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Project: Just Juice

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Empires II (2013): Rise of the Rajas
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 1
So far just a detailed map that I have been working on for a while. There are only a few triggers, no story. I am open for any ideas, or help, other wise I'll probably just release it as a showcase scenario.


Seaside Church

Rural Town

Busy Port

Tribal Camp
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YurikoOmega İf you create an Age of Kings or Conquers scenario ı can help you.But for the other packs ı dont have it.But still ı can help a little.What do you wanna do ? A single player scenario ? Or Campaign or Build and destroy ?
File Author
A Single player scenario
YurikoOmega Okay you can contact with me here; [İf ı cant give answer to you]

Now tell me.. Do you have any idea or plan ?

Single player scenario okay.Do you have an idea for the history ? or something else ? You'll need to make an history before you start to make it.İf you dont have an idea,you can search for it.But do not forget....The story becomes more original if it belongs to you..

""first select the object to be given""

After that,Think about what features you can add to the object.HP upgrade or Attack..I have an scenario as well that under project.

And after that,think where the object might be start.İn a war ? İn a City ? or something else.To make scenario more effective.

Try to do these thing and then I can help you.İf you dont have an idea ı can give you my project scenario you can get some ideas from it.But its your choice.


Like my project scenario.

İts have an history..Commander [Jin and Choung] is try to kill the Emperor of the Korean and Japan [Wich the Jin is Chinese general and Choung is KOrean].Nagasima [İs a city on the history that is under attack by Jin]
And Hiroshima [İs under attach by the both of Jin and Choung].

You have 4 class choice.Priest [Monk] Archer of Wind [Archer] Warrior [Man-at-arms] or Kinght of Glory [Knight].

İts a single player scenario but there is 4 player.[The other 3 player is controlled by the computer players]

İf you select the archer class the bots will select other classes.And when you go to somewhere the bots will go there as well.Bots will attack to enemys and go to nearst monk to get heal.

I give a little camp to Nagasima for now.Im gonna make an big city for it.I write codes for the other computer players.You can play with 4 players.The most of the age of empires players is not have the orginal age of empires or they dont have any internet connection or freind to play with it.That because ı make bots.The user is not feel it self alone...

[DONT FORGET...İf you create your own AI for your scenario it makes much more good then None AI or Standart] You can share this file's with your scenarios..I hope you can get some ideas with these historys if you dont ı can tell more..


Or you can download my scenario [İts finished] and look at it.

You can download it here.İts not have a perfect history.But ı make it.Use or make simple historys,and make them active in game..Because the history is only a history.Player is not download it for the history.You can think for a simple history.Like,a warrior and 2 emperor.This warrior is try to defend emperor 1 and try to defeat emperor 2.Or something like this.Most of the Single Player scenarios use this simple rule.1 ennemy [Or 2] and 1 ally [Or 3] its all your choice.The other things [Except fighting] is the 2. the backbone of the scenario.This simple rule is include for single player scenarios.


[Edited on 03/08/19 @ 05:51 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the tips I will certainly contact you if I need some help
YurikoOmega Your welcome ^_^ İf you have any problem when editing the Scenario or AI ı can help you as well.I hope you can make a perfect scenario [Or champagin]^_^


Oh,and one more thing.İf you cant find any name's for the other players you can steel it :D Like ı steel some names from age of empires campaign and C&C.


Your screen shots are not working.

[Edited on 03/09/19 @ 06:15 AM]

File Author
They seem to be working for me
YurikoOmega Oh,okay then :D Not important.What have you done ? I mean,do you started to scenario ?
File Author
I'm just fleshing out the story right now
YurikoOmega Ohh,the booring part of the Scenario :D :D I hope you can make a good history ^_^

usually i listen music while writing stories.

Listen your favorite music and the story suddenly appears in mind.
File Author
Good Idea

[Edited on 03/13/19 @ 04:17 PM]

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