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Download File (87.95 MB)
87.95 MB
MGC20 - Rebirth of the Colosseum
An alternate reality where the Roman Colosseum had a grand reopening after 800 years, during the Italian Renaissance. Winner of the 2020 Minigame Competition.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by duyhung2h
4.4 (3)
354 1 3
Download File (69.12 MB)
69.12 MB
MGC20 - The European Connector
In The European Connector, you will have to tax the ships that arrive at the docks, while trying to deal with several crisis, all this while trying to maintain your job...
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Bruns
3.2 (1)
627 0 3
Download File (10.55 MB)
10.55 MB
MGC20 - Battle of Mumendao Canyon
This is my "2020 mini game competition" entries.
Category: Campaign
by yuezhuo67
- 299 0 1
Download File (94.28 KB)
94.28 KB
MGC20 - Genghis Khan's Cursed Tomb
My 2020 Minigame Contest entry. The story is about 4 English Tomb Raiders who find Genghis Khan's tomb. They have to survive against cursed Mongol soul units. This file has both HD and DE versions of this scenario.
Category: Single Player Scenario
- 189 0 2

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