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PTC11 - Sagropireia

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
"Sagropireia" is my entry to the Pretty Town Contest of 2011.

You wake up with amnesia on a seemingly deserted island. Where did everyone go? Who are you, and how did you end up at this weird structure? Let the story of your and the island's past unravel, or ignore the story completely and just enjoy the map design.

- crasher, for inspiration,
- Maurice Ravel, for the hauntingly beautiful music,
- and Enya (what a combo), for the sound effect.

Brought to you by StormWind Studios.
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Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
Sagropiera is a small jungle island, what I immediatly started to like. The most realistic jungle world i have ever seen, i liked the mixed mountains, the life like beaches, and the hundreds of good looking path´s. The village was looking very good, i especially liked the graveyard. Also the other buildings were good mixed into the GAIA objects. There were good triggers, and the music added a nice atmosphere into the game. A really nice story which was optional to get, completed it.

Additional Comments: A really good entry, i higly recommend the download!

[Edited on 10/17/11 @ 05:28 AM]

Official Reviewer
Sagropireia is Lord Basse's entry to the 2011 Pretty Town Contest, and it is of the same high quality that Basse has accustomed us to in his last releases. Aside from the minimal requirement of a pretty looking map that the competition entailed, the author has added a very rare extra depth to this non-playable game, focusing on atmosphere and story, and building up on the concept of Crasher's "A different world", a man that finds himself on a deserted island with no knowledge of where he is or how he got there.


When judging map design and having to deal with a visibly high quality work, it is inevitable that one's personal taste comes into play, so my rating is surely a reflection of this aspect. However, it is not an overstatement to say that the map is almost perfect aesthetically speaking. There are very few things I would have done differently, and the atmosphere brought forth by the emptiness of the streets and the occasional ruins and overgrowth is haunting. The music does nothing but add up to this feeling and thrive on it. It is remarkable how the author manages to take many buildings from very different building sets (from Goths to Japanese) while still managing to make them fit so well together, and turning the map into a very plausible island community (or better said, its remnants).

Another aspect that manages to increase the overall experience is the story provided, which is in very close connection to the map design and gives it new and deeper meanings. Though the author makes it clear that it is not mandatory, it is however highly recommended to read the story that unfolds through the pieces of diary that you will find, and that slowly uncover the truth and the reason why you are there. This story is brought to life by little (or bigger) trigger tricks that you will find by exploring the map to the end, all of which are perfectly executed.


Overall, playing this has been a haunting and memorable experience, more than I would've ever expected from a non-playable scenario, and I recommend it to everyone that enjoys good map design and a good story to match it. Actually, the narrative here is better than most playable scenarios I've encountered at the Blacksmith, which has to count for something.

Great job, Lord Basse. You've managed to make me deliver my first perfect 5 star rating in a review. Needless to say, this is a MUST download.

Rating: 5+
The map Lord Basse created is nothing but a masterpiece. It is not surprise: the author previously impressed us with a lot of very well designed scenarios (just think to the beauty of Gwyndlegard...), but Sagropireia clearly reach another level of quality. Trees, rocks, buildings, each eye candy is placed with a great care to create a true atmosphere. We don't only see the map, we feel it, if you understand what I mean.

On more "technical" aspects, Lord Basse made a good use of all the elements that do an excellent PTC entry: terrain mixing, many objects (without overloading the map) and some creative tricks. Muslims say that "only Allah is perfect", and this is the only thing that prevent me to say that we have here an example of perfection.

One last thing: I must speak about the wonderful idea that the author had whith his story. Mixing awesome map design with a great and touching story (I almost cried when I read the last part :p) give, at the end, an unmatchable experience to the player. Add the music of Ravel, and you have all of what you need to relax a bit between two bloody battles...

Additional Comments:
Or, if you prefer: A Must To Download!

[Edited on 11/26/11 @ 01:58 PM]

Official Reviewer
'Sagropireia' by Lord Basse is the winning entry to the Pretty Town Contest 2011. It is in deep reminiscence of crasher's 'A Different World', designed years earlier and one of my all-time personal favourites (and I suspect of Lord Basse too!). The design here in question manages a stunning portrayal of a desolate island community ravaged by nature, and where even so much as a journal from one of the missing inhabitants keeps you wandering, desperately almost, seeking answers to the story being told...

Few designs manage to capture one's emotions and tie them to the little pixelated character on screen, but 'Sagropireia' manages this convincingly, even though it is after all only for a map designed to be looked at and as such not played. It is almost surreal when you find yourself emerging from the towering frame of a temple to an abandoned town, long already crumbling under the burden of time. How did you get here? What relics of a dispossessed people lay in store for you ahead? The nearby jungle encroaches over the hapless island community. Trees, shrubs and forest undergrowth make home among cracked road tiling, houses and workshops. The wide mix of buildings the designer has used from a variety of different civilisations is utilised well, and certainly looks the part of an abandoned town. It is haunting, and the orchestral-like music by Maurice Revel is beautiful. Indeed, much of the design is all almost perfect.

The further you explore the map, you stumble across pages from a journal left by one of the island's inhabitants (represented by a relic). The story is well-written, and as the journal slowly unravels, each page you discover in the forest canopy, each heart-breaking recession of a boy and girl's last few moments, you start to sense what was really lost here in the desolate ruins of a town. They too, it appears, were swallowed by the jungle canopy. It is a surprisingly clever utility as the extra story element seems to carry the player forward with interest, rather than just simply looking at what's around him. It keeps you guessing, searching for what potential answers lay ahead in the forest undergrowth and crumbling ruins of the town, which lies at the heart of what the design is all about. The twist in the last page of the story seemed like the perfect way to end what has been a surprising find in the contest, and another gem to include in the Blacksmith.


In a sentence - This is great entertainment value for a PTC entry.

In closing - A must download.
Official Reviewer
Sagropireia is Lord Basse’s winning entry to the 2011 Pretty Town Contest and is nothing more than a technical masterpiece. A Showcase scenario which tells a story as you explore the beautiful landscape, this showcase scenario is not all about the design of the map, but the experience you have whilst playing it.

Rating: 5
Set on a mysterious jungle island, Sagropireia is an abandoned town which has been ravaged by nature. You have awoken on this mysterious island with no memory of who you are or why you are here. As you explore the island the mysterious history of the island unravels and questions are answered. The story is haunting, mysterious and really helps the player explore every inch on this beautiful map.

The map itself can only be described as a masterpiece of technique and artistry. Basse has created a beautiful world similar to something you may find in any beloved fantasy story, yet one that is totally encapsulated by realism. From the layout and intentional placement of buildings and eye candy to the detailed drawings of terrains, flawlessly mixed together, there’s not a single square of this map that isn’t pleasing to the eye. The beaches are particular highlights for me as well as the lush farm terrains and the mountain pass to the tower. Much skill has been used in this map, not only in terms of artistry but in technicality as well. This map was made back in 2011, long before Userpatch and the free placement tool that allowed one to place objects close together. Back in these dark ages a designer was only able to achieve this using Trigger Studio and some complex knowledge of that tool. Lord Basse has done this very technique flawless to create a cramped graveyard at the back of the church and lush farmlands with overgrown crops.

Overall Sagropireia is one of the greatest entries the Pretty Town Contest has ever seen. Before this scenario came along the competition focuses exclusively on map design and aesthetics. Lord Basse didn’t do that, he created an immersive experience that went beyond the design to involve the player in the world which has been created. Music, Sound Effects and a compelling story helped achieve this and turn the competition into what it is today.

Additional Comments:
Overall a fantastic piece of map design and an incredible experience for any player. This changed the face of the Pretty Town Contest forever, and everybody thanks you for it Basse.


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