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Downloads Home » Campaigns » History of Middle Ages and Modern Great Britain

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History of Middle Ages and Modern Great Britain

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Age of Chivalry
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 14
IMPORTANT: This game requires the full conversion "Age of Chivalry: Hegemony" in order to run! You can download it here:

History of Middle Ages and Modern Great Britain offers a realism for a ever viewed campaign. contiues style of Age of Empires 2 Campaigns. Rewrite history with famous characters as Edward III. Richard and more. Required Age of Chivalry Hegemony. Features: Huge Sized Armies. Completed Cities. Decide Fate of Great Britain or dies fights against enemies.
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Official Reviewer
I've updated your file description including a link to Age of Chivalry that people will need to play your game.

Regarding the game itself, I have to say it is not really worth downloading and installing a full conversion just to play it. You should try to download high-rated games and also look around the scenario design and modding forums and the university, to learn how you can improve the gameplay.
Den cekke I don't see why you discourage him using a total conversion mod. Already a lot of people have age of chivalry mod and won't mind downloading this campaign.

[Edited on 06/05/12 @ 07:02 AM]

Official Reviewer
From my previous experience, most people prefer vanilla, especially more casual players.

I'm pretty sure you are right about Age of Chivalry's popularity nowadays. Still, for a newbie, there's lots more chances to get downloads and therefore feedback from an unmodded campaign than a modded one.
HerzogDePuce I downloaded this campaign and gave it a first try. It has potential to become interesting - especially since I love historical campaigns.

However, the scenarios lack clear instructions. It might be due to the English which, tbh, is quite Google-Translate-like.
In the second scenario, there wasn't much text to tell me what the Scenario was about. Only "train so many of those and these units" etc. I wanted to take a look at the map and noticed that there was actually not much. Maybe I missed a trigger that comes up once I trained the units, but the map also lacked some eyecandy. There was actually only my town, nothing more.

Also, for the first scenario the text of the instructions/historical background is not 100% complete. The first sentence seems to be broken or something. Perhaps you could check on that.

But overall it's nice to see someone creating scenarios/a campaign for Age of Chivalry in particular.

[Edited on 06/05/12 @ 10:31 PM]

Den cekke I've played the campaign and I must say that I like the historical perspective. English medieval history is a very interesting one.

I think the campaign was a bit flat and fast made. I noticed that heroes weren't renamed, every scenario you have 99999 resources and a lot of the maps are just empty spaces with here and there forest patches.
I played the 3 first scenarios but it became boring pretty fast to be honest.
Here are some suggestions for the scenarios I did play.

First scenario:
The Anglo-Saxon army are destroying the farms while the fight is in their own land. It doesn't make much sense to me.
Also it's army is a lot smaller than yours and so I was able to destroy the enemy in a matter of seconds without a lot of losses at all. A better balance between your and the enemy army would be better. I also didn't get why you and the enemy have a town. You start with population limit and the enemy doesn't produce any units or buildings at all so all you had to do is build a castle next to their tc to destoy their base.

Second scenario:
You start here with a big army while your pop limit is at 75 and you're ordered to train a certain amount of units within a time limit.
It blocks your objective and because there is no enemy it also doesn't make a lot of sense to have an army.
The instructions where also confusing, you talk about a timer but I had no time how much time I had left or when the game would end. The instructions said create billmen but the hints said create knights and archers. After making every possible unit I just cheated to win the scenario.

Third scenario:
In this one there is no history at all. In the instructions it says you have to stop the fighters but you're the one with transport ships ready to invade so that didn't make much sense either.

I suggest you try to download some build & destroy scenarios for the conquerors and find out how to make a fun and challenging scenario. I appreciate the effort you made for making this historical campaign and uploading it so keep working on it and you'll surely make something that people will enjoy playing.
File Author
After a pause. I returns with a newly scenario patch.
Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
"History of Middle Ages and Modern Great Britain" is a campaign for the Chivalry mod;unfortunately it is a rather simple effort indeed. The reviewer got to scenario 12 out 14 before being unable to progress further, and didnt feel the need to put in the effort to circumnavigate that bug.

Playability 1

The gameplay was very dull and simplistic.

Scenario Two is a Learning-Campaign style affair with no enemy, infinite resources, and you needing to make units to win. Scenario 3 has the players 250+ man army needing to get into 5-pop transports which is amazingly frustrating, luckily you only needed your heroes to win and could save time loading\unloading. Scenario 5 sees you fighting a fortress battle against dozens of super-hero ships, which have limited range and can be sniped by your trebs. Its annoying to cope with these enemies, and nonsensical that they have ships on land like its the return of the Flying Dutchman. Scenario 8 is a sort of deathmatch with 99,999 resources, villagers, and 4 allies vs a penned in enemy who has no villagers or military production. Scenario 9 sees you in a deathmatch 1v1 with an enemy B&D who also has infinite resources, however the author locked you apart using many rocks so you will have to land villagers and outflood the enemy;the AI is locked in with a wall to one side so you could setup an overwhelming attack on the other side of it. Scenario11 sees the poor scottish army locked in a pen surrounded by castles and towers;its an automatic win.

Balance 1

The player has sure wins and no challenges the entire way.

On the opener, the players 30 hero cavalry "Gian Galeazzo Visconti" alone can kill the enemy army, and the player has 258 units in total with 99,999 resources and villagers. Scenario 3 for example, your heroes can again kill all enemies by themselves. Same in Scenario 4, where again your 300+ army kills maybe less than 100 enemies, you can choose 30 heroes and win by themselves. Scenario 6, 469 pop with many heroes vs less than 100 defenders of a fortress. Scenario 7, same story with 354 pop army without the enemy having a fortress. Scenario 10 has the enemy with larger armies, but locked into fortress while the player has infinite resources and villagers;castle spam or do whatever you like for a free win. Scenario11 gives the player 250+ units vs an enemy who has less than 100, and many heroes, and a TC+infinite resources to back that up. Scenario12 advertises itself as the hardest, but it really isnt;the players 463 pop army includes nearly 100 of the cavalry heroes who have similar fighting strength to elephants, all fully upgraded and your enemy has little\none upgrades.

Creativity 2

The game is sufficiently differentiated from a random map, and each scenario does have it own concept. You could make these ideas into a good campaign, but the execution in all other areas of scenario design needs to be improved.

Just before winning scenario11 you get a trigger message from the scots: "They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom" Now thats an inspired and creative text.

Map Design 1

The maps entirely qualify as blank maps, with no terrain detailing and vast unbroken stretches of same terrains placed.

Story\Objectives 1

Initially the story\historical elements were sufficient for a 2\5, despite poor grammar and spelling. Later on it falls off almost to the point of not having any, so the minimum rating applies. Scenario 10 has an excellent winning message, why didnt every scenario have this? It would be 3\5 at least.

Final Thoughts: Not recommended for download.

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Map Design1.0
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