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Invisible Object

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The scenario include just "invisible object effect". So if you want to know how to make these effect, read below. Thanks.

1. Create any unit (without "Other") on the map.

2. Save the scenario and run AOKTS.

3. Change frame of unit to "99999" and save scenario.
(Although the exact value is "4294936223", it does not matter.)

4. Return to AOK and load the scenario.

5. You can find invisible unit.
(Ofcourse, you cannot click and see this invisible unit.)

Unlike using invisible tile, this change frame method cannot hide the building from player perfectly. For example, you can see flame on the building.

With some triggers, this effect will be more powerful like attached file.
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Findig Wow!
Better (at least easier to use) than POREX-villagers, "Invisible Farms", ITs and TIC.
That's simply great. Thanks a lot for sharing!

[Edited on 05/22/10 @ 09:48 AM]

Official Reviewer
Rating: 5

This utility contains a new discovery as far as I'm aware of. Vanilla designers can now make placed units/buildings invisible, as well as achieve a variety of other effects.

This trick is quite similar to the POREX villager trick. The first difference is that any object other than objects from the Others list can be invisible. (Except for farms, and maybe other units) Second, moving the unit manually, by automatic attack/run, by task effect, or by patrol effect will turn them visible again. If you use the unload effect, they will remain invisible as long as none of the above affects it.

Another trick that can be done with this is creating invisible barriers. If you use gaia walls and make them invincible, you have a 1 tile barrier at your disposal.

The most important thing that this trick can be utilized for is to create fire. Designers can now make fires from buildings and trebs rather than farms. This particular trick will shine during cutscenes where different varieties of fire is needed.

To conclude, this trick can be used to achieve a lot of effects that invisible tiles, cloaking, and porex can produce.

Great job finding this out, and thanks for sharing it!

[Edited on 06/03/10 @ 06:39 PM]

Teotl This is a marvelous discover! Thanks!
Rating: 5
The invisible object is a great utility that replace most of known tricks.
Can be used instead of cloaked-units for renaming effect, instead of farm trick for fire effect, instead of porex for swim effect , etc. No more lots of triggers and hard-working with this new feature .
It's the greatest discovery since I registered in 2008 .

Additional Comments :
Great ! I'll post in Forum to be posted in Blacksmith Features .
Official Reviewer
If you make a unit invisible will it still add to the population count?

Great discovery probably the greatest thing since sliced bread!
File Author
Finding // Yes, The important thing of this trick is "very easy and simple". But, in the game (not scenario editor mode) you cannot make this "invisible object" unlike POREX villager.

Dtrungle // Thank you for your praise and if you want to make "moving invisible object", just add effect "unload" to trigger. In move or stand stance, object will not be visible to players.

Teotl // Yes ! it's a marvelous discover :)

Fanica // Thank you so much ! anyway, this method was discovered by truedew12, korean.

Possidon // Yes, of course. This trick makes your (or computer's) unit invisible. So pop will be increased.
Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
The Invisible Object is a completely new trick discovered by truedew12. It makes any object of your choice turn invisble by changing the frame of the object in AOK Trigger Studio. Te guide provided is clear and very easy to understand. and there is also a scenario showing you some uses of the invisible object.

The Invisible Object can be used insted of POREX-villagers, Invisible Farms, ITs and TIC. It can be used for swimming, Burning Trees and load, loads more.

The only problem with this is that you must have to have AOKTS downloaded to use it but that isn't a major problem.

Additional Comments:
The Invisible object is probalby the greatest discovery since Sliced Bread anbd is a MUST download! Download It Now!

Thanks for the great find truedew12!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I have yet to actually test this but it sounds like a very simple and effective trick. Which I think is great as I never bother learning the most advanced tricks! :D

[Edited on 06/27/10 @ 04:06 AM]

WizardBoy "Better (at least easier to use) than POREX-villagers, "Invisible Farms", ITs and TIC."
TIC is as simple as this invisible method being explained. Both require you to put in a number in a box. So it is not necessarily better, also because you are limited to anything other from Other. To me it is perhaps a nice twist in preference for people that wish to not garrison but just make it invisible by changing frame. And i'm being honest here. One time I loved, is when the unit was invisible that it stayed so, even when manually moving to create a ghost unit. Sadly this isnt even possible with this utility or TIC, Porex does work only limited to villager. Without discouraging you, it is nice for having a variety in ways to get invisible units.
Trisatya Thank you so much for sharing your great discovery with us. :D
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