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Mod Packs » Age of Vampires - Bloodreign in Transylvania

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Age of Vampires - Bloodreign in Transylvania

Author File Description
Khan Ivayl
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This mod pack uses Agamemnon's skeleton mod, dark_blade's bats mod and ROR_Sir_Williams dragon mod. Detailed credits are provided!

Currently Age of Vampires is a complete conversion, portraying a fantasy world inspired by Slavic mythology, Hungarian and Romanian history and Victorian age horror literature. Offers 8 mythical factions with 3 distinct building sets, several unique units, techs and buildings.
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Official Reviewer
"Age of Vampires" is more than your regular modpack. It brings many graphic changes to the game (five new civilizations with their own units and buildings) but also new technologies and very interesting and original unique qualities for the "vampire" and "vampire hunter" civs. It went through a lot of changes and updates since the original upload, so if you've played that version, you will probably be amazed at how far it has come, as now it is close to mods such as Age of Chivalry in terms of quality.

Usefulness/Novelty: 5
This mod can be very useful for somebody trying to create a horror scenario, with all the new units and special atmosphere. There's also a lot of cool gameplay changes, some of them hilarious (to me, at least) with fat men and maids replacing the sheep and turkey, the mill turned into a slaughterhouse and so on. A lot of gruesome graphics of impaled people are also on the menu. Some more sensible people might not enjoy it, but you can't blame the author for trying to achieve a sense of horror.

I'm not very good at judging balance but it seems to me that the author has taken some time to make the new civilizations balance out as far as their powers are concerned, and the new units describe the legendary creatures that have inspired them very well. All in all, the game can be just as useful and fun for playing random maps, for designing scenarios, and lately the author has even included an Age of Vampires campaign... There's lots of things to reward the downloader for taking the time and installing this.

Quality/Instructions: 4.5
Apart from the new units, buildings and technologies mentioned, there are also new, gruesome terrains and sounds, very appropriate for the atmosphere the author tried to create. There's even a new home screen and loading screen, not to mention the well-written historical background on the new civilizations and the legends behind them, which will be very instructive for people wanting to learn more about Eastern European mythology.

The graphics are mostly very good, especially the buildings (extremely creative copy-paste skills, I especially loved the vampire civs wonders) and the terrains. The units' animations are at times a bit unconvincing, but that's to be expected since they are done with copy-paste also, and they are good enough not to attract attention. The highlight for me, creatively speaking, was the way the author used the resources available in the original game (including various sounds and graphics) to reach his purposes.

The single player campaign included is kind of basic, as far as gameplay and map design are concerned, but it does walk the player through the graphical and gameplay possibilities of the game, so overall it is a nice little bonus. The documents provided with the download are also very useful in familiarising the player with the new feature the mod provides.

Additional Comments:

If you like vampire stories and if you're a fan of horror and humor at the same time, you will love this modpack. Overall , Khan Ivayl has done an excellent job in creating and continuously refining this mod. A very recommended download.
wowegoo I like this mod. I played for hours. Killing horrible kids with a horrible cry, hehee! I don´t know if i can vote. For me is 5.

P.D.: Sorry for my english

Este mod esta muy bien. Lo he jugado durante horas matando niñas de espantoso llanto, viendo murcielagos en lugar de pajaros y recogiendo comida de cadaveres. Tiene su punto. Para mi un 5.
Ahmed Hassan Great TC mod. horror and good . it would be better to add some more campaigns.

Great mod .liked it .horror voices during game!

[Edited on 10/30/13 @ 03:19 PM]

Vampirus Mortem This has always been one of my favorite mods made on Aokh, currently I'm working on a campaign for it in my free time telling the story of Bathory.
Khan Ivayl
File Author
Great! With your permission it will replace my modest attempt at one in the next update! Do you want to be credited by this and/or your real name?
Vampirus Mortem Defenantly, and you can simply put in the credits my username on here since it's the same username I have on Gameranger and Voobly. If you want I could distribute the campaign to you (it's not finished yet, only 3 scenarios done and I'm working on the 4th).
Khan Ivayl
File Author
Let me have a look when it's finished... I feel more comfortable at modding than making campaigns so if yours is better than the one I have right now it will replace it... just let me know ;) I am already working on an update again.
Khan Ivayl
File Author
How can I reach Vampirus Mortem? If you are reading this, forward me your email address, I am advancing on a new update and would like to include your campaign... mine is
Vampirus Mortem I am very sorry for not getting back to you, I'll save your email and write you up later. I think it's possible for me to include cpx files in email as a normal attachment so I'll see if I can do that. If you decide to install gameranger you can defenantly reach me there.
Ahmed Hassan I am using your mod. can i?
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