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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » ESRC12 - Attila The Hun - Invasion of Italy

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ESRC12 - Attila The Hun - Invasion of Italy

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

ATTILA THE HUN - Invasion of Italy

- Alright, here we are. After 1 Month hardly working I finally finished this campaign, and decided to sumbit it to the Blacksmith.

- As you know, it's the ESRC12 competition, and this campaign, or whatever you wanna call it, contains " campaigns " of Attila The Hun, wich means, the campaigns that are inside the AOEII - The Conquerors..

- First off, I decided to make this much playable, but, I was based on the difficulties that Attila had on the campaigns inside the AOEII - The conquerors.
So you may not find this alot playable, and I am sorry for that sincerely.
Also, this is based on the campaigns inside AOEII as I mentioned before but there is also alot of occurrences based on the historical way.

- Map Design, is slowly designed, I mean everything designed in there has been made by me of course, and one thing that we must mention at the Designin Method, inside the map you will not notice any OAK FORTES, or whatever they're called, it is only pine path, mixed with alot of flowers, and of course specific trees such as TREE A,B,C you know em'.

That's it what I wanted to say as an introductory.

So, if you're having any problems, finishing the campaign, feel free to post a comment there below and I'll figure it out.

And another thing that I must mention, wich is alot important is my Grammar.
Guys, I am not English, and excuse me if you notice any Grammar or spelling mistakes.
But try to have fun while playing it!
Go download it! PLAY THE HUNS...
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i_like_h3ll i dont like it: all cut scenes and few fights
DraconainDevil Truly it was a lot of cutscenes, but it is playable enough.
Also i think there was a bit mistake in making.
Like Falius Aetius was the roman commander and a good friend of Atilla.
But then this might be the twist you directly brought into the campaing.

Also i dont know if saving three villagers for an army of 20 is worth.I mean i completely lost all my units!(But well that is the trick)

Not to reveal much else, but it was a good campaign and map design is excellent!
It is definitely worth a review of 3-4!
File Author

- Did you check the hints? You can find some extra units on the pine path! You cannot lose that battle!

- The problem is that the villagers are based like in the first campaign on Attila, you must save a scout.
And I just switched the scout with three villagers. In order to get the food.
DraconainDevil I know i did check the hints and played again but still i am losing against them i have run with the villagers and atilla.
The bandits are overpowered.
File Author
No chance bro, very weird.
I did it like 500 times, And I always won.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Before I commence with the review of this scenario, I have to point out that this scenario was designed as a remake of the Attila the Hun campaign. As such, the review takes into account how well the scenario represented the Attila campaign when rating the Story/Instructions category and some aspects of the others.

Playability: 2
The scenario had ups and downs, but it was still a decent experience. Although it does not have much replayability value, that is mostly due to its linear style. The author started off the scenario very well with a short cutscene and some historical background, as well as a fun and fairly challenging rendition of Bleda's betrayal. However, the gameplay seemed to get stale from there, and I was sad to see the legendary saga of Attila be represented by petty fights against bandits and the common "damsel in distress" story.

Balance: 2
The balance was decent at the beginning, as the fight against Bleda was close and the fight against the bandits was fairly balanced, definitely requiring the extra troops to win. However, the rest of the scenario was ridiculously easy. The ending battle, which was supposed to be a dramatic defend the spot battle, ended up not even having any fighting, as a looping task trigger stalled Valentinian's horsemen in one spot. All of this made for an incredibly easy experience, even on hard difficulty.

Creativity: 3
The author tried to place his spin on the Attila the Hun campaign. However, as the scenario is supposed to be designed to be historically accurate, there were many glaring errors. The principle of fighting "Dyrrhachium Bandits" was almost as ridiculous as having Pope Leo I living in a forest clearing, or running Honoria around the map and hiding from Valentinian. Attila was a fearless warrior, not a whipped coward. He already had a harem of 400 wives. All that said, it is admirable that the designer tried to be creative rather than just "copying and pasting" the Attila scenarios.

Map Design: 4
The author is obviously experienced in map design and it showed in his being able to design an elaborate landscape. This was definitely the high point of the scenario. However points were deducted due to the prevalence of "cut off" cliffs on the map, the placement of Pope Leo I and Vatican City in a forest clearing, and the overuse of spear piles. Also, the idea of anyone in the fifth century possessing a bombard tower is absurd. Seriously, come on.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story, while being supposed to be historically accurate, maintained minimal accuracy to Attila's life. Little or no mention was made of any of his military campaigns. The scenario would be more aptly named "Attila the Hun- Rescue Honoria" instead of "Invasion of Italy". The instructions were very hard to follow and the dialogues didn't flow well due to bad timer lineups and a plethora of grammatical errors. I realize that English is not the author's first language, but with three months remaining until the submission deadline, there should be time to proofread it and test some more.

Additional Comments:
I realize this review may sound kind of harsh, but most of the issues were with glaring historical inaccuracies in a scenario designed for a historical contest. Although there were a multitude of other problems, some parts of the scenario really were good. The author has quite an affinity for map design and cutscenes, and those did not dissapoint. I suggest the author play some of the highest rated scenarios on the blacksmith to get a good idea of what makes those so great, and then use that knowledge to improve upon the aspects of scenario design in which he is weak. He should also do some more proofreading of his writing before releasing content. This was overall a valiant effort at an Attila scenario. Were you to fix some problems and submit an update, I would not hesitate to replay it and edit my review accordingly. However, as it currently is, I can only halfheartedly recommend the download.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
"Attila the Hun - Invasion of Italy" is a pseudo-historical fixed force scenario.

This scenario only actually features four battles in total, which the rest of the time being taken up by either exposition or dialogue. As a result, it plays rather like an extended cutscene.

At one point, after the first fight, Attila was converted to an ally's colour and control of him was not returned to me; due to me tasking him outside of a trigger's area of effect. I was therefore unable to progress, and had to reload my last save. This was especially annoying, as the first battle is rather hard.

The scenario ends rather abruptly, after a lazily programmed final battle, as if the designer wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. What could have been made into a series of cutscenes was instead dumped on the screen as exposition, before the declaring the player victorious.

I was expecting to command the relentless barbarian hordes, trampling the dying Roman empire beneath my feet. Instead, I got Attila the odd job man running errands for peasants in a mysterious Scythian enclave of Italy, and rescuing princesses.

Balance: 3
The first two battles were actually challenging, requiring some micro and use of height advantage: if it had been like that all the way through, I might have given this a 4 or a 5. The final battle was simply a looping trigger spawning some heavy cavalry and tasking it to a certain square. It was very easy, given that the looping task object trigger prevented most of the cavalry from attacking my units, and also due to the fact I didn't even have to kill any of the enemy units.

Creativity: 3
As the previous reviewer said, at times the author's artistic license causes the story to approach ridiculousness. What first struck me was the apparent closeness of Rome and Byzantium. In fact, the seats of the Western and the Eastern Roman empire are in the same city, it seems! And why on Earth is Attila friends with Pope Leo?

Map Design: 4
Many of the game's locations do not look bad at all. My main criticism would be that the forested areas are too grassy, but otherwise, a good job.

Story/Instructions: 3
Some fairly interesting history is provided, but it is only extremely loosely related to this scenario. The story that replaces it is rather contrived. Attila was in many ways an archetypal barbarian, but he hardly acts like it in this scenario! The historical reasons for Attila's invasion of Italy have been replaced with a story involving him rescuing a girl from the influence of her emperor brother. While initially it seemed like a possibly interesting use of artistic license, it quickly turned out that this one girl was the entire focus of the scenario.

English is not the designer's native language: while the dialogue wasn't very idiomatic, and at times seemed too informal, it was understandable. What I found strange was the use of some very archaic words, such as "mammon" instead of "riches", and "poltroon" instead of "coward".

I found the instructions fairly clear for the most part, as most of the places I had to direct my units to were marked with map revealers; however, finding Pope Leo's location was rather hit and miss.

Additional Comments: This scenario would actually make more sense if Attila was replaced with Robin Hood, Honoria with Maid Marian, Pope Leo I with Friar Tuck, the emperor with King John and his general with the Sheriff of Nottingham.

[Edited on 08/11/12 @ 05:03 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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