Saladin 3: "The Horns of Hattin"

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Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon

Scenario Objectives: Capture the Piece of The True Cross(a relic) and take it to the Horns of Hattin (marked by flags)

Civilizations: You(Saracen), British-Enemy(Britons), Jerusalem-Enemy(Byzantines), Knights Templar-Enemy(Teutons), Hospitallers-Enemy(Teutons)

Starting Units:

Northern Base: 14 Spearmen, 6 Skirmishers, 1 Mangonel, 9 Villagers

Southern Base: 4 Cavalry Archers, 3 Villagers

Starting Buildings:

Northern Base: 1 Town Center, 18 Pavilions(Houses), 3 Archery Ranges, 1 Market, 7 Outposts, 1 Lumber Camp, 1 Mill, 1 Blacksmith

Southern Base: 1 Town Center, 3 Houses, 1 Barracks, 1 Stable, 1 Archery Range

Starting Resources: 600 Wood, 400 Food, 600 Gold, 400 Stone

Starting Age: Feudal Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: Defend with Town Centers. run in, accomplish task, run out

Heroes: None

Important Notes: You can not advance to the Imperial Age, which keeps you from researching top Blacksmith Technologies. You can't build Castles, Towers, or Stone Walls, as well.

Most Useful Units:

Crossbowman: For the abnormal defensive strategy I will give, these units will be extremely useful in this scenario, as they add the most arrows to your Town Centers than any other unit you can produce. You can also use them in killing the pesky Pikemen your enemies use, by evading the spear armed foot-soldiers your enemies use. Along with those 2 other uses, they can be used for killing the enemy Villagers that may start to cut wood near your city.

Skirmisher/Elite Skirmisher: Because the closest enemy near your northern base are the British, Skirmishers are very important. British center their army around Foot Archers, and Skirmishers have very high piercing armor and have a bonus attack vs. archers. This make them ideal for killing the Britons' Archers. Because they cost very little Wood and Stone, you can quickly replace them and generate very large armies of them, without putting a strain on your economy.

Pikeman: The Hospitallers and Knights Templar will generate a large amount of Knights/Cavaliers, and Pikemen are very good at killing them. Because they have an enormous bonus attack vs. Mounted units, Pikemen can easily cut through armies of Knights. Researching Squires(increases infantry speed) is vital, though, as Knights can outrun Pikemen. In the Southern Base, during the start of they game, you should center your army around Pikemen.

Northern Base - Chapter 1: Use an abnormal defense

Order your Villagers to kill your sheep, and train more, ordering them to gather the 2 other resources. At the start of the scenario, a Mining Camp will appear West of your city, so you may mine gold there. Add 2 more layers of Palisade Walls to your existing walls. Advance to the Castle Age, and during the time you are advancing, stockpile as much Wood as you can. When you enter the Castle Age, immediately build 2 Town Centers behind each of your South-Western walls, and Garrison Crossbowmen or Archers in your Town Centers. (If you have AOK: The Conquerors, Town Centers will cost Stone, so you may trade Gold for Stone at your Market). Line your walls with your Skirmishers, and the British shouldn't be much of a problem throughout the scenario. If you see enemy Villagers cutting Wood near your city, and they are out of range of your Town Centers, ungarrison your Archer/Crossbowmen, and kill the villagers, as it will make an apparent dent in your enemy's economy. Soon you should be attacked by a warring party sent by Jerusalem, consisting of Cavaliers and Spearmen. Attack the Spearmen with your Town Centers, and open one of your walls that are not occupied by an enemy, so you can send Spearmen to kill the Cavaliers. Research Archer and Infantry Blacksmith Technologies, and build another Town Center(if you are having some trouble and if you have enough Wood).

Southern Base - Chapter 1: Defend the 1st attack

When you start the scenario, train many Spearmen, as they will come in handy in a few minutes. Along with that, train a couple archers from the Archery Range, and garrison them in your Town Center. Station your Cavalry Archers on the South-Eastern wall, and wait. You will be attacked by Hero Reynald de Chatillon, (perhaps)Knights and Cavaliers, a Mangonel, and Spearmen. Around this time, you should have advanced to the Castle Age, so train 1 Knight. The "army" is not very large, but it is very large for the army you have been able to generate. They will break through your walls quickly, so move your Cavalry Archers back and ring the Town Bell. Attack the Horse mounted units with the Spearmen, attack the Mangonel with the Knight, and attack the Spearmen with the Town Center. Your Town Center will also support in killing the Horse mounted units , but your Spearmen will do most of the work. Finish off the "army", and seal your walls in, adding another layer. The reason it is vital to keep this base is because they have Gold Mines, and they can attack the Knights Templar and Britons from behind. The 2 Crusader cities will center their attacks on your Northern Base, so you can attack their unprotected rear, weakening them greatly. But first, you must be the defender, not the aggressor.

Northern Base - Chapter 2: Defend against the Knights Templar and Britons

You should focus your resource gathering on wood, as all of your important units(and Town Centers) require wood to be built/trained. Upgrade your units to Elite Skirmisher and Pikeman. Train more Crossbowmen, and garrison them into your Town Centers until they are full. Train Skirmishers and line them across the wall, and train Pikemen. If you get attacked by Knights, open part of your wall, and let some Pikemen out in order to kill the Knight. When you open your wall, be sure to have a Villager ready to seal it back in, because there could be a large number of troops entering that gap, which may cause great casualties. Increase the number of Town Centers by one, and fill it with Crossbowmen.

Southern Base - Chapter 2: Defend against the Britons and attack the Knights Templar from behind

The British will have found you after your fight with Reynald de Chatillon, so train Elite Skirmishers, and line them against the Easternmost wall. If you simply replenish your "Skirmisher army" when it "thins out", the British shouldn't be a problem anymore. Train an army of Pikemen, Knights and Skirmishers. Send your army North to the British. Attack the Villagers with your Knights, the Archers with your Skirmishers, and any stray Knights with your Pikemen. Because the majority of the British army is North, fighting with your Northern base, it should be relatively easy to kill their Villagers very fast, as there are very few troops residing inside the city. Because you are weakening the British economy, your Northern Base will have some pressure taken away.

Your Northern base will be ready to take the Piece of The True Cross soon, so you should weaken the Knights Templar. This is because the Knights Templar are right in between your Northern Base and the Piece of the True Cross. Weakening the Knights Templar will allow your party that will retrieve the relic to get the relic much easier, because there will be less troops attacking your party. When the army is trained, send them to the Knights Templar, and attack them from the South. Send your Knights to attack their Villagers, while your Skirmishers attack their Archers and your Pikemen attack their Knights. This is a suicide army, so keep killing Villagers, as it will hurt them more than your dead army will hurt you.

Northern Base - Chapter 4: Retrieving the Piece of the True Cross

Be sure to build a Monastery, and research Fervor and Sanctity. Train Knights, Crossbowmen, Skirmishers, Pikemen, and Monks. Research a large amount of the Blacksmith technologies, as they will improve your troops greatly. Be sure to train at least 4 Monks, as they might get killed before they return the Piece of the True Cross. Ungarrison 1/2 of the Crossbowmen in your Town Centers, and add them to your army. Open one of your Western walls, and move your army out. Make to 3 Groups. 1 group will consist of Skirmishers, Pikemen, 1 Knight, and all of the Monks, in box formation. The other 2 groups will be made of Knights, Skirmishers, and Pikemen. Have your Monk group in the center while the other 2 groups are behind and in front of them. You must move directly South-West of where you are now. If you encounter any aggressive enemy troops, move your Monk group back, while the other 2 groups deal with it. When you find Hospitaller Palisade Walls, you have found where the Piece of the True Cross is located. Order the 2 non-monk groups to break through the 2 layers of Palisade Walls, while your Monk group stays behind and heals them. There are 3 Hospitaller Monks inside the inner wall with the relic, and they may convert your units. Don't pay attention, all of your units can counter each other, so if one is converted, the rest of the army can easily kill it. When you have broken through the walls, kill the monks. Run one of your Monks in to take the relic, and return your army to it's previous formation. Move back to your Northern Base. If the Monk that is holding the relic is killed, order one of your other Monks to take the relic. Keep repeating this until you return to your base. Open the walls, and when your army enters, seal it again. Take the Monk holding the Piece of the True Cross to the place inside the flags in between the 2 mountains, and you have won this scenario.
Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon