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Download File (176.79 KB)
176.79 KB
Scania RP
A roleplaying/diplomacy scenario for Definitive Edition. Take charge of one of eight factions and establish dominance over the Baltic Sea!
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Lord Basse
4.8 (1)
131 1 1
Download File (47.9 KB)
47.9 KB
Fallen Empire
Wander into a forgotten city in the heart of Africa. My entry to ZeroEmpires Design Contest (January 2020)
Category: Showcase Scenario
by Lord Basse
5.0 (1)
175 0 0
Download File (61.98 MB)
61.98 MB
PTC19 - The Bells of Shangri-La
A wanderer arrives at the gates of Shangri-La, a green haven in the midst of the winds and snow of the Himalayas. Explore the town with her and let its secrets be revealed. Joint winner of the PTC 2019.
Category: Showcase Scenario
by Lord Basse
5.0 (5)
335 1 2
Download File (17.14 MB)
17.14 MB
PTC17 - Agartha
Follow in the footsteps of lost explorers and enter the mythical realm of Agartha - the city under the Earth. Joint winner of the 2017 Pretty Town Contest.
Category: Showcase Scenario
by Lord Basse
5.0 (3)
884 1 2
Download File (7.59 MB)
7.59 MB
The Winter Storm
The country of Sarachrion is about to be invaded by its southern neighbour, Gwyndlegard, and only you can save it! My entry to the Classic Design Contest.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Lord Basse
4.7 (3)
1109 2 6
Download File (204.38 KB)
204.38 KB
Mare Nostrum RP (The Conquerors Version)
A role-playing build & destroy scenario for seven players, set in the Gwyndlegard universe. Adapted for AoK:TC.
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Lord Basse
5.0 (2)
1155 5 9
Download File (204.68 KB)
204.68 KB
Mare Nostrum RP (HD Version)
A role-playing build & destroy scenario for seven players, set in the Gwyndlegard universe.
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Lord Basse
5.0 (2)
785 3 2
Download File (74.86 MB)
74.86 MB
The Relics of Athalën
Xaphira has returned and is looking for the Relics of Athalën -- four immensely powerful magical artifacts that will make her a goddess -- and you have to stop her! A humorous (and extensively modded) campaign of epic proportions.
Category: Campaign
by Lord Basse
5.0 (5)
12425 25 112
Download File (3.13 MB)
3.13 MB
PTC13 - Olymbos
A fictional island, inspired by the picturesque village of Olymbos in Greece.
Category: Showcase Scenario
by Lord Basse
4.8 (2)
1709 1 1
Download File (4.61 MB)
4.61 MB
The Jaguar Gold
Venture deep into the jungles of the Aztec Empire in search for the greatest of all treasures, The Jaguar Gold. If you happen to run into some Spaniards that you have to chop to bits, well, more fun for you!
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Lord Basse
4.8 (5)
2395 3 20
Download File (4.68 MB)
4.68 MB
PTC11 - Sagropireia
Winner of the 2011 Pretty Town Contest! An island town, completely deserted. Where did they all go?
Category: Showcase Scenario
by Lord Basse
5.0 (5)
4125 9 33
Download File (17.08 MB)
17.08 MB
The Rockspring Revolution
The sequel to "Gwyndlegard". Immanuel journeys to the province of Rockspring to return it under Gwyndlegard's rule, but gets caught in the crossfire and leads a new rebellion against the new ruler of Rockspring.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Lord Basse
4.9 (5)
6850 23 76
Download File (1.95 MB)
1.95 MB
Fall of the Watson Regime
My entry to Watson's "Make a scenario about me!" Contest. In this gigantic epic of a minigame, you will fight to free the Glorious Nation of StormWind from the reign of Watson. A sequel sort of to "Medivia".
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Lord Basse
3.6 (1)
372 1 1
Download File (2.03 KB)
2.03 KB
Realistic Icebergs
A template with realistic icebergs, a nifty design trick I don't think anyone but me has used.
Category: Utility
by Lord Basse
4.0 (1)
386 0 3
Download File (1.4 MB)
1.4 MB
44 Dialogue Sounds
A collection of bits of dialogue which can be useful when making scenarios.
Category: Utility
by Lord Basse
5.0 (1)
413 0 3
Download File (9.3 MB)
9.3 MB
ACSC10 - My Fair Princess
A fair princess is locked in a castle. Five valiant knights come to her rescue. Only one will survive. **Winner of the 2010 Cinematic Scenario Contest!**
Category: Cinematic Scenario
by Lord Basse
4.7 (2)
3527 7 34
Download File (977 Bytes)
977 Bytes
Windows 7 Colour Fix for AoK:TC
A simple utility that fixes the wonky colours (neon grass, brown water) that often happens with AoK:TC on Windows 7. Also works for Windows Vista.
Category: Utility
by Lord Basse
5.0 (1)
8409 5 25
Download File (9.33 MB)
9.33 MB
The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob
A spin-off of "Gwyndlegard", and an all out RPS.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Lord Basse
4.7 (2)
3676 8 32
Download File (232.83 KB)
232.83 KB
Gwyndlegard - Multiplayer Edition
Want to kick your friends' asses in a classic Build & Destroy game based on the map of Gwyndlegard? Here's your chance!
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Lord Basse
4.4 (3)
1137 2 9
Download File (14.71 MB)
14.71 MB
The witch Xaphira took away your girlfriend, go destroy her town - A humorous scenario of epic proportions.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Lord Basse
4.7 (11)
13345 39 184

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