Genghis Khan 6: "Pax Mongolia"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Genghis Khan

Scenario Objectives: Defeat Hungary
Survive 40 minutes until Subotai's reinforcements arrive

Civilizations: You (Saracen), Hungary-Enemy(Teuton)

Starting Units: 5 Villagers, 10 Saboteurs, 8 Light Cavalry, 8 Mangudais

Starting Buildings: 1 Town Center, 1 Castle, 1 Archery Range, 7 Yurts, 7 Towers, 1 Stable

Starting Resources: 500 Wood, 500 Food, 200 Gold, 500 Stone

Starting Age: Imperial Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: Defend and Invade

Heroes: Saboteurs, 2 Wolves, Subotai

Most Useful Units:

Mangudai: This unit is very useful in this scenario. One reason is that it is a horse archer. It can hit and run the slow, but powerful Hungarian Teutonic Knights, without getting a scratch. Another reason is that it has a +4 attack against Siege Engines, allowing them to destroy those pesky Battering Rams, Trebuchets, and Scorpions.

Saboteur: Although you can't produce these yourself, they determine whether you win or lose the game. They are the only way you can destroy the Hungarian Wonder without you wasting too much money. You mustn't use these until they are able to reach the Wonder, without having to destroy any buildings holding them back, they are very valuable.

Chapter 1: Survive the Hungarian assault

Since you already have a 'city', you don't need to build up very much. The Hungarians will attack right from the start, so you need to send your Light Cavalry and 4 Mangudais to the attacking Hungarian 'army', while all of your Villagers build stone walls directly in front of the 2nd line of palisade walls. Connect these walls, and seal yourself in by building a wall from the patch of trees and river(South-West). Also build a wall from the cliff and edge of the map(North-East). Build towers(and Castles, if you can afford) along the wall, and get ready for the Major Hungarian attack. You should build more Mangudais, and Villagers. Order the villagers to mine the gold and stone near the city, and hunt. Send the Mangudais to the perimeter of the city, behind the walls, and lock the gates. You should do this because sometimes Mangudais will run out of the protection of the wall and get killed. If you do get attacked by Trebuchets, unlock the gates, let a few Mangudais out, and lock the gates again. If there are any surviving Mangudais, unlock the gates, let them in, and lock the gates again. If you are brave enough, send some villagers to wall in the bridge, to slow down the attack. Using this strategy, you should be able to survive 40 minutes, when Subotai and his reinforcements arrive.

Chapter 2: Breaking through the "wall of trees"

When Subotai and his reinforcements arrive(Saboteurs and 2 tame wolves), the Hungarians will blow up the bridge(so you can't cross the river that way), and they will start building a wonder. Research Onager, and then Siege Onager. Destroy the remaining Hungarian units on your side, and send 5-7 Villagers, 1 Trebuchet and 7-8 Mangudais South-East, until you reach the edge of the map. Cross the ice across the river, which leads to the other side of the river, into a "U" of trees. Build a Town Center and a Siege Workshop. Order your Trebuchet to destroy every building in it's range. After that, build a Siege Onager. Order the Siege Onager to destroy the trees on the Southern side of the "U". Before Hungarian units enter the gap in the trees, build a gate at the gap.

Chapter 3: Destroying the Wonder

Build up a small army, comprised of 10 Mangudais, 2 Battering Rams, and 10 Light Cavalry. Send the army through the gap in the trees, and make them destroy 1-2 sections of the Southern-most Hungarian wall. After that is done, order all of your units(except 1 Light Cavalry) to destroy all of the units they can find(until they die). As for the 1 Light Cavalry, order it to run all the way to the Wonder, so you know the obstacles, etc. to get to the wonder.

Send all of your Saboteurs to the tree "U", along with 5-10 Light Cavalry. 1st send the Light Cavalry to patrol from the end of the opening of the Hungarian wall to the Wonder. you must do this to draw fire away from the low Hit Point Saboteurs. Send your all of you Saboteurs to destroy the Wonder. If there are any Saboteurs and/or Light Cavalry left, order the Saboteurs to destroy military buildings, and order the Light Cavalry to explore and kill Villagers and Skirmishers.

Chapter 4: Finishing the Hungarians off

After you have destroyed the Hungarian Wonder, you should build up an army comprised of Mangudais, Trebuchets, Light Cavalry, Cavaliers, and Heavy Camels. Send your army to destroy the outside of the city, which include Towers, Units, and Castles. Send your army through the gap in the wall that you made earlier in the game, and destroy the Units and Towers first. Then destroy the Military buildings. After all of that is done, destroy and remaining Buildings and Units strewn across this side of the river, and you have won.