Genghis Khan 4: "The Horde Rides West"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Genghis Khan

Scenario Objectives: Conquer the Russians
Deliver 2 trade carts to the Khwarazm Shah
Subotai must survive

Civilizations: You(Mongol), Russians-Enemy(Goth), Khwarazm-Enemy(Persian), Merkids-Enemy(Mongol)

Starting Units:

Russia: 4 Cavalry Archers, Subotai, 2 Tame Wolves, 2 Villagers

Persia: 2 Trade Carts, 2 Cavalry Archers, 3 Villagers

Starting Buildings:

Russia: 1 Town Center, 5 Yurts(Houses)

Persia: 1 Town Center, 6 Houses, 3 Watch Towers

Starting Resources: 200 Wood, 400 Food, 200 Gold, 200 Stone

Starting Age: Castle Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: Long build up and strong attack

Heroes: Subotai

Most Useful Units:

Mangudai: This unit is very useful in Russia against the Gothic infantry-based army, by using hit-and-run tactics. Because the Russians will employ many Battering Rams against you, the ranged + attack against siege of the Mangudai should allow you to keep your walls relatively safe. Although Huskarls have an extra attack against archers and have a large amount of piercing armor, you can attack them with Cavaliers

War Elephant: Although you can't make these yourself, these are quite easy to convert, because of their slow speed. The high hitpoints and high attack will greatly add to your "light" army. Slowly convert Elephants in Persia during your long buildup, and you will eventually have an entire army of War Elephants.

Monk: These units are fast convertin', super healin' machines in this scenario. You should mainly use them to convert the Khwarazm's War Elephants and healing them during attacks. When converting, you should use at least 2 monks per Elephant, to confuse them and increase the speed of conversion. Researching Illumination, Fervor, and Block Printing should add a considerable amount of power in your Monks

Cavalier: These are best used in Russia, to protect your Mangudais from Huskarls. Because Huskarls have high peircing armor and a + attack against archers, Cavaliers are your best bet at protecting your Mangudais, because of a relatively high attack and hit points.

Chapter 1: Russia - Take the Merkids and defend against the 1st Russian attack

In the North, order all of your military units to move west until they find 2 Merkid Cavalry Archers. When you kill them, the Merkids will give you all of their buildings, which includes 6 Yurts(Houses), 1 Mill, 1 Market, 1 Archery Range, and 1 Mining Camp. Because they gave you all of their possessions, the Merkids will be defeated.
Make more villagers, and wall in the Southern part of your "territory", using chokepoints. First you should build palisade walls, then build stone walls. While the walls are being built, make more Villagers to gather resources. Train 2 Knights. Also, build a Castle when you have enough stone. By the time your Castle is 1/4 done, you will be attacked by a small Russian army. Order your 2 Knights to attack the Ram, while your Cavalry Archers(and Subotai) are attacking the melee units. Your starting force should be enough to hold them off. By this time, your Castle should be built.

Chapter 1: Persia - Assassinate the Khwarazm Shah and build up

Send your 2 trade carts to explore the Khwarazm's territory, but don't get near the Khwarazm Shah himself. You may do this for well over 20 minutes, but you will eventually have to fulfill the objective so you are able to finish the game. While your trade carts are exploring, start making a large amount of villagers and make them gather resources, you need to fund the conquest in Russia, and you are not in need of resource immediately. Build a stone wall just beyond your Southernmost Watch Tower, in between the cliff and trees, and the trees and edge of the map. As the walls are being built, build a monastery near the walls, and make 2 Monks. When you have enough stone, and your Russian army has a Castle, build a Castle in the center of the tree-cliff wall.At around this time, your trade carts should have explored a large amount of the Khwarazm's territory, which will be very useful later in the game. Order your Trade Carts to go to the Shah, and they will turn into Champions and kill him. After the Shah is killed, order your Champions to kill the nearest Heavy Cavalry Archers or Villagers. Because the Khwarazm Shah is killed, you must now destroy the entire Khwarazm Empire

Chapter 2: Russia - Build up your city and army, and start harassing the Russians

Start training Mangudais, and line your stone walls with them. By this time, just put Subotai in a safe place, so he can't be killed, which would lose you the game. Also, train more Knights and advance to the Imperial Age. When you are Imperialed, upgrade your Knights to Cavalier, and research Blacksmith technologies and Husbandry. Send a small Mangudai-Cavalier army South to the Russian city, and start killing Villagers and Barracks Infantry. Keep out of sword range of the archer-killing Huskarls. When your army is starting to thin out, move back to your city, where a fresh army is ready to move in and attack the Russians. While your thinned-out army is being healed by monks and strengthened by new troops, order your healthy army to attack the Russians. When your troops attacking Russians are weakened, order them to move back to your city to be healed and strengthened while your strengthened army attacks the Russians. Keep repeating this, until you are ready to lay seige to the City.

Chapter 2: Persia - Withstand the Persian attacks

The Persians are now your enemy, and they will sent War Elephants to your city very soon. Train more monks and line them(2 in a group), along the wall. Also, train a couple Mangudais to kill the ranged units that may attack your holy men. When War Elephants get into your Monk's range, start to convert them. They may move out of your range, so try again when they re-enter your range. When you have one converted, move him behind your city walls, and order your Monks to heal him. Keep doing this, and start to train Heavy Camels, Cavaliers, Elite Mangudais, and a couple of Light Cavalry. After a while, your Monk and Elephant army should have ballooned to perhaps 20 Elephants and 10 Monks. You will be getting to your population limit, so kill a couple villagers, you have enough in both cities as it is.

Chapter 3: Russia - Lay siege to the Russian city

Build 2 Trebuchets, and mass your military into 2 armies, each with one Trebuchet. Move your armies to the North and East of the Russian city, and start attacking with the Trebuchets, first attack the Castle. While the Trebuchets are destroying the Castle, put your armies in box formation, with the Trebuchets in the center, so it is hard for the Trebuchets to be destroyed. When the Castle is destroyed, order 3 Cavaliers to guard each Trebuchet, and let your army loose on the city. Destroy villagers, military units and unit creating buildings first, then go for the rest. Some time during the razing of this city, order your Trebuchets to destroy the Town Center. You army should be enough to raze the city and destroy some outlying Khwarazm buildings. When all that you would like is razed, move your army back to your city, and heal the remaining units.

Chapter 3: Persia - Attack the Khwarazm Empire

You army should be large enough by now, so destroy the nearby towers which are on cliffs, with Trebuchets. After they are destroyed, break through the wall, and move into the Khwarazm Empire. You should encounter great resistance, so use your War Elephants as a moving wall, protecting the weaker Horse-mounted units. Move South-West, and destroy the Castle in your way. Convert any War Elephants that are in you Monk's range. Move further South, and you should find a clear area. Send some villagers down to your army, and construct a Town Center, Castle, and Stable. Be sure to research Hoardings. You should be attacked by a very large amount of Pachyderms, so get your Monks ready for converting, with War Elephants protecting them. If and of your units get to critical condition, garrisson them in your Castle. Now move into the Capitol City.

Chapter 4: Russia - Move on to the Khwarazm Empire

Now that your army is healed, move it south, to the Khwarazm Empire, destroying all units and buildings along the way. Once you get there, set up a Castle, Stable, and Town Center. Order your trebuchets to destroy the towers, while the rest of your army intercepts and units attempting to destroy the Trebuchets. Once you have destroyed all of the towers and the Castle, which is close to the Khwarazm's walls, train some more units, and kill some of your villagers in your home city, to open some population spaces. Destroy the walls, and move into the city.