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The Horde

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Userpatch 1.4
The Horde version 3.6b
An Artificial Intelligence Script written by Archon 2007-2015

Settings: (preferred settings)
Game Version: UP 1.4, AoFE (with UP1.4 modification - [URL=]Link[/URL])
Game Type: Any (RM and PIDM)
Location: Any [doesn't play maps where transports of villagers is required (e.g. Migration); doesn't play 'nothing' maps, requires ai_info_map_type BLACK_FOREST 0 1 0 to detect MICHI]
Map Size: Any
Teams: Yes
Resources: Any (standard)
Difficulty: Any (hard for AI wars, hardest has incremental resource gain rather than 500 of each per age)
Population: Any (200 - 250)
Starting Age: Any (Dark Age or PIDM)
Victory: Any (conquest)
All Techs: No
Civilisation: Any

List of taunts it reacts to:
3 - 6: Gives resources away if it has enough.
31 - Attack an Enemy: If requested by an AI, it targets player stored by sn-target-player-number.
32 - If 60s < game time < 300s, Horde will pick an aggressive strategy.
33 - If 60s < game time < 300s, Horde will change the strategy to boom.
38 - If 60s < game time < 300s, Horde will sling that human player with resources.
222 - Help Allies. If requested by an AI, it targets player stored in goal 82 and patrol units to point stored in goal 478/479.
222 + Flare by human player - Sends units to the flared point.
230 - If 60s < game time < 300s, it changes strategy to Mush (full monk civs only)
249 - Chats current resource amount to human allies or any computers.
250 - Chats current strategy, chat version number to enemies.
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ARFFI I am quite sure that you will find this script "great".
So I will only say, "just DL".^^

The auther, zergs is one of the most talented scripters and "The Hord" is one of his/her best scripts.
This version, 2.02, is a update version of the Hord which is the champion of 2009 arabia-tournament at, meaning one of the best AI in the world.
Now, the Hord is more harder to beat by a flush on Random-map-games, and also playable with wonder-race, Deathmatch, and other game conditions.

I definitely think this AI is worth to review, but the author seems to think it is in progress, so no reviews for now.

Happy to see the new Hord.^^
Your scripts always recovers my intrests to scripting.
RubberMan The Horde just goes from strength to strength so I am sure this update will be no different.

It is number one in the AI league right now:

See here;

And nothing seems to be moving it from that spot....
Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
The Horde AI is an extremely fast AI. It advances to the Feudal Age in 3 minutes and then into the Castle Age in 8. It starts to build it army in about 5 minutes. It builds hundreds of barracks and Archery Ranges. The Horde also builds a lot of Farms and gathers a lot of resources. Its town centre is surrounded by millions of farms It already as a large army which is fully advanced in about 9 minutes. It castle is up in about 10 minutes. The AI then advances into the Imperial Age at 12 minutes. I’ve only just got into the Castle Age by rushing. The third castle is up in 14 minutes. The AI spreads its city across half of the map in only 15 minutes.

While this AI seems to be impossible to beat you get an advantage because you start off with a huge supply of resources. This gets you into the castle age quickly.

The Horde AI is a great AI which is really balanced and will give you a great and highly enjoyable game. I highly recommended it to anyone who wants a hard challenge and fast action packed gameplay


File Author
[quote]While this AI seems to be impossible to beat you get an advantage because you start off with a huge supply of resources. This gets you into the castle age quickly.[/quote]

From the description it sounds like Dark Age Deathmatch providing all player a huge amount of resources to start with.

Glad you like my AI. Thank you for the review.

[Edited on 04/09/10 @ 05:54 PM]

Official Reviewer
Sorry I should have added that. Yes, it was a Dark Age Death Match
marathon Up until now, I used to think that AllianceThundaEmpire is the best AI, followed by Zycat and a couple more.

The Horde is, I think, even better than all of them. It attacks when it has massed a lot of units, it defends with courage, it cooperates with allies and they all move from enemy to enemy whenever they like. So many arrows that I finally understood why my Cataphracts are somewhat weak against ranged units. Good rebuilding performance, strong 99-100 vil economy, early relic hunting and, most of all, massed armies are its biggest pluses.

Of course, it has some minuses: it doesn't trade with allies (I've never seen any), it doesn't build any walls (this may be actually a plus), it neglects upgrades in favor of numbers. I believe that an expensive upgrade, like the Paladin one, is worth it when at least 20 Cavaliers are on board and many more are to come.

Even though it is under progress, it is already the best AI I've seen. It perfectly fits my playing style, it offers a "human-like" experience and... I haven't beaten it so far (3vs4, I beat everything else I've tried). Reading the code reveals the mass of work that hides behind it, as well as the gaming experience of the author (or his/her coworkers).

Edit: Thank you for this AI that offers me many hours of enjoyment.

[Edited on 05/07/10 @ 08:50 PM]

marathon I finally beated it after 1:30' on the defensive. It started getting dry on gold, still no trading with allies.

It has an excellent early game behavior, with emphasis on archers, while most AIs invest mostly on melee units. It doesn't let me exit my base, so I usually end up with no relics.
When it "feels" that the enemy is weak, it unleashes everything and does a good clearing of his base. But sometimes it pauses the attack (maybe because it wants to replenish losses).
Also, it should carry more siege from mid-castle on, especially when on "fortress maps".
It could mine more stone (it hardly gets 1 castle up, it sells exrta stone and it finally remembers it later, in mid-late imperial, when it builds extra castles). When I destroy a base, I discover untouched stone piles, 2 hours in the game.
Although a horde of archers is fun to battle against, I think that Teutons should train Hand Cannoneers and HScorpions instead of Cavalry Archers in Imperial. On the other hand, AIs tend to use archers better than human players in many aspects.
Maybe there should have been triggers that would make sure that all important techs are researched later in the game. In general, its behavior late in the game is inferior to that of the best AIs and it's a pity for such a strong AI.
Another important thing, I noticed that it actually doesn't defend with that much courage when it is to be overwhelmed. Sometimes it stays near the Town Center while the peripheral buildings are being destroyed. It should have a minimum TSA that increases over time. A range of 14 is in any case too short when there are trebs in the game and at least 40 farms per player. Also, the absence of Castles and Towers makes any invasion potentially fatal.

Today it's Sunday. I have time for a try with Koreans. I will probably be dead by 50' mark, but I have a chance with War Wagons, ESkirms, Onagers and Keeps. No more feedback from me, it is already a very strong AI but I have the feeling that it can actually become the absolute best.
daschalks I must not be doing something right. Doe sit only work 1 v 1? I tried several geames and the computer would nover do anything but cut trees and farm. No mining, no military, no advancement in age. What am I doing wrong?
TheLaughingMule daschalks - make sure you have put the .per file in with the .ai file in the AI folder. Make sure you select the AI instead of the standard computer player. Also you need to make sure your game settings are as the author instructed.

I don't think you can play multiplayer with custom AI's unless it is in a custom scenario.
File Author
Thank you for your input, marathon.

Edit: Updated to version 2.06

Edit: push comment for the update

[Note: Please use the edit button to avoid double posting. BS Staff]

[Edited on 06/25/10 @ 02:36 AM]

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