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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Death Crossroads Blood v1.6

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Death Crossroads Blood v1.6

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 4

In Death Crossroads Blood the unit you get is random, the unit is choosed among 32 units that you have in your random box. You can see this box over your base. Your chance to get one of these unit is 1/32. Kill the enemy tower for win. With kills you'll get gold, food and new heroes that you can put in your random box. With gold you can buy various upgrades in the store as you like. With food you can cast a large diversity of spells, like base panic or middle panic.

The random box is the main thing of the game. For example if you get robin hood (50 kills), you could choose to replace your spearman by it. Now you won't get anymore spearmans because you removed it, but you have 1/32 chance to get robin hood.

Map Screen => Here

I made this map with a PHP script, big thanks to Megolunia for making this. It gave me ability to make awesome triggers such as explosions which detect if there are obstacles on their path, it's my favorite effect ! (Atomic Bomb spell)

Triggers statistics:
17 936 triggers
17 958 conditions
131 623 effects

Lock teams
All tech disable
Age: Standard
Ressource: Standard
Map: All visible

How To play:

=> Each 100 sec your current unit is replaced by a new one, which is randomly selected among the 32 units that you have in your random box, behind your base.
=> You get +0.04 kill/s per unit staying in the middle zone. E.G: If you have 20 units at middle, then you get +0.8 kill/sec.
=> You get carts and other extra rewards with kills, also your main hero and Imam get +2 max HP per kill.
=> Units garrisoned in your tower aren't damaged by explosions.
=> You have a large spells diversity behind your base, delete the object for activate it.
=> You can reset enemy actual unit at the small island behind your base, with the petard.

Wood: It's your kills counter.
Food: +1/Kill. You need it for cast spells (behind your base).
Gold: +1/Kill, +50/Raze. You get a cart each 50 gold.
Stone: Time remaining before next unit. You can see stone counters of enemies' players at petard island units HP.

Base Panic (200 Food): Kill units in your base. (Counted as kills)
Middle Panic (100 Food): Kill units at middle. (Counted as kills)
Shotguns (100 Food): Kill units facing to your left / right door. (Counted as kills)
Atomic Bomb (50 Food): Launch a wave of explosions which kills units in the whole map, but the wave is stopped by any encountered walls. (Kills not counted)
Tower Shield (100 Food): Tower invincible for 30 sec.
Reroll (25 Food): Remove actual units and go to next one now.
Furnace (Free): Just a zone where you can delete units fast.
Reroll Enemy (Petard): You can see enemies' units at the "boom island" where you have a petard, you can reset player actual unit by killing it with the petard. Also you can see enemy time remaining before next unit at unit HP.

Lines explosions which cross the whole map are generated randomly, all others explosions are generated by players with spells. The atomic bomb cross the whole map and kill all units, but it won't enter in your base if your walls are here, walls stop it.

Kills Rewards:
Each 25 kills you get a new hero to put in your random box. This "box" contains all units that you can get randomly, so, to put a new unit, you have to replace one unit that you already have.
You can see the kill counter of each players at top. The Flag show their progression in kills rewards.

Civ Bonus:
Unique and elite tech are researched at start. You can get ages bonus with power upgrades in carts store.
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