Joan of Arc 5: "The Siege of Paris"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Joan of Arc

Scenario Objectives: Locate at least 6 villagers
Rendezvous with the king's reinforcements in Paris, just South of the river bridge
Joan must survive

Civilizations: You(Frank), British-Enemy(Britons), King's Men-Ally(Franks), Burgundy-Ally(Franks), Compiegne-Ally(Franks)

Starting Units: 20 Crossbowmen, 18 Pikemen, 4 Cavaliers, 1 Light Cavalry, 9 Paladins, Hero Lord de Graville, Hero Jean de Lorrain, Hero Joan

Starting Buildings: 10 Pavilions(Houses)

Starting Resources: 0 Wood, 0 Food, 0 Gold, 0 Stone

Starting Age: Imperial Age

Gaia Units: 2 Heavy Scorpions, 2 Knights, 2 Throwing Axemen, 16 Militia, 10 Villagers.

Style of Gameplay: Semi-RPG

Heroes: Joan, Lord de Graville, Jean de Lorrain

Important Note: Although it is not required, you ought to keep heroes Lord de Graville, Jean de Lorrain alive. They can help greatly in battles.

Most Useful Units:

Paladins/Cavaliers: Paladins/Cavaliers are the best units in your army to kill British archers. Their high speed, peircing armor, hit points, and attack all add to the fact that they are prime archer killers. Because of their speed, they can charge the archer quickly, with the archer entering sword range quickly. The archer will only get a few shots before they enter your cavalry's range. Also, you can use paladins/cavaliers to destroy enemy siege engines, because they are quick, and can quickly reach the weak engine.

Bombard Cannon: Bombard Cannons are very vital in destroying the defenses of the Britons. Their mobility makes them more useful than trebuchets, because they can retreat faster if they are attacked. Trebuchets have to pack themselves, and that takes a rather long time. In that period of time, the trebuchet will have been destroyed, while the bombard cannon would have retreated, with your army holds the enemy troops back. Although bombard cannons do not have the hit points, range, and attack that trebuchets have, their accuracy and mobility more than make up for it.

Most Useful Technologies:

None: You are unable to research any technologies, so there are no "Most Useful Technologies"

Chapter 1: Break into the British city

Group your army together, and move West along the edge of the map. Do not follow the road, it will lead you to the British city, and if you enter through there, you will have to go through the whole length of the city to reach the villagers. Keep moving West, and you will encounter some British buildings and farms. Ignore them, attacking will waste time and will get the attention of the Britons, and they may attack. If you move far enough west, you will find 2 bombard towers on either side of a road. Destroy them with your bombard cannons, and you may be attacked by a small army of British champions and longbowmen. Kill them with your cavalry and crossbowmen, it will be rather easy to do so, because they will not be in one big group, but in many small groups(about 3 groups), coming one after another. When the towers are destroyed, move a couple squares north, and you will find a 3 British keeps, and 1 British castle, inside walls. Destroy the towers and castle with your bombard cannons and trebuchets(use trebuchets if you want to speed up the scenario). The castle will produce longbowmen, so lure them out of the walls, and kill them with your paladins/cavaliers. Raze the fort, and move north along the road.

Travel along the road until you reach the walls of the British city. Attack the 2 gates with your bombard cannons(attack the outermost gate first, then when it is destroyed, attack the 2nd gate), and get ready for a counter-attack. You needed to destroy the fort and towers because you will have more mobility if you are attacked with a large army. Move your paladins/cavaliers to the front, and your crossbowmen to the flanks. When you are attacked by longbowmen, order your crossbowmen closest to the archers to lure them out of the city walls. When they have been lured out, quickly kill them with your paladins/cavaliers. If you are attacked by champions, hold the foot soldiers back with your cavalry, while your crossbowmen shoot them. Keep using these tactics until the 2 gates are destroyed.

Chapter 2: Enter the Briton's city

Enter the city, and move to the flag just North of you. You will find 10 villagers, and your objective to find the refugee villagers will be fulfilled. Move to the flag that appears East, and your second objective will be fulfilled. You will be asked to wait for the reinforcements to arrive, and when they do, they will arrive from a transport ship. The reinforcements will only be a scout cavalry and a militia, so do not count on them to get you through the scenario. You will get a new objective, which will be to get hero Joan and at least 6 villagers to the area marked with the flags to the North.

Quickly move across the 2 bridges, because there are British galleons patrolling the river, and the will attack your troops if they see them. When you are across the river, move North along the road that you will be on when you get off the bridge. When you reach a 4-way intersection, turn West. Travel along that road, and you will get 2 heavy scorpions, 2 knights, 2 throwing axemen, 16 militia.

Chapter 3: Leave the Briton's city

Kill the 3 longbowmen just North of your new troops, and destroy 2 sections of the North-Eastern wall with your bombard cannons. When the 2 sections are destroyed, separate your army into 2 groups, one consisting of hero Joan, 1/2 of your heavy cavalry units, and your villagers. The other group will be made up of the rest of the army. Move your 2 groups North to the road, and travel South-East along it. Always have your non-Joan group far ahead of the other group, and kill any British units that attack. When you reach a "fork in the road", move your non-Joan group on the Northern road, while your other group stays at the intersection. Keep moving your non-Joan group, and you will find a Burgundian army. The Burgundians will switch their diplomacy toward you to enemy, and their army will attack you. Defend with every unit in your group, and you should destroy the majority of the Burgundian's army. Order hero Joan and your villagers to quickly enter Compiegne's walls, while the rest of your army defends. Enter the square inside the 4 flags with Joan and at least 6 villagers, and you will have won this scenario.