Joan of Arc 1: "An Unlikely Messiah"

Article written by Wild1234
Originally published on 12-06-1999 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Joan of Arc

When you first start, you will see Joan the Maid standing inside a yellow camp. After that, 2 mounted soldiers will come up to you, first Bertrand and then followed by De Metz. After they have talked with you, you should take your 3 units, and walk to the gate of the camp. Along the way to the gate, you will get 4 men at arms and 4 crossbowmen to join your force. When you leave the camp, the gate guards will talk to you for a moment, as will the scout a little to the left. The scout will warn you not to go to the north, so wisely following his advice, you decide to follow the road to the south. Along the road to the south, you will run into a battle, after you watch this little play, you can continue south, or if you would like, you could chase red with your mounted units, and attack a couple of their units, but this serves no purpose in completing the scenario. When you reach the bridge to the south, you find it to be knocked down, and you must find another way to the Chateau of Chinon.

When you follow the road to the west, you will find a small force of highway men near a fork in the road. You should have no problem defeating this small band, just attach the men at arms, and the archers with all your units. After you have defeated the band, you will decide to take the right fork, and head to the north. You will meat another small group of highway men along this path, just attack them the same as you did the last group, and continue along the path. When you reach the town across the bridge, send Joan across and gather the troops and the ram. With these new troops, you will follow the same path back to the fork, and take the fork to the left.

When you reach the Burgundy fortress, have your troops wait a little ways away from the gate, and send your ram in to attack. When the enemy troops come out, have your ram retreat to your troops, and have your troops kill them. If any of your troops walk through the gate, have any foot troops attack the tower to the south-west of them, and place any archers as close to the gate as possible. Now that the enemy troops are dead, attack the gate with everything that you have until it falls, and if he tower to the south-west is still standing, send over your ram to tear it down. Once you are safely through the town, send your men across the river.

When you cross the river, you should slowly advance your troops until you see a farm. At that point, move all of your troops to the right along the river bank (around the forest) until you are no longer near the farms. then take your battering ram and move it along the river to the west until you find a dock. When you find the dock, you will be given 3 transports, and a bunch of enemy soldiers, keep your ram moving to the west to lead the enemy soldiers away, or you could try to load it on a transport if you want to save it, it will work fine either way. Now send your transports east to pick up your hidden troops, and follow the river until you reach the bridge that you couldn't cross at the beginning of this scenario. Do not worry about the boat shooting at you when you are running down the river, it wont sink your transport ships.

Unload your troops near the bridge, and if you have any troops left behind, just go back and get them. When you have all your troops unloaded on the beach near the bridge, follow the path to a small town, where you will have a few more units join your army. You are now only 2 small groups of soldiers away from your goal. Send one of your mounted units across the river to the south, and get the green troops to follow you back to the river. where your army can easily destroy them. After that, divide your army into hand to hand, and ranged units. Your last opposition is a few men at arms and a mangonels. you should have all of your hand to hand units attack the mangonels, followed by your ranged units to take out the men at arms that are trying to destroy your hand to hand units. Congratulations, you have now won the scenario, just have Joan follow the path to the west until you reach the castle, and the ending credits will start to roll.