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PHP SCX Editor 2.4.31

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

PHP SCX Editor

PHP SCX Editor is a powerful tool / framework to edit aoc scenarios with PHP programming language. If you handle it you could make anything very easily. It's A LOT more powerful than aokts, you have the ability to build your own editor fonctionnalities very easily and organize your scenario how you want. That is very accessible to people who like programming and know it already a little bit. For others, you can still try it, programming is an intuitive skill and can be innate ! You could love it as you could hate it, it depends of people. Aoc triggers is a crap programming language which is boring and quite repetitive, if you can like that, you will love to practice a real programming language like PHP that allows you to build anything faster and smarter.

Don't be scared about complexity, the functions that are available are very intuitive and easy to use. It's much more smooth than an UI, but it takes more time to handle that, of course. When you'll handle the script you will have more time to think to your scenario instead of writing triggers, you could create fast almost whatever you think, and modify result very easily. You can contact me at voobly, if you are motivated I will help you by Skype: My profile

Original version is made by AOHH. Thanks to him for allowing me to modify and publish its code.

- Design scenarios how you want with PHP programmation. You can build them in smoother and faster ways, no more boring repetive tasks.
- Use ready to use simple and intuitive functions to read / write scenarios properties and write triggers.
- Use conditions, loops and any classic programming feature to generate triggers or anything in a scenario.
- Create complex custom conditions / effects / triggers sequence / macros.
- Assign any fields to values calculated by algorithm and variables.
- Copy paste triggers or any reusable code in new scenarios.
- Have a great overview of your triggers and your whole scenario in a single page.
- Build your own aoc editor framework to fill your needs.
- Modify your scenario by changing variables, no more need to edit triggers one per one.
- Change triggers order as you want, just cut paste code.
- Scenarios that would need 100 hours to make could need only 10 hours now !
- And more...!

Potential example: Making all CBA spawns with tasks for 8 players would need 12 lines of code:

$spawns = array(array(22,48),array(22,52),array(22,55),array(22,59));
$meetPoint = AreaPlayers(array(29,53));
Trig("Research Civ Techs");
foreach(range(1,8) as $p)foreach(LIB::$CivTechs as $tech)Efft_Research($p,$tech);
foreach(range(1,8) as $p)foreach(LIB::$CivTechs as $civ => $tech){
    Trig("Spawn Player $p - Civ $civ",1,1);
    foreach($spawns as $spawn)Efft_Create($p,LIB::$CivEliteUnit[$civ],AreaPlayer($p,$spawn));}
foreach(range(1,8) as $p)foreach($spawns as $spawn)Efft_TaskO($p,AreaPlayer($p,$spawn),$meetPoint[$p]);

More informations / tutorial here:,42243,,30

Compatibility: 1.0c / 1.4 RC / FE / HD*

(*) For HD designer: Set SCX::$editor_version parameter to 'HD' to use new triggers effects. Also PSE can't read HD scenarios yet, so you need to use 1.0c or 1.4 RC maps as input scenario.

- SCX::editor_version added to compiler parameters to easily swap between 1.4 RC / HD triggers compatibility.
- SetTerrainFromImage works also with forest terrains, $forestDensity parameter added.
- NewObject uses next available object id by default for $ID parameter

- Params order fixed for Trig()
- aoeHD effects added, you have to enable them manually
- data_aok.php added ! No more need to use data_aok.xml, you can enter names directly as raw text, be sure to open it in the editor to have intelligent constants completion.

- Efft_Boost() added
- Efft_Explosion() added
- Efft_Invincible() added
- Efft_Reset() added
- Efft_Set() added
- Efft_True() added
- Efft_False() added
- Efft_DeactPlayerTriggers() added
- $P param added to Trig() to assign a player to the trigger
- Areas functions added
- Aoc defines added
- Aoc constants added

- New functions added to the library to read and write scenario properties more easily
- SetTerrainFromImage() added
- Mapper() is no longer needed
- Minors bugs fix

- Fix Efft_Deact
- Fix Cond_BringX
- Cond_TimeElapsed renamed to Cond_Timer

- Project setup rethought
- Comments added
- Library added
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