camels and 4 Light Cavalry near the Wonder to protect it. During this time and the time that you send an attack force against Kushluk, send small armies of 4 units to the edge of the Kara-Khitai village, every 3-5 minutes, killing it's villagers. After that attack, your Pallisade wall should be completed, you should have made several more villagers, and you should have Feudaled. Use your stockpiled stone to build a stone wall directly behind your Pallisade walls, using 4 or more villagers. During this time, you should have built a Stable and started farming. When you have the necessary resources, advance to the Castle Age. Add a couple more Villagers to your village, and start building a Castle behind the center of the Northern wall. While the Castle is being built, build 2-4 towers along the southern wall. The Castle should be done by now. Fill it to the max with Mangudais, and Imperial.

Chapter 3: Kill the Hero Kushluk

Upgrade to Light Cavalry and research Cavalry and Archer technologies at the Blacksmith, as well as researching Husbandry. While all of this is happening, slowly build up your army, consisting of 1/2 Mangudai, 3/4 Camel, and 1/4 Light Cavalry. When all you need is researched, send 1 Light Cavalry to the walls surrounding the Hero Kushluk. Kushluk will run East, and send your Light Cavalry back to your village. Order your army to the Walls which used to surround Kushluk. Order your Camels and Light Cavalry destroy the wall, while the Mangudais Protect them from behind. After the wall crumbles, order 1/2 of your army to move Far-East, and the other 1/2 North-East, in an attempt to find the Hero Kushluk. On both of the shallows crossing the river, there is a couple Mangudais and Scorpions. Kill them and continue your search. When you find him, order all nearby units to kill him, and after their task is done, you win.