Joan of Arc 3: "The Cleansing of the Loire"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Joan of Arc

Scenario Objectives: Destroy 3 British castles
Joan must survive

Civilizations: You(Frank), British-Enemy(Britons), Burgundy-Enemy(Franks), Fastolf's Army-Enemy(Britons)

Starting Units: 4 Villagers, 12 Crossbowmen, 4 Knights, 4 Pikemen, Scout Cavalry, La Hire, Joan

Starting Buildings: None

Starting Resources: 700 Wood, 500 Food, 50 Gold, 150 Stone

Starting Age: Feudal Age

Gaia Units: 2 Transport Ships, 2 Demolition Ships

Style of Gameplay: Build up, focus on a certain object to destroy

Heroes: La Hire, Joan

Important Note: You will not be able to advance to the Imperial Age, so you can not research top blacksmith techs and the Cavalier and Paladin.

Most Useful Units: Knight: The +20 hit points that Frankish cavalry get will help greatly in the scenario. Because of their speed, they can kill the British archers very easily, as they can get into sword range quickly. Also, because they have high piercing armor, they will not lose very many hit point when they charge the archers. Knights can also be used as shock cavalry, clearing out the enemy units, so that your siege engines can easily destroy buildings. This is because of their high speed, attack, hit points, armor, and piercing armor.

Spearmen/Pikemen: Because your closest enemy is French, it will center it's army around heavy cavalry. spearmen/pikemen are ideal for the job of killing cavalry. They have a +15/22 attack vs cavalry units, which allows them to cut through cavalry armies like a hot knife through butter. Although the only logical use for them is to kill cavalry, they are very useful, as they can guard siege weapons. Because siege engines are usually attacked by cavalry, the + attack that spearmen/pikemen have will kill the cavalry before they can reach your engines. Because they are weak vs. almost all other units, it is best to research the blacksmith technologies which will improve them.

Skirmisher/Elite Skirmisher: The 2 British groups will center their army around archers, and these cheap, quickly made units are excellent in killing them. Because they have a +3/4 attack vs archers and a 3/4 piercing armor, a single skirmisher can kill several British crossbowmen. Because they are cheap, they can be easily mass-produced, and will hold off surprise archer attacks on your town. Because they are weak vs. almost all other units, it is best to research the blacksmith technologies which will improve them.

Most Useful Technologies:

Husbandry: Your Knights will need to be fast, in order to be successful shock troops and archer killers. Husbandry will increase their speed by %10. Although the increase seems small, because Knights are already rather quick, their speed increase will be very apparent. This cheap 250 food technology can be researched at the stable.

Chapter 1: Start your city

Move your units to the flag West of you, and you will find 2 transport ships and 2 demolition ships. Load your units into the transport ships, and move directly across the river. If you encounter any aggressive war ships, attack them with your demolition ships. Unload your units, and scout around until you find a patch of gold. Build a town center beside the patch, and build a palisade wall around your "town", using choke points. Garrison your archers inside your town center, it can be used as a defensive net for your early city, as they will add arrows to the town center. Build a barracks and stable, and train more villagers. Because there is not a very large supply of food in your area, send a group of 2 knights and 3-4 villagers West, until you find a large group of deer and a patch of stone. Set up a palisade wall around the area, and build a mill. Train 3 spearmen, and when you have the required resources, advance to the Castle Age.
Build a town center in your eastern camp, and build a stone wall around each camp, when you have enough stone. Increase your villager count, and build a castle in your Eastern city, on the western walls. This is to protect you from attacks from Burgundy, as they are right next to your Eastern city. Upgrade your spearmen to pikemen, and train more pikemen. Station your pikemen on your Western wall, and research blacksmith technologies. Along with blacksmith technologies, research husbandry, it will increase your knights' attack by %10. In the Western camp, keep gathering resources, but you may be attacked by Burgundy. Because of this, build a barracks in the Western camp and train pikemen to defend against Burgundy.

Chapter 2: Destroy Burgundy

In your Eastern city, train more pikemen, and build a siege workshop. Build a battering ram, and train knights. So hero joan does not get killed, garrison her in your castle. Along with garrissoning her in the castle, ungarrison your crossbowmen from your town center, and garrison them in your castle. If you haven't researched them yet, research the Castle Age blacksmith technologies. Keeping hero la hire inside your city for a small protection, move the rest of your troops outside of your city walls. There will be towers(attacking towers and watch towers), so attack the towers which are able to shoot arrows, with your battering ram. Keep your other troops ready for a counter-attack, and when it happens, keep the enemy troops away from your battering ram. Destroy the army that will attack you, and finish destroying the attacking towers. Charge the city with your knights, and attack their villagers. The town bell will ring, so move your knights out of town center range. This is where the heavily(peircing) armored battering ram will attack. Attack the town center, but while the ram is approaching the town center, get your troops ready for another counter attack. If this happens, try to keep your troops away from the town center's range, and destroy the warring party. If at any time your army weakens, produce troops from your city, and unite them with your active army. Destroy the town center, and quickly kill all of the Burgundian villagers that will be ungarrisoned. This will stop the growth of Burgundy, so you may attack at a slower rate. Destroy the remaining troops and troops producing buildings. When that is completed, raze the rest of the city, and take the resources left by the Burgundians. This will mainly be a gold patch to the North of your Western camp. Because you will have used the resources in your Western camp, and there is little threat in this area, spread out and take the resources from the land.

Chapter 3: Raze the 1st British castle

Build a monastery and a monk, and heal your army when they enter your Eastern city. Build 2 more battering ram and train pikemen, knights, and elite skirmishers(you need to upgrade your skirmishers some time before this). Around this time, you will be attacked by Fastolf's Army(note: this may happen earlier). The majority of his warring party will be made of knights, so move your pikemen to attack the army, and support them with your knights. Soon the army will be killed, so heal your pikemen and knights, and move to the West of Burgundy's former city. Move your army North-East(in box formation, you need your siege engines protected), until you find a British wall and 2 towers outside it's gates. This wall is connected by 3 other walls to make a box, inside are 1 castle, 1 stable, and 2 houses. Attack the towers with your battering ram, while your troops guard the rear and front from attacking enemy troops. They will usually focus on destroying your battering ram, so that is why you need to be ready for attack, rams are relatively expensive, and you do not want to lose one. Destroy the gate with your knights and battering rams, and move inside the fort. Immediately focus on destroying the castle, so attack it with your knights and battering rams. Move your pikemen and elite skirmishers just outside the walls, to defend against a counter attack from another British fort. The castle will produce longbowmen, so kill them quickly with your elite skirmishers. When the castle is destroyed(you will have completed your 1/3 of your objective), attack the stable, as is may produce knights or camels. If this happens, kill the mounted units with your pikemen. To slow down the Briton a little bit, destroy the 2 houses inside the fort, as it may slow down the unit production.

Chapter 4: Raze the 2nd British castle

Heal and replenish your army(with rams if they were destroyed, knights, pikemen, and elite skirmishers) at your Eastern city, and move them east along the road just north of you. Pass shallows on the road, and stop when you get to an intersection. Move on the South-Eastern road, and you will find another intersection only a couple squares south of the 1st intersection. Take the North-Eastern road until you find another 2 British towers and walls. This is another fort, containing 1 castle, 2 houses, and 1 barracks. Destroy the 2 towers with your battering rams, guarding the rams with the rest of your army. When the towers are destroyed, destroy the gate with your battering rams and knights. Move in, and attack the castle with your knights and battering rams. Attack the barracks units and longbowmen (produced by the castle) with your skirmishers. Use hit and run tactics on the barracks units, because it will take a while to kill them. When the castle is destroyed, you will have finished 2/3 of your objective. To stop any pesky attacks, destroy the barracks inside the fort, along with the 2 houses. You ought to destroy the 2 houses to attempt to slow down the Britons' unit production a bit.

Chapter 5: Raze the last British castle

Send your monk and extra troops to your army. Heal the army with your monk, and move the entire group along the South-Eastern road on the intersection. When you reach a "fork in the road", take the Eastern road. Only a few squared along the road, you will find another British fort, containing 2 towers(inside the walls), 1 castle, 1 siege workshop, 1 blacksmith, and 2 houses. Because the towers are now inside the fort, destroy the gate with your knights and battering rams. When the gate is destroyed, move your army inside the fort, and destroy the 2 towers. After the 2 towers are destroyed, attack the castle with your knights and battering rams, and attack the longbowmen with your elite skirmishers. If you are attacked by siege engines, attack them with your pikemen. When the castle is destroyed, you will have destroyed the 3rd British castle, completed your objective, and thus, completed the scenario.