Joan of Arc 6: "A Perfect Martyr"

Article written by Socvazius
Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
Tags: AoK Campaigns, Joan of Arc

Scenario Objectives: Bring your trade cart to the hill covered with flags in the West
Rendezvous with the French artillery
Rendezvous with the French army
The trade cart carrying the French flag must survive

Civilizations: You(Frank), British-Enemy(Britons), Shrewsbury-Enemy(Britons), Burgundy-Enemy(Franks)

Starting Units: 1 Trade Cart, Hero Guy Josselyne

Starting Buildings: None

Starting Resources: 0 Wood, 0 Food, 0 Gold, 0 Stone

Starting Age: Castle Age

Gaia Units: 16 Arbalests, 8 Champions, 8 Light Cavalry, 6 Paladins, 8 Hand Cannoneers, 2 Trebuchets, 6 Bombard Cannons, Hero La Hire, Hero Jean Bureau, Hero Constable Richemont

Style of Gameplay: Clear way for weak unit

Heroes: La Hire, Jean Bureau, Constable Richemont, Guy Josselyne

Important Note: You will have to find a place to build your city, because you can't break through the British walls with just your current army. The best place to build your city will be described later.

Most Useful Units:

Paladins/Cavaliers/Knights: Paladins/Cavaliers/Knights are very useful units in this scenario. You can use paladins/cavaliers/knights to destroy enemy siege engines, because they are quick, and can quickly reach the weak engine. Also, you can use them to kill British archers. Their high speed, peircing armor, hit points, and attack all add to the fact that they are prime archer killers. Because of their speed, they can charge the archer quickly, with the archer entering sword range quickly. The archer will only get a few shots before they enter your cavalry's range.

Bombard Cannon: Bombard Cannons are very vital in destroying the defenses of the Britons. Their mobility makes them more useful than trebuchets, because they can retreat faster if they are attacked. Trebuchets have to pack themselves, and that takes a rather long time. In that period of time, the trebuchet will have been destroyed, while the bombard cannon would have retreated, with your army holds the enemy troops back. Because it takes a while for trebuchets to pack, bombard cannons can move faster into former/enemy territory, destroying the enemy city faster. Although bombard cannons do not have the hit points, range, and attack that trebuchets have, their accuracy and mobility more than make up for it.

Most Useful Technologies:

Husbandry: Your paladins/cavaliers/knights will need to be fast, in order to be successful shock troops and archer killers, and Husbandry will increase their speed by %10. Although the increase seems small, because heavy cavalry are already rather quick, their speed increase will be very apparent. This cheap 250 food technology can be researched at the stable.

Chapter 1: Displace Burgundy

Move your trade cart and hero Guy Josselyne through the path in the forest. Cross the shallows, and you soon will find the French army and will have completed one objective. The army is made up of 16 arbalests, 8 champions, 8 light cavalry, 6 paladins, 2 trebuchets, hero La Hire, and hero Constable Richemont. Move across the shallows West of your army, and you will find the French artillery and will have completed another objective. The French artillery is comprised of 8 hand cannoneers, 6 bombard cannons, hero Jean Bureau. Take 1/2 of your arbalests, 3 of your paladins, and 3 bombard cannons, and take them West along the road you are on.

You will encounter a Burgundian city, surrounded with walls. Destroy the Easternmost keep, and keep moving West, destroying keeps. Be sure to have your attack stance to "stand ground", so your arbalests and paladins will not leave your bombard cannons unguarded. When you attack the 1st keep, there will be a Burgundian army attacking, consisting of monks, throwing axemen, mangonels, and crossbowmen. The only units you need to be weary of will be the monks and mangonels, as your arbalests will neutralize the axemen and crossbowmen. The mangonels are so dangerous, because they can kill an arbalest with one shot and because of their area damage, they can kill several at a time. Monks are dangerous because they can easily convert your bombard cannons, as they are usually beyond the range of arbalests. It is best to kill both of these units with your paladins, the reason being that they are quick. (If your warring party weakens any time during this chapter, reinforce it with the appropriate troops from your main army.) Do not destroy any section of wall, except the gates. The reason will be explained later. You will destroy 4 keeps in all that are along the walls, and move West on the road that you are on. When you reach an intersection, take the North road. Move along that road, and you will reach another Burgundian tower and a couple crossbowmen. Kill the crossbowmen with your arbalests(when they come into range), and destroy the keep with your bombard cannon. You shouldn't be attacked by Burgundy, because they probably will have used all of their units against you already. You may be "attacked" by monks, so kill them with your paladins.

Entering the city through the gap in the trees, you will find a town center. Destroy it, and Burgundy will give you all of the resources that they currently possess. Raze the castle nearby, as well as the keep beside it. Move East inside the city, and there will be 2 keeps, with crossbowmen nearby, on a kill. The crossbowmen will attack, so kill them with your paladins and arbalests, while your bombard cannons destroy the keeps. Destroy the remaining buildings(most likely, only houses), and order your army and villagers inside the former city.

Chapter 2: Build up you city

When all of your army is inside the ruins of the former city, wall in the gap in the trees where you entered. Also, build gates at the places where there were Burgundian gates. The reason why you didn't destroy the walls, is because it will save you stone, as you don't have to build a wall. It also helps, because your enemies are allied to Burgundy, and they will not attack their ally's walls. This will make your only weak points at the gates, and the gap in the trees. Build a town center, and train more villagers to get your economy rolling. Build a castle behind the wall which seals the gap in the trees, when you have enough stone. It shouldn't take very long, because Frankish castles cost %25 less than normal. Around this time, you will be continually attacked by Shrewsbury, mainly the armies will be cavaliers. So train pikemen, and research infantry blacksmith technologies. Build another castle in between your 2 gates, and build a stable. When you have the required resources, advance to the Imperial Age.

When you have advanced, research blacksmith technologies and husbandry. Along with that, research cavalier. When your food has been depleted, start farming, you have more than enough wood around you. After a while, Shrewsbury will have it's villagers cutting wood from the opposite side of the forest that surrounds you. Order your bombard cannons to go as far north, while still staying inside the city. When you find a group of villagers attack them with your cannons. Since the bombard cannons have an area damage, many villagers will be killed with one shot. Keep resisting Shrewbury's attacks, and upgrade your cavaliers to paladin.

Chapter 3: Bring the French flag to the hill in Castillon

At the siege workshop, research bombard cannon. When it is researched, build 2-4 bombard cannons, and train paladins at the stable. Stock up on stone, and group your army with a couple villagers. Send the villagers to the shallows just South-West of your city, and destroy the units and 2 keep on the other side of the river, close to the bank. Move South-West, and destroy the bombard towers that will be in your way. When you reach a large patch of trees, move West, and you will encounter a large hill. Build a camp on that hill. The camp will be made up of a stable, siege workshop, and castle, with the castle at the top. You will be attacked by several waves of British troops, mainly longbowmen. Defend with your paladins, while your castle supports. Repeat this tactic until you move to the next stage, which I will tell you.

Train more bombard cannons and paladins, and destroy all of the nearby enemy troops and buildings that may be in the way of the path from your camp to the shallows. Send 10 paladins to your city, and escort your trade cart to your camp. Defend the cart with your paladins' life, if you lose the trade cart, you will lose the game. Kill any enemy units that are even remotely close to your cart. When you reach the camp, move an army of paladins North along Briton's walls. Kill any units nearby, and send all of your bombard cannons to your paladins. To keep your trade cart safe while the majority of your army is away, keep it as close to your castle as possible. (Note: If you have any heroes left, it is best to use them now). Break a hole in the wall, and flood the city with your units. Kill every unit you can find, while your trade cart slowly sneaks past and plants the flag on the hill. When your trade cart reaches the area on the hill marked with flags, you will have won the scenario.