Saladin 4: "The Siege of Jerusalem"

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Originally published on 08-17-2000 ; updated on 08-17-2014
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Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon

Scenario Objectives: Destroy Jerusalem's 5 towers
Do not destroy any Jerusalem Monasteries, or The Dome of the Rock

Civilizations: You (Saracen), Knights Templar-Enemy(Teutons), Jerusalem-Enemy(Byzantine), Hospitallers-Enemy

Starting Units: 1 Light Cavalry, 8 Mamelukes, 4 Villagers, 4 Heavy Camels, 8 Archers of the Eyes

Starting Resources: 1000 Wood, 200 Food, 200 Gold, 1000 Stone

Starting Age: Castle Age

Gaia Units: None

Style of Gameplay: Attacking from a Distance

Heroes: 8 Archers of the Eyes

Most Useful Units:

Mameluke: This unit is very useful in destroying the fast Jerusalem Cataphracts, which could wreak havok on your Trebuchets. Since they are ranged, they can attack Cataphracts from the other side of a wall that they are defending. These units are also useful for defending your walls against Battering Rams, usually from the Hospitallers. Their classification as a Cavalry unit allows them to attack the Siege Engines with their full attack. Their ranged ability allows them to attack from across your walls.

Crossbowman/Arbalest: Although you will not use them directly against your enemies, these units are quite useful in this scenario. Early in the game, you should garisson them in towers or (if you can afford), Castles. These cheap, quickly made units allow you to add many arrows to your Towers/Castles, helping you defend against the early Hospitaller attacks.

Trebuchet: You should mainly just use them for destroying the 4 Jerusalem towers on the edge of the city, without risking your own units. Being protected by the Mamelukes, these(relatively) expensive Siege Engines should destroy the towers, without a scratch.

Chapter 1: Building up and Defending against the Hospitallers

You should order 3 of your villagers to build your Town Center near the nearby Gold and trees. Order the other villager to build a wall, starting from a bit north of some Stone, (which is north of your starting point), South-West(until you reach a hill), and then build the wall across to the cliff near your starting point. Just close the gap between the cliff and the trees, and you are 'sealed'. Garrison you Archers of the Eyes in your Town Center, to destroy some wandering/attacking enemy units. Eventually, you should order some newly-made villagers to help with the wall. You should be attacked, every once and a while, by the Hospitallers, but it is nothing that your starting military units can handle. While building your typical buildings, a mill, blacksmith, storage pit(near your stone), etc., you should have built a Castle(or towers, if you can't afford a Castle), on the western corner of your 'city' wall. You need to do this, because the Hospitallers should send many waves of units against you, and you need to be ready. Move your Archers of the Eyes to your Castle, and finish filling it by building some Crossbowmen and garrisoning them in the Castle.
Advance to the Imperial Age. By this time, you should have researched the typical techs, the Heavy Plow, Armor, Attack/Range techs, etc. Most likely, you have used up all your gold, so send a small group of 5-7 Villagers and 2-4 Mamelukes to a patch of gold, East of your city, which is on/near a cliff. Have the Villagers build a Town Center near the gold, so that if any units attack, you can garrison the Villagers in the Town Center, while it shoots arrows, (and the Mamelukes throw 'swords') at the enemy.

Chapter 2: Getting ready to attack

Send a group of 3-5 Villagers and 7-9 Mamelukes on the South-Eastern wall of Jerusalem. Order the Villagers to build a Castle near the border between the terrain of sand and grass(near the Knight's Templar city). Build a Trebuchet, and order it to destroy the outside of the Knight's Templar city, guarded(and surrounded) by Mamelukes. Slowly push in, building another Trebuchet(or a Bombard Cannon, if you prefer), and a Castle(or a tower, if you don't have enough Stone). By the time you have pushed into the Knight's Templar city, you should have built another Bombard Cannon or Trebuchet. Finish off the Knight's Templar city.

Chapter 3: Destroying the Towers and finishing the game

After you have destroyed the Knight's Templar city, you should destroy the near-by Jerusalem tower and Knight's Templar Castle, both of which are on/near Southern facing corners of the Jerusalem wall. There should be some Cavalry sent to defend the city(sent by the Knights Templar and Jerusalem). After you finish destroying the Tower and Castle, destroy the Siege Workshop and Stable owned by the Knights Templar, on either side of the destroyed Castle.
Move your army back to your city, and destroy the 2 towers on the North-Eastern wall of Jerusalem. The reason why you didn't do this earlier, is because the Hospitallers might have destroyed your army. By this time, they should have slowed down(or stopped) their attacks. If your army, at any time gets thinned out, send a few units to add to the army.

Send your army East, down the wall, until you reach a Hospitaller Castle and a Jerusalem Tower. Order your Siege Engines to destroy the Castle and Tower, while your Mamelukes defend the Siege Engines. Break through the wall, and move your army into the center of the city. Attack the final remaining tower, without using your Bombard Cannon(their area attack will destroy the Monastery, which will lose you the scenario). After you have destroyed the final tower, you have won.
Saladin Campaign:
» An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon