Saladin 1: "An Arabian Knight"

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Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon

Scenario Objectives: Defeat the Franks west of Cairo

Civilizations: You(Saracen), Egyptians-Ally(Saracens), West Franks-Enemy(Franks), East Franks-Enemy(Franks)

Starting Units: 16 Light Cavalry, 2 Mamelukes, 12 Men at Arms, 12 Camels, 2 Heavy Scorpions

Starting Buildings: None

Starting Resources: 1000 Wood, 1000 Food, 1000 Gold, 1000 Stone

Starting Age: Castle Age

Gaia Units: 1 Cannon Galleon

Style of Gameplay: Semi-RPG

Heroes: None

Most Useful Units: Camel: This is the most important unit in the scenario. Because the Franks base their units around Horse mounted units, these units are lethal. Their + attack vs. Horse mounted units gives your army a serious edge against the Franks. Because they are melee units, they are vulnerable to Pikemen. This is where the Men at Arms come into play.

Men at Arms: Although generally these units would be worthless at this age, there are only 2 other units that you have that aren't vulnerable to the pikemen, both of which have down sides. The scorpion is one on those who aren't vulnerable to Pikemen, but it's spash damage will hurt any nearby units, and you don't want that. The Mameluke is the other, but there are only 2, and they may be hard to find in the heat of the battle. So, the only unit left is the Men at Arms.

Light Cavalry: Because these units have high piercing armor and high speed, they are ideal for killing Foot Archers. They have a larger line of sight than the Archers, so they can have the "element of surprise". Their quick speed enables them to take only a few shots before the Archers are in Sword range, and the shots that the Archers will make will not effect the Light Cavalry very much. Light Cavalry are also useful in killing Men at Arms, because they are fast and have a relatively(relative to the rest of your army) high attack and hit points. Because the other unit that is good at killing them(Camels), will usually be attacking Horse mounted units, the Light Cavalry are the logical choice, as they are more numerous than Camels, which allows them to "cover" a larger range of units.

Chapter 1: Move South to the city of Cairo

Right when you start the scenario, you will be attacked. The Western Frankish units which will attack you will be 8 Men at Arms and 1 Knight. Because it is a small warring party, you should kill them quite easily, attacking the Knight with Camels and the Men at Arms with the other units in your army. Move East to find the river, and follow it, moving South. Soon you should encounter an Egyptian mill. Past that there will be 3 Western Frankish Crossbowmen. Quickly kill them with your Light Cavalry(because they have high piercing armor), and move on. Only a couple squares down, there will be another Egyptian Mill. Move past that, and there will be a larger Western Frankish party, which is made of 3 Men at Arms and 3 Crossbowmen. Use your Light Cavalry to kill the Crossbowmen and your other units to kill the Men at Arms. Moving further South along the river will result in finding 2 Western Franks Crossbowmen. Just as before, use your Light Cavalry to kill the foot archers. Move a short distance South-West, and there will be a small army of Western Franks, consisting of 3 Knights, 3 Crossbowmen, and 2 Axe Throwers. Kill them, because you don't want to be attacked from behind as you are breaking into Cairo, which will happen later in the game. Attack the Knights with your Camels and Mamelukes, and attack the Throwing Axemen, Crossbowmen, and Men at Arms with your Light Cavalry. After they are killed, move East, onto the bridge. Right before you get to the bridge, the Egyptians will tell you to turn back. Ignore the command, and move onto the bridge. When you do that, the Egyptians will change their diplomacy to you to Enemy, and their diplomacy toward the Western Franks and Eastern Franks to Ally. After the diplomatic relations are changed, your objective to kill all of the West Franks will be "fulfilled", and your new objective will be to station troops outside the Egyptian Mosque.

Chapter 2: Station troops near the Mosque in Cairo

Before you can station troops near the Mosque, you need to enter Cairo. To do this, you must move East on the bridge until you find land. On the river "island" there will be a small Western Frankish "base", which includes 3 Crossbowmen, 2 Knights, a Blacksmith, a Stable, and a Dock. First kill the Crossbowmen(with Light Cavalry) and the Knights(with Camels). During the battle, you will find a Cannon Galleon. Order it to start to destroy the Blacksmith. When the enemy units are killed, order your army to help the Cannon Galleon demolish the Blacksmith. When it is razed, you will research Chain Barding Armor, which will add 1 normal armor and 1 piercing armor to your Camels and Light Cavalry. Order your Cannon Galleon to destroy the Egyptian towers across the river, behind the walls of Cairo. While your Cannon Galleon is destroying the Towers, order the rest of your army to destroy the Egyptian gate, across the shallows. Keep destroying Towers with your Cannon Galleon, and move your army into the city(once they destroy the gate). Move north toward the Mosque, and destroy enemy units when you encounter them, as they are strewn across Cairo. During the time you are moving toward the Mosque, you may move past a Castle and/or 5 Towers. Just ignore them, and keep moving. This is because if you do attack the Towers and/or Castle, you will take more losses than if you just keep moving. When you reach the Mosque, the Egyptians will become your Ally again, and become the Frank's enemy. They will also give you 6 Cavalry Archer, 1 Siege Ram, and 10 Camels. Your new objective will be to destroy the Western Frankish Town Center, which is beside the flag that will appear in the West

Chapter 3: Destroy the Western Frank's Town Center

Now that your army is reinforced with Egyptian troops, you can attack the Western Franks. Move East of Cairo, and there is a Western Frankish tower. Order the Siege Ram to Destroy it, and you should be attacked by 4 Western Frankish Pikemen and a Western Frankish Knight. Quickly order your Men at Arms and Cavalry Archers to kill the Pikemen, while your Camels kill the Knight. After the troops and Tower are destroyed, move to the Town Center, and attack it. A Western Frankish Monk will try to convert one of your units, so attack the Monk with Light Cavalry. You will also be attacked by Western Frankish Pikemen, so kill them with your Men at Arms and Cavalry Archers. When you destroy the Western Frankish Town Center, you will have won the scenario.
Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon