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Downloads Home » Cinematic Scenarios » ACSC12 - The Adventures of Vuruhuru

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ACSC12 - The Adventures of Vuruhuru

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
I feel so proud of releasing this. It not might be the best but I've tried my best. Took me exactly 48 hours and has over 200 triggers. So please comment and review! I'd really like to know if you guys enjoyed this.

There will be plenty of more, of course if you enjoy this.
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File Author
I've already started making part two. It's going to be mad awesome!

SPOILER: Part two is gonna be almost the apposite of part one.

~Kakashimoto, a.k.a Kris
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I like the map design, but the cut-scene does have some major flaws. First off, the story rushes by; you're never introduced to Vuruhuru and who he is or where in the world (or what world) this all takes place. The bit with the undead pirate also comes out of nowhere. It is also quite annoying to have to wait for the slow turtle ship to cross half the map until the next part of the story can begin. Instead you could just remove the ship, change the view and create a new ship at the next island. Also, some of the triggers don't work as intended; when the turtle ship came to the undead pirate's island, nothing happened. I had to task it closer to the island to fire off the next segment.

Still, it's not bad at all, but it needs a lot of polishing to become truly enjoyable. You seem to have mastered the basics of triggers and a you are quite good at map design, so keep designing and improving! If you keep at it, I'm quite confident that you'll become a really good designer one day! :)

On a last note, if you want to enter the Cinematic Scenario Competition, you have to add "ACSC12 - " in the title of the campaign! ;)

EDIT - Happy New Year by the way!

[Edited on 12/31/12 @ 09:33 AM]

Dead_End I took the liberty of adding that bit of information to the title. Happy New Year!
File Author
Vuruhuru was first introduced in another cinematic scenario I tried to complete and enter, but I stoped liking it and i took a pause at it. I think it's kind of late to reedit it now. I might reupload it and you could see the improvement if you like. as for the turtle ships I noticed it was boring when I uploaded it in the first time. Nothing happened when you entered the island? It supposed to spawn ghosts I know the triggers aren't timed perfectly but it had to take time for vuruhuru to come out to the undead island. By the way, I kind of feel happy that you've liked it in some sort of way.

Happy new year as well to you guys!

[Edited on 12/31/12 @ 12:12 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The end of 2012 has brought some interesting new releases to the Blacksmith, and this is one of them. "The Adventures of Vuruhuru" is a story about a pirate that needs to escape an evil curse.

Playability: 3
The cutscene has a lot of things that make it potentially enjoyable, but also some flaws that limit this enjoyment. The story is interesting in some ways, but also leaves a lot to be desired. As Lord Basse already pointed out, Vuruhuru is not properly introduced as a character.

Since this is a cinematic, the author should think about making the blue player un-playable, that way potential bugs or unwanted mistakes caused by player intervenion could be avoided altogether.

The main playability problem pertains to the cutscene's flow, which I will address in the following section.

Balance: 3
The main problem of the cutscene is its very slow pace, caused by the long traveling distances by sea, during which nothing remotely interesting happens. This traveling from one island to another is also very repetitive and tends to induce boredom by the time the cinematic is through. If we were to compare the time spent in between islands with the time that has in-game action or dialogue, we could conclude that at least half of the cutscene's playtime could be deleted without it losing anything of interest.

Creativity: 4-
AOK doesn't have enough pirate stories, so that's something the cutscene has going for it from the get-go. The map looks nice too, and te layout with the scattered islands is pretty original. The triggering was basic but effective, except for some parts which as other people have reported, are prone to bugs. The soundtrack is also a good addition, and helps get through the long waiting moments easier.

Map Design: 4+
As pointed out in the creativity section, the map is layed out in an interesting way, with all the islands that Vuruhuru has to travel to, that are all well designed and induce curiosity in the viewer. It could help the playability though if it were more condensed, as to allow for faster sea travel and reduce the cutscene's "dead" moments. The water is nicely mixed, thus reducing the monotony. However, there is an overuse of marlin fish, and fish in general in some parts of the map that don't look that well. Some rocks that stand by themselves in the middle of the sea also tend to look a little unrealistic. Overall though, a very good job, and a designer that seems to be able to improve a lot.

Story/Instructions: 4
The enthusiasm of storytelling is very visible throughout the cutscene, sometimes even overwhelmingly so. To the point where there is a bit too much thrown at the viewer , in terms of story, in a very short amount of time. The plot gets confusing and sometimes contradictory (who built the ship after all? was it Vuruhuru or the undead?). I have already written about the lack of backstory on the main character.

One other small problem I encountered was that the dialogues went by a bit too fast for me (on normal speed). Adding to that the amount of information that was distributed during these dialogues, it helped to make things more confusing and harder to follow.

However, overall it is a nice attempt at creating an interesting and intriguing story.

Additional Comments:
This is a nice first attempt at a cutscene. I haven't yet played the second part, but I will surely give it a try and review it also.

Since there aren't many cutscenes around the blacksmith these days, not to mention pirate stories, I would recommend it for downloaders that want to see a nice archipelago map design with an intriguing, if sometimes hard to keep up with, story.

[Edited on 01/03/13 @ 04:24 PM]

File Author
Thanks panel for the review. I didn't introduce Vuruhuru because as I said he is a random character in a scenario I wanted to release. I wrote a pirate story because I just love pirates of the carribean which inspired me a lot for this scenario.
By the way, who built the ship will always remain a mystery.

EDIT- part 2 is released, check it out if you enjoyed this one.

[Edited on 01/10/13 @ 06:57 AM]

paperclip007 This is pretty good for a first attempt. You obviously have a talent for map design; I thought your map was very rich and I especially liked the way you mixed the water. There were some flaws with the visuals though, like how the turtle boat would sometimes float above or below objects it wasn't supposed to.

Your story had many interesting elements, but they all seemed jumbled together. I think that if you had cut some extraneous scenes not related to Vuruhuru's curse and left them for the sequel then lengthened Vuruhuru's scenes some more, the story would have flowed better and been less confusing.
File Author
If AoE2 had more effects, like breaking through sea rocks or cliffs, they'd be used in the cinematic itself. But for the curse unrelated scenes, I just wanted to point out the atmosphere.

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Map Design4.0
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