Genghis Khan 5: "The Promise"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Genghis Khan

Scenario Objectives: Capture the Bohemian flag
Capture the Polish flag
Capture the German flag

Civilizations: You(Mongol), Germans-Enemy(Teuton), Bohemians-Enemy(Teutons), Polish-Enemy(Goth)

Starting Units: 3 Mangudais, 4 Villagers, 1 Mangonel

Starting Buildings: 1 Town Center, 3 Yurts(Houses)

Starting Resources: 400 Wood, 200 Food, 200 Gold, 200 Stone

Starting Age: Castle Age

Gaia Units: 8 Huskarls, 1 Monk, 1 Monastery

Style of Gameplay: Run in, accomplish task, run out

Heroes: None

Most Useful Units:

Mangudai: This unit is very useful during the Bohemian assault. Because a fully Mangudai-garissoned Castle shoots 17 arrows every volley, Mangudai can help hold off the units with low piercing armor. They can also be used against the many Battering Rams that the Bohemian will attack you with, because they have a + attack against Seige Engines. Using hit-and-run tactics against the Bohemian and German Teutonic Knights are very efficient, because of the slow speed Teutonic Knights move.

Cavalier: Because Mangudais don't have a melee attack, Cavaliers are very good for killing Skirmishers. The high speed and high attack makes them ideal for this job. You can also use them to destroy buildings, supporting your Seige Engines. Although 1 on 1, they lose to Paladins, if you don't have very many Heavy Camels/Camels, you can use them to kill the heavily armored horsemen.

Heavy Camels/Camels: Because the Bohemians have a large amount of Paladins, Camels are vital in the sucess of this scenario. They are about the same speed as the Paladins, and have an enormous attack bonus against other mounted units. If you are low on Cavaliers, or you don't have any Paladins to kill, you can use them for killing Skirmishers and supporting Seige Engines as well.

Chapter 1: Build Up and take the 1st flag

When you start the game, your villagers already are working, so make more villagers, as you have very little villagers. Move one Mangudai South on the cliff West of you, and you will get a Scout Cavalry. There will be a new objective, to build 3 Castles in the flagged area West of your village, and withstand the Bohemian assualt. Order 2 of your villagers to build a stone wall inbetween the cliff pass South East of you, closing the route the Polish can enter your village. While your villagers are building the wall, send your Light Cavalry to the Polish flag, and run back to your village. It's as simple as that. You should only lose a couple hit points, as the Polish military is not very large. Finish the wall, and a build Castle, or 3-4 Towers behind the wall. This will keep the Polish at bay, so you can focus on more important things. Also, build a wall inbetween the 2 cliffs West of you, and build 3-4 Towers or a Castle behind it. You should start to farm by now, because your deer should be gone.

Chapter 2: Start to build the Castles in the flagged area

By now, you should be attacked by the Germans, but if you station a Monk behind the walls, you should be fine, as the Monk will convert the Teutonic Knights, and the Towers/Castle will take care of the other units. Now advance to the Imperial Age. When you have Imperialed, build a Trebuchet, and destroy the German Castle close to where the Western Castle/Towers. To keep the Trebuchet safe, keep it behind your walls. After the Castle is destroyed, also use your Trebuchet to destroy the German Tower surrounded by walls, just South-East of the German Castle you destroyed. Stock up on stone, and build your first Castle in the flagged area. Make a large amount of Camels and Mangudai, and upgrade both of them to Heavy Camel and Elite Mangudai. Build your second Castle, and begin to mine the Stone near the cliff in the flagged area, as you should be out of Stone. Research Husbandry and Cavalry and Archer Techs at the Blacksmith. Now train a large amount of Cavaliers(don't forget to upgrade your Knights).

Chapter 3: Finish the 3rd Castle, and survive Bohemian attack

Build many towers around the flagged area, and garisson them with foot archers. Fill each of your Castles with Mangudai, as well. Train more Mangudais and Camels, and build a couple more towers. To add to the defense, build 2 rows of stone walls inbetween the gap in the cliffs just West of you, as that will be where the Bohemians will move to attack you. Research Hoardings, Chemistry, Masonry, Murder Holes, and Ballistics. The reason why you need to take so many safety precautions is because your economy may collapse if you lose your Castles and units. Finally build your 3rd Castle, and wait for the Bohemian assault. You will be attacked by 24 Paladins, 25 Champions, 8 Seige Onagers, 9 Seige Rams, and 3 Trebuchets. Because of all of the precautions, there should not be many losses.

Chapter 4: Take the German flag, and cripple their economy

It should be rather easy to take the German flag, as you only need to run in with a Mangudai or Light Cavalry, take it, and run out. Even though you have what you need, they may pose a nuisance to you if you don't weaken them. Destroy the German Towers on the cliffs Northernmost to the city. Next destroy the wall close to the tower, and run in with some of your army remaining from the Boheman attack. Kill all of the villagers and destroy the Town Center. This will keep the Germans from building any more buildings, as well as keeping them from gathering any more resources. Because they can not gather any more resources, they may only research technologies and train units as long as they have the resources they have, which makes them completely "worthless", as they pose very little threat.

Chapter 5: Take the Bohemian flag

Because you already have a large army, it should be very easy to take the Bohemian flag now. But first move a Mangudai to the top of a cliff in the far West, just North of the German village. There you will find 8 Huskarls, 1 Monk, and 1 Monastery. Move your Huskarls and Monk to your main army, and order your Tebuchets to destroy the Bohemian Towers on the Cliffs near the Bohemian city. Now order your Trebuchets to destroy the Bohemain wall. Move your troops into the city and destroy the wall surrounding the Bohemian Castle, Monk, and flag. Move a unit to the flag, and you have won the scenario.