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Mod Packs » Age of Vampires - Bloodreign in Transylvania

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Age of Vampires - Bloodreign in Transylvania

Author File Description
Khan Ivayl
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This mod pack uses Agamemnon's skeleton mod, dark_blade's bats mod and ROR_Sir_Williams dragon mod. Detailed credits are provided!

Currently Age of Vampires is a complete conversion, portraying a fantasy world inspired by Slavic mythology, Hungarian and Romanian history and Victorian age horror literature. Offers 8 mythical factions with 3 distinct building sets, several unique units, techs and buildings.
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alekshs Sorry guys for seeing your replies too lately. :(

I was fresh meat to reviewing, so i did not have the... "right spirit" yet.

Now that the mod is been updated, it's much more likely to gain greater score.
i_like_h3ll i dont see the new units textures...why?
Khan Ivayl
File Author
What exactly do you mean by texture?


Mod packs transforming the entire game's aesthetics and offer new experiences are probably the most delightful ones.
"Age of Vampires" is a great example, altering the standard way of the game's looking to an interesting, spooky feeling of it.

Usefulness/Novelty: 5
It has been a long time since "Age of Chivalry" first came to light showing the game's capabilities to the maximum. "Age of Vampires" comes next, been innovative and presenting the so-called vampires' life.
Vampires have empires-amazing and amusing at the same time!
You are able to possess one of the 5 vampire civilizations (Van Helsing Guild, Vrkolak, Transylva, Dracul Clan or Bathory Clan) and experience the growth of your civilization in different conditions: Graves are your Houses, human remains is your food, your buildings are horrifically decorated...and so on. Two of them, however, have assimilated such changes the least.
Skeletons, batmen and dark Knights may be your main army. It is even possible not to find oaks or pine trees, but dead trees (this is the expected thing to find in a vampire civ's world).
In general, a non-humane place to live and interesting battles among vampires.

Quality/Instructions: 5
This mod pack is considered to act like the original game-same purposes, ability to play random maps, scenarios or with others via Internet/LAN etc. , so there is merely the need of installing it, without raising questions or worries about it. The fact it is just a one-click install/uninstall process is simply an excellent adding!
Let us have a closer look in the game: Three of the five civilizations' buildings are decorated with human bodies and dead trees, sometimes skeletons may also exist. Blood is a special characteristic to all of them...
Furthermore, the civs' technologies: They are more or less the same, but there are some new fitting each civ's distinctivenesses. It happens, though, that some of them are probably not working. Such are the "Garlic Soup" of Transylva and "Ïpen the Gates" of Dracul Clan... Referring to all the 5 civs, the "Man-N-Arms" upgrade is useless, and the interesting "Engineer" unit (been created in Barracks) does not exist in the Tech Tree.
As we have a general look of the environment, we can easily notice the changes: Transylvanian wolf instead of the simple wolf, forage bushes are replaced by human remains, sheep and turkeys are changed to Maids and Fat Men (the latter exist mostly in Transylvania, Random Map). Last but not least, the dead trees (or Evil Trees, differently spelled): Many of the Random Maps support these kind of trees. Some examples are Arabia, Nomad, Continental and Transylvania (the last one is full of these, be careful or else bats may eat you!)
The first updates of the mod pack included the nice Dragon mod, which is not found anymore. The fact is, it is been replaced by a non-fitting turtle ship ( i do not know if i must have the specific mod installed, but i did not need to at previous releases of "Age of Vampires". :S )

Additional Comments:
"Age of Vampires" is a must for everyone (unless dead bodies and blood is not someone's taste). New units to command, the dreadiest environment to explore and empires among vampires.
There are few points of the game that need to be corrected, so that the game becomes even more reliable and entertaining. However, they are almost unnoticeable in all this unique blend of horror and generally new experience!
alekshs I'm not sure if the problem is caused by unistalling the Age of Vampires modpack, but it would be worth checking it yourself and seeing the results.
The fact is, i tried to create a scenario, but when adding more computer players to it they all were Blue Britons.
It is almost stupid as a bug, but there might be other bugs i've not yet noticed.
The strange thing is that, after reinstalling the AoE2 Conquerors, the bug is vanished. :/
Khan Ivayl
File Author
I will check the uninstall, also because Sarn frequently experiences problems with it. Reading your review (efharisto! by the way ;) ) I also noticed that on your computer the game seems to selectively reject parts of my data-editing (like the dragon). I wonder if you might have accidentally have had more than one Mod installed. This can mess with the game and with the data-editing of each Mod.

Shadow 56556 best mode ever
Kakashimoto I remeber downloading this before ( half a year ago) and it was perfect, now when I downloaded it the file is empty, did you remove it?
Khan Ivayl
File Author
I am having difficulties uploading the newest version, and while I was trying out different things to see what the problem is, I uploaded an empty file as a test. Now the old file does not exist, but the new file can be downloaded from a link I have posted in the description (and for some reason cannot be uploaded here).
Khan Ivayl
File Author
Problems fixed, back on track :)
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