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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
New in Crusade 4.42c [last update 06DEC2014):
- Added a resing rule to avoid long games to judge in the Ladder tournament.

New in Crusade 4.42b [last update 09MAR2014):
- Error which forced to use UP or FE resolved. Now it works again with Conquerors 1.c. Apart from that this is exactly the same AI that I updated in 26 December 2012.
- sn-enable-patrol-attack to 1 for a better battle performance.

Crusade can play every setting, with the only exception:
- Migration like maps, any AI can play them.
- It can play most nomad maps, at least the standard Nomad and Land Nomad. Weird custom maps also, but this only in theory.
- Crusade always trushes in 25 POP, even in island maps. So it only trains boats with 50 and higher pop limits.
- Crusade can play with pop limits higher than 200 in the UserPatch. But all of them with the same number of villagers than with 225 pop. It will always attack if FU upgraded and a population of 225 units (235 with Goths) even in 1000 POP limit.

If you find any bug or anything annoying (repeated taunts with no stop, etc) or any map which don't work for Crusade, please tell it to make this AI even better.

Crusade is an aggressive flushing AI designed for funny games against human players and be an assassin in AI wars.

- Several types of flushes in open land maps.
- Fast Castle strategy in walled maps.
- Grush in mixed and water maps, but trying to get not too late castle times.

Crusade has got an adaptable army. Every civ has different default units for every age (random in feudal), that they will be changed if the situation (enemy units, resources, needed techs) demand for it.

Team games: Crusade is able to cooperate with allies. He trains trade carts if possible and he will play more agressively if any ally send him taunts 12, 31 or 222.

Game settings:

Game: Any. It can play even Wonder Race and Defend The Wonder.

Map: Any.

Map size: Any. It's recommended the adequate for the number of players because a much bigger map will be a problem for its flushes and a much smaller could cause problems in its buildigns system.

Resources: Any. Low recommended although Crusade is skilled to spend them very fast if needed ;)

Population: Any. 200 recommended. No boats in 25 limit, because it always trush in that pop limit.

Reveal map: AIs prefer no revealed map because they aren�¯�¿�½t able to use that �¯�¿�½revealed�¯�¿�½ information. Fair humans prefer the same, but cheaters perhaps no ;)

Starting Age: Dark age preferred for RM games. It doesn�¯�¿�½t matter in DM. Crusade can play Feudal and other weird age starts for RM better than most AIs, although AllianceThundaEmpire is still the king of the versatility.

Victory: Any.

I hope you enjoy it.
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jdstankosky I am glad to see your script here in the Blacksmith! It is a very aggressive and challenging script to fight against other AI's!
TheLaughingMule Campidoctoris - you can use the update file link to show your updates in the file description. No need to double post.
Alevo A nice AI for rushing, a few problems though, such as when the enemy makes more troops than it it just sort of packs up and dies whilst mining loads of stone or gold. Also there's a problem with one of the messages saying "barracks 1 mining camp 1 archery range 1 stable" where it just keeps saying it repeatedly if it doesn't create troops any more...
eproly userpatch 1.1 20120823
can not select 250 population. it said Constants.per-->line 415 TOP-VILLAGERS had already defined.

[Edited on 08/23/12 @ 11:58 PM]

UnfairestEel Very good AI!
Top of the AI as RANDOM civ, this is a first in the AI ladder history iirc.

Can play ANY settings you throw at it so it is definitely worth a try.
Not only is it a good rushing AI but it's also very good in the lategame (post imp) or trash warfare.
File Author
Warning. Crusade was able to play with +200 pop with an old version of the UserPatch. But a player told me that it only can play 200 pop or lower in the most modern versions of UP.

It will be resolved in my next update, when I complete it.
tilmur In the "Camps - UP.per" file, line 125:

#load-if-not-defined UP-AVAILABLE should be #load-if-defined UP-AVAILABLE ???

I think the defrule after this doesn't charge if you are using UP. =/
File Author
Thanks for the info. I'll be very busy next days, but I'll resolve it and another problem about Hunnic walls in FE as soon as possible.

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