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Chameleon 20130328-042924

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Hi! This is a stable release of Chameleon, intended for the AI Scripting Ladder. I'd like to thank Leif Ericson for previously posting and maintaining my AI on this site. If you'd like the latest version, you can find it at the aiscripters forum.

Current Version (date-time)
Chameleon 20130328-042924

Chameleon is a counter AI designed for extensibility and flexibility. It is capable of selecting from a theoretically infinite number of strategies by parsing external strategy scripts. Some strategies will inevitably be weaker, but you never know what you'll get when it changes its colors!

Game Settings
Civilization: Any (see strategies below)
Game Type: Any (prefers Random Map)
Map Type: Any (prefers land maps; will fail spectacularly on Migration-style maps)
Map Size: Any
Difficulty: Hard
Other Players: Any (including teams)
Resources: Standard (Low)
Population: 200-250
Reveal Map: Standard
Starting Age: Any (prefers Dark Age)
Victory: Any
Teams Together: Either
Teams Locked: Either
All Techs: Either
UserPatch: v1.1 Enabled

Unique Strategies
Aztecs: 7
- rml.fc.archon-eagle-warrior-rush
- rml.fc.aztec-jaguar-boom
- rml.fc.offwo-swordsman-rush
- rml.fc.peaceful-conversion
- rml.ff.aztec-infantry-rush
Britons: 4
- rml.fc.briton-archery-boom
- rml.ff.guarded-briton-crush
Byzantines: 6
- rml.fc.byzantine-counter-strike
- rml.fc.marathon-defensive-feint
- rml.ff.byzantine-neutrality-accord
- rml.ff.lazarus-trash-flush
Celts: 6
- rml.fc.celtic-scorpion-strike
- rml.fc.offwo-dark-attack
- rml.fc.offwo-woad-raid
- rml.ff.capricious-celtic-rush
Chinese: 7
- rcl.fc.marathon-twin-towers
- rml.fc.chinese-archery-boom
- rml.fc.chinese-rocket-assault
- rml.fc.marathon-archery-attack
- rml.fc.offwo-eskirm-rush
Franks: 5
- rml.fc.archon-eta-attack
- rml.fc.frankish-paladin-invasion
- rml.ff.shooting-axe-attack
Goths: 6
- rml.ff.gothic-infantry-archer-boom-rush-by-lazarus
- rml.ff.gothic-infantry-boom
- rml.ff.gothic-psycho-invasion
- trl.ff.gothic-infantry-blast
Huns: 5
- rml.fc.hun-cavalry-boom
- rml.fc.hun-hit-and-run
- rml.ff.hun-cavalry-rush
Japanese: 7
- rml.fc.japanese-silver-steel
- rml.fc.karuto-kyoudan
- rml.fc.offwo-dark-defence
- rml.fc.petersen-push
- rml.ff.swift-samurai-strike
Koreans: 4
- rml.fc.korean-rolling-conquest
- rml.fc.korean-tower-fortress
Mayans: 7
- rml.fc.elite-mayan-eagle-wing
- rml.fc.plumed-hurricane
- rml.fc.strongbow-suicide-xbow-rush-by-marathon
- rml.ff.crusade-2-1-mayans-by-campeador
- rml.ff.mayan-archer-apocalypse-by-offwo200
Mongols: 4
- rml.fc.murray-noctua
- rml.fc.murray-rage
Persians: 5
- rml.fc.persian-cavalry-bombardment
- rml.fc.persian-knight-feint
- rml.ff.persian-paladin-rush
Saracens: 5
- rml.fc.saracen-arrow-storm
- rml.fc.saracen-desert-excursion
- rml.fc.saracen-zealotry
Spanish: 5
- rml.fc.conquistador-crush
- rml.fc.spanish-inquisition
- rml.ff.spanish-annexation
Teutons: 7
- rml.fc.archon-knight-rush
- rml.fc.teutonic-knight-invasion
- rml.ff.teutonic-cavalry-boom
- rml.ff.teutonic-militiaman-rush-by-offwo200
- rml.ff.teutonic-rush-by-lazarus
Turks: 5
- rml.fc.turkish-cannonball
- rml.ff.light-artillery-invasion
Vikings: 6
- rml.fc.berserker-invasion
- rml.fc.marathon-infantry-attack
- rml.ff.offwo-feudal-attack
- rml.ff.wayward-viking-flood
Shared: 2
- variable
- default

Random Statistics
Rules: 1752
Consts: 395990
Strats: 104

SetupAI Script Generator
This application, which is included with the AI, generates strategy scripts for Chameleon. It is simply an accessory; if you have no interest in creating new strategies or changing existing ones, there's no need to run it. A guide, which is incomplete at the moment, is included with the application. SetupAI requires at least Windows XP and your user must have write permissions to the AI and Data folders.

Installation Instructions
Assuming that the game is installed here:
- C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II
Extract the zip file into the AI folder here:
- C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\AI
These 3 items should now exist inside the AI folder:
- Chameleon (folder)
- Chameleon.per (file)
- (file)
If you are upgrading, please delete these 3 items, first.
- You may need to rename the file from .zip to .rar.

Final Notes
I'd like to humbly thank ARFFI, DuckOfNormandy, thegreatkazein, Berrys66, MuRRay Jnr, Elite Raider, Leif Ericson, marathon, The Ruler, zergs, Suriel, Campidoctoris, offwo200, and all others for helping me with my script. I'd also like to honor the site, the AllianceThundaEmpire script, the IS_Machine script, the Kosmos script, and the ARFFI De'gel script. These scripts inspired me and helped me to make my own.

Here is Chameleon! Please try it and let me know what you think!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
marathon I didn't manage to get it play because it displays an error message: Error\...\castle.per not found.

The castle.per file is not where it should have been.

This SetupAI file looks extremely interesting to an amateur scripter like me. Can I use it somehow?

Also, I had to create the file myself, it wasn't installed properly.
Leif Ericson
I just tried downloading the file and installing it and it worked fine for me. Make sure you put Chameleon.per,, and the folder in the AI folder in your Age of Empires II files. I can't think of another reason why you're getting an error.
marathon I re-downloaded and it now works fine. It is a very, very interesting AI. It could compete well in AI Scripting Ladder.
Leif Ericson
scripter64 has been working on this AI and adding many strategies to it.

[Edited on 12/02/10 @ 10:06 PM]

File Author
Released Chameleon 20110126-095245.
Change Log:
- Update: markets can be built by the counter-building system
- Update: all civs' unique techs have exclusive market transactions
- Update: escrow system slightly modified
- Update: added 2 new housing-headroom levels for strategies
- Update: raised the maximum housing-headroom level
- Update: adjusted pulse siege defense
- Update: optimized rule layout

Please update as soon as possible!
Thank you for your time.

[Edited on 01/26/11 @ 12:57 PM]

marathon Time has passed since my newbie post. I am now an experienced scripter myself, but I still admire this creation.

Enough to say that this ai inspired me more than any other ai script, and I am still trying to reach its scripting level (I can beat it sometimes with my messy script, but this means nothing).

This SetupAi tool is unique: it allows anybody to create a strategy. Anybody. If one searches in the strategy list, he will find strategies created by me, by Archon, by MurrayJnr. I created my Viking strategy in... 10': I took a Japanese strategy and changed a couple stuff. Result? Test and see.

You don't have to be a scripter to try it. Just open a strategy file that is close to the one you want to make, and shape it. Quick, and fun.

In fact, I keep creating strategies with this super tool, and I enjoy playing against or allied to this fantastic ai. As time passes, it builds a tremendous economy (just try its Goths) and upgrades its units to the max. In a 2vs2 recent test against my ai, Chameleon Goths killed 4600+ units in 3 hours, defending against 2 full-strength enemies while its Mayan ally was slowing dying. It collected 160.000 food, 120.000 wood, etc. And in the end it didn't fall, fighting like a dog.

AFAIK, this AI cannot play multiplayer because it uses (load-random). I could edit it so that it could play multiplayer, but with only 1 strategy per civ. Scripter64, why don't you make something for this issue? You could make a flush loader, a FC loader, a best-strategy loader, a defensive loader, all in a backup folder with instructions for non-scripters.
File Author
Thank you for the kind words, marathon! Your feedback has always been instrumental in shaping Chameleon's evolution. I've learned a lot by testing with your AI, Lade LandRM, and I look forward to seeing how much more impressive it becomes with v1.0.0. Based on your comment, I've decided to do something about the lack of online multiplayer support in Chameleon. SetupAI now has a new feature that will allow the user to easily replace (and restore) the built-in AI with Chameleon for multiplayer/lan games.

Screenshot of the new SetupAI menu:

Before starting a series of multiplayer games (with the same Chameleon version + strategies), each player can simply execute the "Setup Multiplayer" command from the menu to perform the modification. Executing the "Setup Multiplayer" command again, and selecting "no" at the prompt, will restore the built-in AI. With this feature, no additional AI loaders should be needed. I'll release a new version here once we can all figure out how to best assist our allies. You know where the find the nightlies :)

Edit to add:

Released Chameleon 20110205-002154.
Change Log:
- Update: new "Setup Multiplayer" system in SetupAI's "Script" menu
- Update: improved team-coordination and diplomacy
- Update: adjusted counter building for siege-workshops
- Update: improved Saracen Arrow Storm strategy
- Update: small change to Hun Cavalry Rush strategy
- BugFix: looping spies research issue
- BugFix: unit training core research dependency error

Please update as soon as possible!
Thank you for your time.

[Edited on 02/05/11 @ 11:56 PM]

Rating: 4.5
Chameleon is an AI that is designed to play many game types, and be as random as possible. Seen those RMS which generate completley different maps each time, now imagine that in an AI, espically on its random civilisation. It chooses from 90 strategy scripts on its latest version, and 85 on the stable version here. I recommend getting an aiscripters account (you will have to wait a bit) and downloading the latest version, since I think that the latest version is much better than the ladder version. The download also includes SetupAI, a program that allows you to precisely program strategies into the AI, making it even more random. It is very fast to create a script in it - it only takes 10 - 15 minutes to create a strategy script and it usually turns out good - even if the user is a fool and just put in random units and numbers! Sometimes the creator will accept strategy scripts from other people if they are unique or good enough.
This AI isn't the strongest in 1 vs 1 Arabia, but it is currently doing pretty decently in the ladder at the moment, with its strongest civ - goths. Chameleon has great battle behaviour and strategiec numbers - if you want to test, make an AI, put the Ai's building/training/researching order and economy into SetupAI, then test them against each other, and the Chameleon copy will win. Chameleon's strategies range from flushes to fast castle strategies, and more exciting and unique strategies such as mushing, KLEWing, drushing, turtling (it even does this well lol) and many more. To the author, the only possible thing to improve could be its straight strength, since although it does well in tournements and ladders, it underpeforms for an AI of this standard. This AI also works with the inprogress UserPatch project, which enables boar hunting for AIs and other improvements. I cannot tell you more than this at this time about this feature.

Additional Comments: To the downloader: make sure you download the latest version and have a play around with the strategy creation tool, you don't need to know any AI scripting to be able to use it. To the author: This is one of my favorite scripts and I see nothing but postive progress comming in the future!
File Author
Thank you for taking the time to write that great review, offwo!
I will try to make some improvements as soon as I can :)
UnfairestEel Whoa! This AI has so many possibilities! It's epic! How long did it take to make?
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