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Gladiator tournament

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 1-7
- Single- and multiplayer mode.

- Six different difficulty.

- 35+1 round.

Can you survive?

Map setting:
- Speed UNBLOCKED (You will need set slow, normal, and fast speed sometimes)
- Map unexplored.
- Teams blocked.
- Starting age: default.
- If somebody is missing before a start, and a blank was left over, the map will be out of order then.
- Player8 must be computer! (if player8 is a player, the map can be impossible.)

Read the descriptions before starting the game. "F3" You can find a lots of useful informations about the map.

On this map you will not fight against other players. Without teamwork you will lose. Know your selected gladiator!

- This map was made of nearly a thousand triggers.
- I have thanks for all players who helped to make this map better.
- Special thanks for BF_Basse.

I'm not calibrated the map for old and slow computers. If you find any bugs or glitches, please inform me. Then I can fix them.

_v2 uploaded!!!

- Lots of small bug fixed.
- Round 35 maybe not crash the game.
- Round 33 -3000 Health.
- Round 22 no more extra armor.
- Added +1 secret gold. (only 100)
- Player selecting is now AUTOMATIC! (but don't forget, do not put computer into empty palace)
- Temple drop relic, if you have military units.

_v3 uploaded!!!

- New shop for monks (healing rate and range)
- Switch some rounds (less run, more fun)
- Some new rounds instead borings
- Fix round 25 crash
- Extra life will be automatic!
- New relic system (_v2 wasn't too good)

_v4 uploaded!!!

- Round 22 stuck fixed
- Unfortunate, but it was necessary to put a booter, it was found sometimes, that because of the deficiency of this given troubles.

_v5 uploaded!!!

- Second relic for p1 fixed
- Round 19 not cheatable.
- The instant heal only available after round 26
- Round 36 stuck fixed
- -30 sec free time in breaks.
- Players can send gold to other players (thx to [vVv]Karma)

_v6 uploaded!!!

- Round 30 stuck fixed
- Secret gold can be picked up with Monks too
- Relic added for Single-player mode
- Round 14 -10 attack
- If player leave, nobody can trade gold to him

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3+
I found this scenario very entertaining at start, but the fun factor decreases as the game goes on. The creator has given the players the ability to pick which unit you want to fight with, which is good because then you can pick the unit that suits your civilization.

The game starts of quite boring, killing a few wolves, but after then you come to some fun rounds. After a while the rounds gets harder and harder, but some rounds were actually easier than the previous round. The rounds with very few units are very easy and quiet boring, while the ones with several units are harder and more fun to play because they required a lot of teamwork and thinking.

After a few rounds you get bored waiting for next round as it takes 1 minute between each round, and some rounds are mostly hitting a unit with high HP for a good quite until he dies. It was kind of boring that it a monk was required because the game became almost impossible if none of the players chose to be a monk.

Some rounds, like the puzzle-like ones, were lots of fun, while others were just plain boring to play. There are a lot of rounds and I can understand if it gets hard to come up with ideas for each round, but I think the scenario far has too many rounds! I played for well over about 1 hour and 40 minutes (game time) in singleplayer and I didn't get past round 19. Then it's good that the creator has added the "pre-selectable" rounds. Then the host can select a specific round that the game should start with, instead of playing all the rounds from the beginning every time you play!

Overall, this is a very unique multiplayer scenario with lots of creativity put in to it, but the rounds gets boring after a while and the player easily gets tired of the game if one plays from the starting round 1.

Balance: 5-
All players starts with same choices at start and can choose between same units. Some units are better than others vs specific units so I think the scenario is very well-balanced. Some specific civilizations might be a little to powerful, but it isn't that noticeable when playing with other players.

Creativity: 4
The creativity was probably the best point of this scenario. I have never seen a scenaruo like this before, but still I didn't quite get a "Wow!"-feeling from playing it. A lot more work could've been put in to this scenario. For example could it have been more choices in the store other than just buying upgrades for your unit and there could've been a lot more variety between the waves.

Some waves were very creative, while others were just "Meh, it feels like I've done this a few times already."

Map Design: 3+
Map design was decent. Some areas were very detailed like the forest and the desert. Some areas could use a lot more work though. Terrainmixing some would be mostly welcome at most places. Even though the creator used elevation at some places, I think it could've been used more.

The shop was quite boring to look at, and you could see that the creator didn't put too much effort in to making it. Some terrainmixing, details and some eye-candy would be mostly welcome here.

I advise you download some scenarios rated 5.0 in map design and take inspiration and ideas from those for your next scenario.

Story/Instructions: 4+
The instructions were very clear and everything was explained in to detail. What I thought was missing was some scouts how to beat some rounds, because they could take me several tries when playing singleplayer to beat some rounds. The creator has put down a lot of time and effort with making the instructions for this scenario and you can see that right from the start. I understood right away what was what and what we had to do, there wasn't complicated at all to understand.

Final Thoughts
This scenario is very unique and quite fun to play. Some parts could be improved, but overall this is a very good multiplayer scenario. I highly suggest you download this and at least try it out. Most players should find this rather fun to play!
Billy007130 I am not sure where to put this because the Creator has not shown his E-Mail, but I did find a glitch, where on "Round 15" the "Terrible Animals of The Rainforest", An Eagle Warrior comes out and attacks the animals, but then attacks me and for some reason has infinate lives, thus it cannot be killed and be destroyed/ all of my units before I can kill the animals.

This has happened a few times, and thus can get quite annoying, as I cannot pass the level.

But overall, I agree with Basse on everything. This is a fun Scenario. Just so hard to do it alone. maybe you could up the stats a tiny bit if you are playing alone, as it is alot harder to have units flank and such.

[Edited on 07/09/11 @ 10:56 AM]

alekshs I am not sure why,but when it happens to play this map at Gameranger(online,i mean)with others,the map just stays dark!What should i notice when trying to play the game online?
Each time i play it on my own in my computer,everything is fine.
File Author
Billy007130: Interesting. I played this round a lots of, but never saw this. Normally, 4 jaguar with 400 health and 11 attack and one monkey with 9 health appear, and 2 aztecs warrior and one eagle coming from behind the animals. They try fighting, but the orange's unit will die. After they died try pull the monkey with archer unit, and kill it fast (only 9 shot, 2-3 ranger kill it fast) After the monkey, easily to kill the jaguars. Important, that let them not come simultaneously.

alekshs: How many player was? Put you computer to player8? Did somebody exchange a colour? It dared easily, may get everything confused, and will not start.
alekshs Yes,that was the problem.Thanks a lot!

I did so,and the problem is fixed.Generally,the game is perfect.

I've got a problem when reaching the 30th round:
the strange man appears(the one that is running too quickly)and it just says "CATCH ME".I checked all of my units(single-player mode)if one of them can kill it(i checked my monk,too).I looked at the hints,nothing.I clicked on it any time it would stand still,nothing.I tried to follow it,in case of passing the round if i could keep an eye on it continuously,nothing.I got bored and shut my computer down!
Would you mind giving a tip or,if possible,tell how can someone pass that round?

[Edited on 07/20/11 @ 01:16 AM]

File Author
Try to kill him.

Edit: I tested it a lots, but there was never a trouble with this for me. I think the problem is with you. You win if the target is dead. The trigger is "destroy object" its the same one who is the owner gaia or player8. And in order to steer him to gaia, as if controlled by an orange, it will not move the way I want.

Edit2: Tested on a new computer (where this map wasn't.) It's working good, none problem.

[Edited on 07/20/11 @ 12:14 PM]

alekshs I think i know what the problem is:you are true to say that this unit has to be killed,but,...what about the unit itself? It's a Gaia unit-that's why it can't be killed(i guess).Check the triggers which refer at round 30.The one occupies an effect that changes the ownership of this unit from player 8 to gaia.Maybe this is the problem;change the ownership from gaia to player 8.I did so and the problem is just fixed-the unit could be killed!

To make sure if this was the real problem,check the game before and after the change.
If i'm wrong tell me so,but,at first,check that trigger.

(to Mashek) Oh,my fault-i'm sorry.I didn't know that.

[Edited on 07/20/11 @ 06:45 AM]

Official Reviewer
alexshs, we do not allow doubling/triple/quadruple posting. Please use the edit button if no one else has commented after your previous post.
File Author
_v6 uploaded!!! have fun^^

[Edited on 08/03/13 @ 02:37 AM]

Official Reviewer
Gallas, just so you know: it's not forbidden to double post when you are announcing an update to your file.

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Map Design3.0
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