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The Foederati

Author File Description
Khan Ivayl
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Choose one of five civilizations which vanished in the early Middle Ages... can you help them outlive their time? How long can you stand your ground, playing as...

the Romans
the Thracians
the Sarmatians
the Vandals
the Nubians


Download and find out :)

This mod originally replaced the Borderland Empires mod, which is now back as a stand-alone project (also on the Blacksmith). Name was changed from "Dawn of Rome" to "The Foederati" since thematically it deals with the last days of Rome and its allies/foes, not its rise to power.
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Vampirus Mortem
Usefulness/Novelty: 4.5
The two new civilizations added by this mod are very unique from other Slavic mods, and although the building set is similar in a few ways to the AoFE Slav set, it does not matter much since this mod is for the Conquerors Expansion. Any one who prefers using the Conquerors rather than Forgotten Empires will be delighted to be able to play as Slavic civilizations. Other than that, there are plenty of uses for this mod to describe Eastern-European historical scenarios set during the Dark Ages. However, the mod could use more civilizations, which I'm sure it will have in the future.

Quality/Instructions: 4.5
As usual from Khan Ivayl, this mod includes a custom installer, which is one of the nicest things a mod could have. When I uninstalled the mod, the game was just as it were before installation. Besides that, the new civilizations are explained both in the mod's download folder and in the history section, making it easier for a player to know the background of the civilizations included in this mod.

Additional Comments:
I recommend this download to anyone who is interested in Slavic/Eastern European history, and also, anyone who has played Ivayl's previous mod; Age of Vampires will also enjoy this one, seeing as it contains the same general quality, and potential.
Seonid This looks rather amazing, Khan Ivayl! The only suggestion I have right now is to include the UserPatch with it so that we don't have to overwrite the original game files to play the mod!
Vampirus Mortem Correction on my review: These buildings weren't originally from AoFE, they were from Agamemnon's Russian building set.
Mahazona Do the new civilization's sepak their own language?
Khan Ivayl
File Author

The answer depends, I guess, on what you would count as 'their own'. It is safe to say that the languages are not chosen arbitrarily:

The Vandals speak the same Germanic dialect as the Teutons and Goths, because their original language was as far apart from Teuton and Goth as Teuton and Goth are/were from each other.

The Moors are bi-lingual to reflect the domination of a proto-Spanish population by Arab conquerors. The civilians speak Spanish, but soldiers, monks and kings speak Arab (Saracen).

The Bulgars speak the same language that was given to Huns and Mongols. More modern forms of Turkic, that are more clearly distinguished from Mongolian, appeared later in the history of the steppe nomads.

For lack of any evidence to the contrary the Varangians speak the same language as other Vikings.

The only languages not spoken in the original Game are the speech of the Slav Raiders and Bulgar/Varangian monks (AOE III Russian) as well as some editor units representing Wendish/West-Slavic warriors (AoC Polish).

Mahazona Thanks that was very informative.

I did some reading and seems its hard to identify what language was used during medieval times in Bulgaria.
Khan Ivayl
File Author
The Bulgars spoke probably more than one language. An early variant of Turkic, phonetically closer to Mongolian and with many Sarmatian loan words was probably favored at least by the nobility as attested by the work of Omelyan Pricak and the succesful use of modern Chuvash (the only surviving example of such a Proto-Turkic language) by him and others to translate Old Bulgar words.

His approach is particularly noteworthy, because his translation of Bulgar words used in calendaric notations result in plausible placement of historic events in time.

Because Ensemble Studios used Old Mongolian for both the Hun and Mongol civs I decided to join in their simplification of matters. In reality there's evidence (again by Omelyan Pricak using 33 given names) that Hun was also closer to Chuvash and Bulgar. I think the simplification works fine, because the sounds were closer to Mongolian, even if some words were closer to Turkic.
EIMAI KOTOPOULO really fun mod but why do we have halberdier upgrade when there is no hussar upgrade? also the huns and the other civs do get the age 2 cav archer but huns get no did this intentionally to be more balanced
because it feels clumsy af

[Edited on 01/29/18 @ 06:50 AM]

Khan Ivayl
File Author
You are right, this might be changed in the future.
EIMAI KOTOPOULO ok first of all i would like to thank you for actually putting time in this wonderful mod so many years after the game's releash.i respect everything you've done so far but i would like to express a few opinion that i would like you to consider for any future patches or anything.those im about to state are my own personal opinions so dont feel any insulted,just a few recommendations/bugs

-add hussar(this will also buff bulgars thanks to their cheaper scout line,and reduce their bonus to -20% to balance it a little,as they can rush light cav+xbows in castle very easily.this change will nerf their castle and kind of buff their imperial age.)
-make sheep more expensive as they can be built outside the TC and technically the civs that get them will rarely use farms instead of infinite sheep
that they will keep recycling
-make hunnish CA -15% on feudal if thats somehow possible
-make boil (bulgar UI) a little more gold expensive (50 should be fine)
-as for the Moors id like to point out that their UI gets affected only by the defensive cavalry upgrade on blacksmith cause they are classified as cavalry,might want to change that in the future.Also id like to see a different model cause the bulky they got from mameluke is just not aestetic enough, but thats up to you.
-vandals and varangians seem to be water central but they both got a good trees and strong units that can work on land maps as well.

those are my personal opinions after having played the mod a little more than my first comment i made.i love the effort you put as this is one balanced mod unlike others.also the alanic scout is fun af.
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