Saladin 2: "Lord of Arabia"

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Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon

Scenario Objectives: Defeat Reynalds' Pirates
Defeat Reynalds' Raiders
Do not allow the cities of Aqaba and Medina to be destroyed

Civilizations: You(Saracen), Reynalds' Bandits-Enemy(Franks), Reynalds' Pirates-Enemy(Franks), Reynalds' Raiders-Enemy(Franks), Medina-Ally(Saracen), Aqaba-Ally(Saracen)

Starting Units: 3 Villagers, 4 Camels, 3 Light Cavalry

Starting Buildings: 5 Outposts, 1 Market, 1 Lumber Camp, 1 Town Center

Starting Resources: 200 Wood, 500 Food, 200 Gold, 100 Stone

Starting Age: Feudal Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: Long buildup, slowly destroy enemies

Heroes: None

Important Note: You can not advance to the Imperial Age, which keeps you from researching very important technologies, such as Heavy Demolition Ships, Galleons, and Heavy Camels

Most Useful Units:

Camels/Heavy Camels: Because every one of your enemies are French, this unit will be very useful. The majority of a Frankish army usually consists of Mounted units, and Camels have a large extra attack against them. Generally attacking in groups minimizes the loss of hit points to virtually nothing. Used with Knights and Mamelukes, these units are very powerful.

Knight: Even though you can't upgrade these units to Cavalier, they are still useful in this scenario. Because Foot Archers can kill Camels somewhat easily, the Knights' high hit points, piercing armor, attack and speed allow them to easily cut through Archers. They are also relatively good at killing Heavy Infantry, as they have relatively high stats.

Mameluke: Although the cost of these units are incredibly high(85 Gold, 55 Food), they still should be used a large amount throughout the game. Because of their ranged attack that counts as melee attack, they can destroy buildings faster than with Camels. Their attack bonus vs. Mounted units makes them able to kill Frankish Knights, Cavaliers, and Paladins easily. Their ranged attack allows them to evade Pikemen, and attack them using the hit and run strategy. They can kill Pikemen easily, while the other major units will get killed incredibly fast. Because of their hit and run ability, they can kill Heavy Infantry, as well.

Demolition Ship: Because most of Reynalds' Pirates' buildings are built on the shore, Demolition Ships are easy to use in demolishing buildings. Their +220 building damage makes them able to destroy buildings with very few hits. Because of this, an army of Demolition ships can easily cripple Reynalds' Pirates' navy. 1/2 of the Demolition ships can destroy the ships, while the rest race into Pirate territory and destroy their docks. After this, just patrol the shores with a couple Demolition Ships, and if they find a dock being built, they can quickly destroy the weak docks with one hit.

Chapter 1: Build up

When you start up, wall in you village, using choke points. Train more villagers, and line your walls with towers, 2 per large section. Also, Build towers along the shore, as you will be attacked from the sea by Reynalds' Pirates. Because Towers have a bonus attack against Ships, they are vital in holding your land in the beginning of the scenario. Build a dock and 2 Galleys, and advance to the Castle Age. When you have advanced, it is best to build a Castle close to Reynalds' Raiders or near the shore, whichever side is having the most trouble. Build a stable and train Camels, stationing them in Medina, the city to the far East. Train more, and station them near the gates and shallows of Aqaba. Research War Galley, and build Demolition Ships and War Galleons. When you are out of berry bushes, start to hunt the deer just north of your Town Center using only a couple villagers, as there are 13 Deer, which equals to 1950 units of Food. You should also farm, because farming gives you Food more frequently than farming. Do not fish yet, as Reynalds' Pirates' navy is still powerful, and can sink your fishing ships easily.

Chapter 2: Start to harass Reynalds' Raiders and Pirates

Increase your ship production, and to enable Medina and Aqaba to open their trade routes, start to build towers along the road which leads to the 2 cities. First build them in the area of Reynalds' Raiders' gate, but slowly move out, linking both cities with your Towers. In order to save stone, build the Towers as far apart as possible, while keeping their attack range overlapped, so if one Tower is being attacked, the 2 others beside it can assist in killing the attacker/s. Upgrade your Towers to Guard Tower and research Cavalry and Ship technologies. Now is the time to start to eat away at Reynalds' Raiders' defenses. Lock the Raiders in their city, by building several towers surrounding it's gates. You must also weaken the Reynalds' Pirates, by crippling their navy. Generate a navy of Demolition Ships, with 1/2 of the Demolition ships destroying your enemy's ships, while the rest race into Reynalds' Pirates' territory and destroy their docks. After this, just patrol the shores with a couple Demolition Ships, and if they find a dock being built, they can quickly destroy the weak docks with one hit. This will absolutely crush the Pirates'economy and military, as they can not fish, and the only way they can reach you is via the shallows in Aqaba, and you should station troops and build towers near the shallows. Be sure to destroy the Reynalds' Pirates' Tower on the island on the far east of your land mass with Demolition Ships.

Chapter 3: Destroy Reynalds' Raiders

Train an army of Camels, Knights, and Mamelukes. Build a Battering Ram, and send it to the Westernmost gate of the Reynalds' Raiders', to destroy it. Use your towers to defend against the Ram, while you move your army up to Reynalds' Raiders' city. When the Battering Ram has broken the gate, charge your army in, and attack the Town Center with your Ram. Reynalds' Raiders should be pretty weak by now, so use your army to kill any of the remaining units. Once you have finished off the remaining units and Town Center, destroy the Towers and other buildings inside the city. There may be some stray units across the map, so send 6 Light Cavalry in 6 directions across the map to find any stray units. If they do, use any nearby units to assist in killing them. When you have killed Reynalds' Raiders', you will have completed one objective.

Chapter 4: Destroy Reynalds' Pirates

Build another army of Camels, Knights, and Mamelukes. When your army is completed, move them across the shallows which connects your land area to a land area occupied by Reynalds' Pirates and Reynalds' Bandits. There, move South-East, and you will find a Reynalds' Pirates city. Send a 3-4 Villagers there, and order them to build a Palisade wall around the city, and a Castle where you see best fit. Send Demolition Ships down to the city to destroy coastal buildings, and send War Galley do kill units. After you have the city contained, send your army in, and kill every enemy you can find. If you have your army thinning out, train some Mamelukes from your Castle. But, with support from the sea, most likely you will not. You should first kill villagers and destroy the Town Center, but also destroy the Castle(if they have built one). Finish the city off, and heal your army with Monks.
Send your Demolition Ships to the "island" East of the land mass that your army is currently on. Order them to destroy coastal buildings, and transport your army and your 3-4 Villagers on the island, using transport ships. Because Saracen Transport Ships can carry 2 time as much as normal Transport Ships, you will only need a couple Transports to bring the army to the island. Keep your army back, and order your Villagers to build a Castle, Stable, and Siege workshop, in that order, only a few squares outside of the Reynalds' Pirates city. If you encounter trouble when you are building the Castle, send a small group from your army to defend your villagers. Also, when you are building another building, and you are being attacked, Garrison your villagers in the Castle, as they can not be hurt there. When you have your base completed, Build a Battering Ram, and use it to destroy the Town Center(the Demolition Ships are unable to destroy it, as it is not on the coast), with your army protects it. When the Town Center get to the point that it is damaged to much that it must expel it's garrisoned Villagers, order your Army to kill the Villagers. This will make the Reynalds' Pirates' economy to stagnate, as they have no means to gather any more resources. After their economy stagnates, send all of the troops you have to destroy the remaining units and buildings on this island. When you have destroyed the units and buildings, you have won this scenario. If you haven't won, there should be some stray units on the map, so send Light Cavalry to scan the map, and kill any of Reynalds' Pirates' units they find. Then you should have completed the scenario.
Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon