Genghis Khan 3: "Into China"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Genghis Khan

Civilizations: You (Mongol), Hsi Hsia-Enemy (Chinese), Sung-Enemy (Chinese), Tanguts-Enemy (Chinese), Jin-Enemy (Chinese), Engineers-Enemy (Chinese)

Starting Units: 6 Horse Archers, 4 Light Cavalry

Starting Resources: 800 Gold, 1200 stone, 1000 wood, 800 food

Starting Age: Feudal Age

Gaia Units: 1 Transport ship, 6 Bombard Cannons, 6 Villagers, 1 Mangonel, 1 Battering Ram

Style of Gameplay: Expand and Destroy

Heroes: None

Most Useful Units:

Mangudai: You should used this unit more than any other units. This is because they are very well designed for the scenario. They have 1 piercing armor, which helps against Chu-Ko-Nus. Their speed helps greatly, because the map is very large, and you can move your armies across the map relatively quickly. The fact that they have bonus attack against siege engines allows you to be able to destroy the pesky trebuchets that the Chinese use often with relative ease.

Light Cavalry: This unit is useful for scouting large areas of the map, because of the map's immense size. This unit is well adept at this because it has high piercing armor, is very fast, has 78 hit points, and it's line of sight is very large. It is also best used for protecting the Mangudais from Skirmishers, Siege engines, and at times, pikemen. It can also be used for protecting the Trebuchets from other Trebuchets and Cavalry.

Trebuchet: This siege engine is very useful, mainly because they can destroy the towers lining the Great Wall of China, without risking losing very many units. Along with that, they are useful for destroying the buildings that the Chinese built, because the other units that are useful in the game are not very adept at razing buildings.

Chapter 1: Starting the Scenario

Move your starting units south-east, until you reach a river, and move down the river in the eastern direction, and you will find a transport. Get your troops across the river onto an island. Move south down the small island and destroy the blue militia, and if they pose a threat, the blue crossbowmen. You will find a mangonel, 6 villagers, and 1 battering ram. Hurry back up to the transport ship and sail across the river to the mainland where you started the scenario. Build your Town Center on the northern edge of the map, in-between two sets of berry bushes beside a small body of water. This city should be the "giant storage pit/gatherer" in the game, made to fund your immense army. Rush to the Castle Age and build a castle very close to your city, close enough that it's range will cover the majority of the front of your city. Make approximately 6 Mangudais to defend against the attacks of arbalests and siege rams from the Tanguts on the city. Send the remains of your original army to the engineer's island. Destroy the Engineers, the army should be enough. Next, send a few villagers to the Engineer's former island. Have the villagers build on the far south eastern area of the island. By this time the Jin should have started building a wonder. Build a dock, stable, siege workshop, and a castle(depending on the amount of stone you have). Make around 6-9 Knights and 2 Battering Rams on the island. Advance to the Imperial Age and make around 5-7 Demolition ships, 3-4 Fire Ships, and 2 Cannon Galleons from the dock on the Engineer's island. Use your Cannon Galleons and Demolition Ships to destroy the Jin's towers guarding the entrance of the northern "bay" of yellow's island, and use the Fire Ships to distract the Jin's war ships. Then you need to send your Engineer island army to the Jin's island, landing on the tower-destroyed "bay". Have your Knights (or Cavaliers, if you have upgraded the Knights) distract the Jin's troops while your Battering Rams destroy the Jin's wonder.

Chapter 2: China's Retaliation

Meanwhile on your main base, you should have accumulated wood from the forest on the far north area of the map. You also should have mined a large amount of stone and gold, building 1-3 castles around your base. Researching armor, attack, and range technologies are vital to your success in the scenario. You also should have built 2 castles, on opposite sides of the Sung's main gate, just out of range of Trebuchets behind the Great Wall of China. You need to then make 1-3 Trebuchets and garrissoned Mangudais in the Castles outside the gates of the Great Wall of China. Have your Trebuchets destroy the gates and towers, while you castles, and ungarrissoned Mangudais protect the Trebuchets. If Trebuchets or Battering Rams from China attack your Trebuchets, ungarrisson the Mangudais in the Castles outside the gates, and they will destroy the enemy siege units quickly.

Chapter 3: The Invasion

Send around 3-4 Light Cavalry and around 5-9 Villagers west inside the Great Wall until you find some Gaia Bombard Cannons. Have your Villagers wall in using choke points, in the South, wall in the shallows, in the East, the 2 gaps between the forest, and a gap between a forest and a small river. Make a Castle behind the Southern walls and the forest/river Eastern wall. garrison exactly 17 Mangudais in each, giving each Castle 20 arrows every volley. Build a dock in the river, and a small navy. Use the navy to clear the shores of the river. Attack the Hsi Hsia first, by building Castles and using Trebuchets to destroy the Hsi Hsia's buildings. When you have destroyed a 'patch' of buildings, send Mangudais to destroy the units residing in the 'patches'. Keep doing this until you have destroyed the Hsi Hsia. Build a Castle on the southern side of the shallows closest to the cliffs, on the section of land that the Hsi Hsia were on. Keep wearing the Sung down and use Mangudais to destroy the Trebuchets attacking your Castles. The Tanguts should have attacked you with Trebs and Rams at your river-forest wall. Ungarrisson your Mangudais in the Castle to destroy the Siege units. At Sung's base, you should have Castled up the entrance of the Sung's cliff/fortress. Destroy the Sung with Mangudais and Light Cavalry. Use your remaining army to destroy the Tangut's base, they should be very weak at this point. Destroy the remaining enemy units on the mainland.

Chapter 4: The Last Battle

You should need to mine the rest of the gold and stone on the map, whatever the Chinese did not take. Then turn your eyes toward the Jin. Build a military base with a Castle(or 2), both on the northern and southern part of Jin's island. In the southern base, you should destroy the Castle surrounded by walls, using Trebuchets. Destroy the southern towers and surround the southern part of the city with castles and/or towers. In the northern part of the island, build more Castles, some Castles against the walls of the Jin's city, destroying the enemy units. Use Cannon Galleons to destroy the Jin's buildings near the shore. Run some Mangudais in the city, destroy the few remaining units on the map, and you've won.