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Barbarian v2.18

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): UserPatch 1.5
Barbarian plays most maps with any civ. At 1v1 it's also possible to make Barbarian some strategies by taunts. It is able to use sling if two or more Barbarians team up.

It is able to play even most of MegaRandom maps, although some bugs may appear on very weird settings.

By taunting 222+flaring it is possible to send allied Barbarian's army to the flared position.

Barbarian plays with settings:

Settings: (preferred)
Game type: Any (RM, Regicide, DM, WR)
Map: Almost any map
Size: Any (matching to players in game)
Difficulty: Any (hard)
Starting resources: Any (low/standard)
Map reveal: Any (explored for DM)
Population: Any (200)
Starting Age: Any (dark, post-imperial for DM)
Victory: Any (conquest/standard)

Taunt list:

Barbarian plays only with the UserPatch 1.5 or later.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
UnfairestEel I would just like to say to anyone who reads this,
Barbarian is a masterpiece that can do any sort of strategy you like and is an incredibly 2v2 AI.

What I'm trying to say is Download Barbarian, it's worth it unless you hate losing...
Campidoctoris Great AI! I agree UnfairestEel, if you want to collect to strongest AIs to have nice challenges this one should be uploaded. Very funny because the huge diversity of strategies, a few of them played very well and others played really great. And very strong.

Anyway, IMO it chould be nice if II2N also uploaded Arabian Knight. Barbarian plays every civ and tons of strategies, Arabian Knight only plays Saracens and does always the same and has got an horrible late game because it's a almost need for its strategy (without "almost" using limited rules). But Arabian Knight is the fastest and most violent krusher that I've ever seen. And one of the most radical, weird and original scripts that exist.
File Author

Well, I could upload Arabian Knight too.
zergs Arabian Knights strategy is included in Barbarian, and you can activate it with taunt 38, so I don't see the need to upload it.
marathon An excellent AI!

Ideal for 1vs1 games. Fun in 2vs2 games. Tons of strategies, plays all civs very well.

Its flush is weaker than its other strategies. Its Fast Imperial is often really fast! Especially with Eagles.

It will produce lag in 3vs3 games later game.

Yesterday I saw it hitting 21' imperial time on Arabia, Regicide, with Aztecs, no slinging. It hits 27' imperial on Random Map, but unlike the Standard Computer it then immediately floods you with elite eagles.

File Author
Im now working on an update that is going to use less-laggy attack system in TGs and playing better at maps that have water. There is also rare bug with scouting early but I cant find what causes that (villager scouting is triggered but it's never cancelled).
marathon You can stop civilian explorers if you set sn-percent-civilian-gatherers to 100. A temporary solution until you find the real cause.
File Author
Updated to v1.4.

It has now some support for water maps too.
File Author
Updated to v1.5.

Notably better at water maps.
Rating: 4.5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
I really have enjoyed this AI as it brings different strategies every game. It is less predictable than others I haver played. I play this AI often online with my brother and we team up against 4 computer opponents and only win about 30% of the time. We still have not beaten it once in about 30 tries when one computer player is the Aztec Civ. Game play is smooth even at 6 civs at full 200 population. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a tough computer opponent in a team type game.
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